Roaches on orchids are annoying pest infestations where they get to live, feed, and lay eggs on your orchids. These insects are also carriers of pathogens that can cause an infestation for your plant. It is not news that pesky roaches cause severe damage to the entirety of any orchid.Roaches on Orchids

There are various ways to eliminate roaches on orchids, and this article will take you through the process.

What Are the Causes of Roaches on Orchids?

The causes of roaches on orchids are because of moisture, or seeing the plant as a food source. They would be attracted to the decayed organic matter, or having poor sanitation near the plant, and due to having a contaminated potting mix.

Other ways roaches can get on your orchid are untidy, humid, or damp areas filled with good food sources. These means allow for effortless reproduction and sustenance of these roaches hence the difficulty in eradicating them.Causes of Roaches on Orchids

– Moisture

It is not news that orchid pests like spider mites, mealybug, and roaches are attracted to damp environments because they are good breeding places. Interestingly, orchids need moisture to maintain their overall health. However, when your plants have excess water without sufficient airflow, it can create an attractive environment for roaches.

Roaches’ survival and reproduction rates are higher than usual in this environment.

– Food Sources

Orchid roots or stem, and flowers fit into the distinct food class of roaches. Also, when other sap-sucking insects produce sugary secretions, roaches can feed on them. Interestingly, roaches can also feed on other insects found on your orchid. The abundant food supply available to roaches makes it difficult to eradicate them from your orchid garden.

– Decayed Organic Matter

Another primary cause for roaches in your orchid is the presence of decaying organic matter. The organic matter includes plant debris, dead bark, and leaves. Failure to maintain your orchid pots will create an appealing environment for roaches. Organic materials serve various functions for roaches, such as food supply, breeding spaces, and shelter.

When an already infected orchid is in your garden, the infestation spreads from one part of the plant to another and, subsequently, to other plants in your garden. Roaches tend to lay their eggs on your plant’s leaves and soil, which are small and hard to identify. It is easy for an infected plant to transfer and contaminate all the other orchids in your home unnoticed.

– Poor Sanitation

Another cause of full-blown roaches infestation is terrible sanitation. Naturally, roaches are attracted to dirt, such as fallen flowers, decayed plants, used plant food, etc. When your orchids’ environment is not properly cleaned and maintained, it can allow for easy breeding and sustenance of the roaches. An orchid with an infestation has a greater chance of developing brown spots from fungal and bacterial infections.Roaches on Orchids Details

– Contaminated Potting Mix

There is more than one way roaches can get on your favorite plants. One popular means is through contaminated plants or potting mix. Cross-contamination can easily occur when a roach-infested orchid plant comes in contact with an uninfected plant.

Hence, it is imperative to isolate infected plants. Also, ensure no roaches or roach eggs during any repotting process. In this same notion also comes the means that are through organic matter around your orchids. Their presence is an invitation to the roaches as they attract and appeal to them.

What Are Effective Methods of Eliminating Roaches on Orchids?

To eliminate the presence of roaches on your orchid, you can identify and eliminate the source, clean the orchid, and apply insecticides. You must also get rid of stagnant water, maintain sanitation, apply boric acids or sticky tapes, use essential oils, maintain air circulation, or natural methods.

– Identify and Eliminate the Source

One of the most effective methods of removing roaches on orchids is to identify and eliminate their source. When you pay close attention to the cause of the attraction of roaches to your orchid, you are one step away from ending any roach infestation.

For instance, roaches are naturally attracted to damp environments, so keeping the area moisture free will automatically make the place unsuitable for roaches, and they will no longer come along.Eliminating Roaches on Orchids

– Clean the Orchids

A thorough and proper cleaning of your orchids is another way of removing the roaches. When cleaning. It’s essential to clean the stems, underneath your plant’s leaves, flowers, and roots with water and soap.

You must avoid hurting the plant and use a tender sponge or cloth for cleaning. Cleaning your plants helps to eliminate roach eggs, larvae, and other pests. This is because you will no longer let them grow and multiply, so as you tackle, you will get rid of them.

After using the water and soap solution, endeavor to rinse your orchids properly to get rid of the remains of the soap lather. Rubbing alcohol on the leaves and stems of the plant is another effective orchid care method to get rid of roaches. Subsequently, it would be best if you rinsed your orchids properly to clean them from soap residue and your orchid is clean.

– Apply Insecticides

Another tested and trusted method is by applying insecticides like Orthene for orchids to get rid of roaches on orchids. Ensure to read all the necessary instructions and adhere to all the safety precautions on the labeling. In this sense, you should also consider that the pesticide or insecticide must be appropriately applied to cover areas of your plant and surrounding areas to reach the hidden roaches.

Also, you must use the specified orchid-friendly pesticide or insecticide in the designated format and measure quantity. Diatomaceous earth, for example, is a common orchid item for a gardener since it doubles as an insecticide for orchids and virucide for orchids which you can use to keep aphids, scale insects, caterpillar, weevils, and orchid mites away from your orchid.

You can also take extra precautions by using gloves and nose masks to prevent inhaling and injection when looking at how to get rid of scale on orchid leaves caused by this infestation.

– Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is known to harbor roaches and other pests. Hence, to get rid of roaches on orchids, you must get rid of stagnant water as they act as breeding grounds. After every watering session, all the excess water must be drainage to prevent from formation of a little pool of water around the roots of the orchid.

You can use a towel, sponge, or cloth to soak up the excess water to get rid of it. By removing excess or stagnant water, you help prevent or minimize a roach infestation while nurturing your orchid.

– Maintain Proper Sanitation

It is known that roaches are naturally attracted to dirty and untidy environments. Hence, you must play your part in eliminating roaches on your orchids by keeping your personal space clean.

When you keep your environment clean, you keep roaches away from your space and plants. You must pay close attention to your kitchen and bathroom as they are potential breeding areas. Keeping your home area clean can help remove roach eggs, feces, and the things that attract them, and as you are more hygienic around the house, these pests will stay away.

– Apply Boric Acids

Boric acid is known to eliminate roaches effectively and efficiently. You can apply the pesticide around your orchids and in your house’s roach-infested corners. You should know that the acids work by sticking to the roach’s body and getting ingested during grooming.

The side effects are dehydration, digestive issues, and death. You must be cautious when using boric acids, such as putting them in corners only and keeping them away from pets and humans. Interestingly, Boric acid has resulted as one of the best methods of removing roaches.

– Use Sticky Traps

Using sticky traps is effective in trapping and getting rid of roaches on orchids. The sticky substances on the traps ambush the roaches when they walk or fly. Interestingly, sticky traps are dangerous to roaches but nontoxic and safe for humans.

For proper usage, you should place the sticky traps close to the orchids and try to replace them with frequency for effectiveness. The consistent and correct use of sticky traps can help you easily eliminate roaches on orchids, and as they get trapped, they won’t have thee chance to lay eggs and grow.

– Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils such as neem oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus help eradicate roaches on orchids. These oils serve as natural repellents and also help maintain indoor air. When applying any of the oils, dilute them to the required concentration before spraying the solution on your orchids.Essential Oils for Orchids 1

Essential oils are not toxic; however, caution must be exercised to prevent damage to your orchid. They can be an effective method since they also help your room smell good while eliminating roaches.

– Maintain Proper Air Circulation

An orchid environment with proper airflow will generally be unattractive to roaches and other pests. Humid spaces are known to appeal to roaches because they encourage breeding. You can minimize the humidity level around your plant by replacing the moist air with fresh air.

Alternatively, you can place fans close to your plants or open the windows to allow fresh ventilation, as the soil will no longer seem rotten or compact. In addition, the benefits of good airflow are numerous such as eliminating roaches on orchids and improving the growth rate of your plant.

– Employ the Use of Natural Remedies

When it involves natural remedies, they top the chart as a simple but effective means of eliminating roaches on orchids with ease. Some of these natural remedies include the use of vinegar and water. They have natural properties, and when sprayed directly on your orchids, they help repel roaches and other pests.

The good news is that they cannot harm your orchid, unlike other pesticides with side effects. Interestingly, the smell of vinegar on your orchid plant helps prevent a recurring infestation.


If you have been dealing with the roaches on orchids, you will understand how much of a nuisance they constitute; now, see more takeouts on how to get rid of bugs on orchids:

  • Poor sanitation, hygiene, and damp and humid environments are the primary causes of roaches on orchids.
  • Identifying and eliminating the source and cause of attraction is the key to eradicating roaches.
  • The sanitation state of your personal space and environment also plays a role in the roaches’ infestation of your orchids.
  • Boric acids, sticky traps, and essential oils are effective in the elimination of roaches on orchids.

One great thing is that these tips work not just for roaches but also other kinds of insects. With all the valuable information in this article, it is time to say goodbye to roaches on orchids, scale on orchids, thrips on orchids, and any kind of insect infestation on your orchid.

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