Ryobi Jet Fan RY25AXB is a gas-powered handheld blower made for heavy-duty yard clearing tasks, which makes it suitable for anyone looking for a high-performance leaf blower. It delivers with the power of a backpack blower and makes quick work of light piles or heavy piles of debris across different types of terrains.

Ryobi Jet Fan RY25AXB backpack Leaf Blower

In this article, we’ll discuss all the features and specifications that make it so high-performance, its advantages and downsides, and everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Pros Cons
It has an adjustable speed control feature It is slightly heavy to use
It is easy to use It can be noisy
It has a comfortable handle
It is durable

Narrowed Down Particular Points

The 25cc gas jet fan blower features a strong two-stroke engine that powers it and enables it to move heavy debris quickly and easily.

It is equipped with a sizeable fuel tank and has several other features that make it long-lasting and easy to use, which is why when you know more about this machine, you would want to buy it as soon as possible.

  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Gas engine with fuel tank
  • Weight of 11.5 pounds
  • Ergonomic handle with an anti-vibration feature
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Blowing tube with a slightly tapered opening
  • Three-year warranty
  • 74-decibel noise level

Analysis and Review of Ryobi RY25AXB

Ryobi Jet Fan RY25AXB Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functions
It has an adjustable speed control feature
It is easy to use
It has a comfortable handle
It is durable
It is slightly heavy to use
It can be noisy

This 25cc gas blower functions as a blower only, but a really powerful one. Unlike some other handheld gas-powered blowers that have vacuuming and mulching functions, the main function of this handheld blower is to move materials around with air, and it does that amazingly.


With this blower, you can do your yard maintenance tasks in a short amount of time. If you’re a homeowner or gardener, definitely, you are going to find this tool useful to have for clearing your lawn, garage, deck, gutters, and driveways, as it packs a punch.

The weight of this blower can be a bit discouraging, and that is because it weighs 11.5 pounds, the blower can be uncomfortable to use for a very long time, especially if you have a medium-sized lawn, or if the task itself is a big one.

However, it isn’t so heavy that it becomes unbearable when it’s in use. It’s light enough that you can carry about, but the force of the air coming out of its nozzle, added to its weight, can be stressful to handle with one hand for long hours.

Talking about the airflow of this blower, it is simply powerful, you can consider how this machine has 520 cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) as the strength that it would use; basically, that’s a lot of air, and it is enough to displace heavy or stuck debris.

With this blower, clearing materials like wet or dry leaves, small stones, seeds, sticks, and grass will be a breeze. You can always count on the force of air the blower produces to displace the most stubborn debris.

Additionally, it has a variable speed control setting, which is what would allow the users to control the airflow or speed of air. Moreover, this feature is useful when you need full blast for open spaces, medium blast for light cleaning, or low airflow to tackle tight corners or delicate spots like garden beds.

The control trigger is located right below the handle, and that is because the given would enable users to go from zero to one hundred with easy functionality; as a result, you would see that investing in this machine has greater uses.

– How Has Ryobi Jet Fan RY25AXB Evolved?

The Ryobi Jet Fan RY25AXB has evolved from its previous model the RY421021 by its power source, as it used to function by electricity, but now it functions by gas. In addition, its air force has also become stronger, it was 440 CFM now it’s 520 CFM.

Leaf Blower Has Evolved by Its Power Source

The manufacturer of this product worked on this model to improve its weight. Although it’s a bit heavy, it weighs less than the Ryobi ZRRY25AXB model; which shows that the weight was taken into consideration.

Feature of The Unique Blower

– Heavy-duty Performance

This leaf-blowing tool is a high-performance machine, which means that is it not like the ordinary, on the contrary, you will see that it runs in a powerful manner having a great force. With leaf-blowing tools, it’s generally more about the airflow than the airspeed, but both work together to produce a strong blowing force.

This particular Ryobi blower has an airflow of 520 CFM and an airspeed of 160 MPH. With this blowing capacity, the blowing tool can deliver a high blowing performance to professional and non-professional users.

Also, with its high blowing capacity, you won’t have to go over areas multiple times while cleaning; a single burst of air will do the trick. Basically, if you have a messy yard of too many leaves and debris, this is the one that will get the job done in a swift manner; hence, you will be happy with such an investment.

– Gas Engine With Fuel Tank

In case this wasn’t clear before, this blowing tool is completely gas operated, with an appropriate engine to go with it. The engine is a 2-stroke engine that is capable of delivering such a high blowing force. It has a carburetor that mixes the air-fuel mixture for ignition.

You can always replace the Ryobi jet fan blower carburetor and other Ryobi jet fan blower parts if they become faulty due to use after a long time or poor maintenance.

Gas Engine With Fuel Tank of the Blower

On another note, you should also remember that the engine is easy to start, and this would mean that it won’t give you such a hassle when turning it on or off. However, users that need further clarification will find everything they need in the Ryobi 2 cycle jet fan blower manual. 

Moreover, the blower has a sizeable fuel tank that can hold enough fuel to use for single or multiple operations. With its sizeable fuel tank, users won’t have to bother with refueling mid-task, because the machine is run on gas, and it would often needs to be filled up again.


– Medium-weighing Machine

Contrary to what is advertised, this blower is slightly heavy. It weighs 11.5 pounds, which is not unusual for blowers in its category. However, the weight can cause your arm or even your shoulder some fatigue or strain, especially after long periods of use.

The weight isn’t overbearing though, it’s just something you will notice when you’ve been using the blower for a while. If you’re getting this tool for an older person, you might want to get it with a strap attachment, to reduce the effect of the weight; in addition, it would also be a little heavy when you are using it on a yard that needs extensive cleaning.

– Ergonomic Handle With Anti-Vibration Feature

The handle of this blower is practically molded to fit the fingers of users, to provide a little comfort and reduce strain. Rather than an all-metal grip, which will hurt the fingers and cause discomfort over time, this blower has visibly molded soft grips to optimize comfort and convenience.

For tools like this, heavy vibration is a common occurrence. However, this Ryobi leaf blowing tool has an anti-vibration feature that helps to improve comfort, and also makes the machine easier to use.

When this system is placed, it means that the machine would not harm your muscles or lead them to a cramp because the vibration could cause numbing of your limbs at times, but this padding would cover that.

– Variable Speed Trigger

You can adjust the clearing power on this leaf-blowing tool to the cleaning task at hand with a trigger. With this trigger, users can move from low to high speed gradually. As a result, you can have powerful jets of air on the highest speed to power through a pile of wet or dry leaves, or set it to the lowest speed to attend to more delicate cleaning.

Moving Low to High Speed with this Blower

If you’re a gardener, the medium to low-blowing speed options will be useful to you, especially when you need to clear in between flower beds of debris, without damaging the flowers.

This would give you the liberty to take different initiatives and to cover the task with the speed that is necessary, which means if there is dust everywhere you will work at a different speed than that of fallen leaves.

– Blowing Tube With a Slightly Tapered End

The blowing tube of this blower is designed to optimize the airflow capacity. The tapered end or opening of the tube creates a high blowing force which is good for blowing all types of debris, including small rocks and more stubborn or heavy materials. The tapered end concentrates the air properly, so users can direct it to where it is needed.

– Noise Level

Although this is not unusual for many gas-powered leaf-blowing tools, 74 decibels of sound can be grating on the ears. As a result, it is recommended to use protective ear gear when operating leaf blowing tool.

You must also try to schedule your tasks with this machine, because it may disturb the neighbors with its machine. Moreover, this is a reason why you must try to invest in a pair of ear muffs for further protection

– Three-year Warranty

Once you purchase this blowing tool, you get a three-year limited warranty directly from the manufacturer. This protects you as a customer and saves you money in case your product has any factory defects. The manufacturer will either replace the faulty parts or fix the tool free of any service charge.


If you’ve been on the lookout for a strong, easy-to-use leaf-blowing tool, you really should consider this Ryobi RY25AXB blower. Several features make it a great tool to have around, and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

It has an ergonomic design, with enough power and airflow to rapidly and effectively move leaves and other types of debris. All-in-all, this blower is the answer to all your outdoor cleaning needs, whether you need to tidy up your yard after a storm, or you need it for regular yard maintenance.

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