Ryobi Jet Fan RY421021 is the tool you turn to when you are just starting out at ground-keeping or lawn care and want to avoid the hassle or fumes associated with gas-powered blowers. Although this Ryobi tool packs a punch with a fantastic air output that can rival even professional-grade gas blowers, it is best suited for light and heavy-duty domestic applications.

Reviewing Ryobi Jet Fan RY421021

However, if you are not yet convinced this blower is suitable for your cleaning needs, this article is ideal for you because we will break down and review the features of the RY421021, so keep reading.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design and well balanced Does not have a multiple speed and cruise control setting
Quiet operation The power cord might not be long enough to cover the entire working area
Powerful air output
Easy to use and store

Explore The Ruling Highlights

You not only get tremendous air output when using the Ryobi RY421021, but you also look forward to clean-up days because the blower is fitted with other features that make yard care enjoyable.

So, you can use this blower anywhere and for any type of cleaning in and around your home, and in order to come to a great choice of investment, you must know its features.

  • Corded electric handheld leaf blower
  • Ryobi jet fan blower 8 Amp motor
  • 440 CFM air volume
  • 135 MPH maximum airspeed
  • Cord retainer
  • Two-speed switch settings
  • Weighs seven lbs
  • Noise rating: 65 dB(A)
  • Three-year limited warranty

Keen Ryobi Electric Jet Fan Blower Review

Ryobi Jet Fan RY421021 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Lightweight design and well balanced
Quiet operation
Powerful air output
Easy to use and store
Does not have a multiple speed and cruise control setting
The power cord might not be long enough to cover the entire working area

There is nothing as extraordinary as breezing through tons of leaves around your large acre of land for hours without quickly getting tired because you can barely feel the weight of the power tool you are carrying. This is one of the many benefits you can enjoy with the Ryobi RY40460, as it weighs in at only seven pounds; hence, using it is not such a challenging task for your muscles.


When using a handheld blower, especially a corded model, it is crucial that it does not have too much weight, mainly because you would have to drag it around in your hands with the power cord while working.

On another note, this given factor would also prevent you from getting fatigued quickly before you’ve done a substantial amount of clean-up. Just as you are done with the task, you won’t be exhausted, because the machine is light in its weight; the reason is that the chore will not be exhausting you physically.

Therefore, this Ryobi blower is a good tool for those who have large yards or landscapes and are trying to prevent their arms from wearing out while working. It is also perfect for use by teenagers and even by elders who would like to help you accomplish the chore and clean out the leaves and debris in your yard.

Another important feature to consider on a leaf blower is the air output, and this device is certainly not lacking in that aspect. It has a maximum airspeed of 135 MPH with an air volume of 440 CFM, both impressive specs for an electric model, especially in comparison to the weight of the machine and how it would run in a smooth manner.

The airspeed is basically what is to be expected of an electric handheld model. But the air volume is incredible and puts it as a top contender with other handheld models in terms of power. Combined, this airflow is expelled from the nozzle like a tornado, especially when used at high speed.

The blower has two-speed levels, 1 and 2, representing low and high speeds, respectively. Although this limited speed setting is a bit disappointing, considering other blower models have a variable speed function that allows you to choose from multiple speed levels depending on your blowing need, it still gives you the option to adjust the air output to your taste.

On another note, a downside that the machine faces is that it lacks the feature of having a cruise control feature like other blowers, which allows you to maintain your chosen speed without holding the speed trigger. However, once you have set the speed to either high or low, it remains there until you change it or turn off the blower.

To further enhance your experience while working, the manufacturers have designed this product such that the Ryobi Jet Fan blower parts operate without generating a loud noise.


With an impressive noise rating of just 65 decibels, you can carry on with your blowing task anywhere, including noise-restricted areas, and at any time without worrying about disturbing your neighbors; they probably won’t hear you anyway. And you also won’t be risking your ears getting damaged from noise, but it is still advisable to use ear protection, which means buying ear muffs would be a choice left to you.

One thing you will appreciate about this device is its ease of use and storage. To begin with, the blower is easy to assemble as all you have to do is connect the Ryobi Jet Fan blower attachment, which is the nozzle, to the blower. Then plug it in, and start working.

You can take the blower apart by detaching the nozzle for easy storage. Everything you need is already in the package, including the operator’s manual, which is vital for you to read before using the tool.

– How Has The Product Evolved?

The RY421021 has evolved as an improvement from the RYOBI RY40460. It has a higher airflow of 440 CFM and 135 MPH compared to its predecessor’s 350 CFM and 110 MPH.

Ryobi Jet Fan Evolved by Having Higher Airflow

With a noise rating of 65 decibels, it does not generate a lot of noise compared to similar models.

Features and Central Details

– Corded Electric Handheld Blower

The RY421021 is a corded handheld model, and unlike gas models that require mixing, refueling, and constant maintenance, all you need is a continuous power supply to connect to. And you can work uninterrupted for as long as you want. But due to the electric motor, you should only use this device on a 120V AC power supply, not DC current would be applicable on the motor that it runs on.

The blower package does not always come with the power cord, and if it does, it would be too short to cover all the areas you intend to clean if you have a medium or large yard. Either way, you would likely need to purchase an extension cord long enough to reach every part of your working area.

Corded Electric Handheld Blower

However, you must ensure that the extension cord has an accurate rating to handle the current the device will draw. Hence, the rating for a suitable extension cord for the RY421021 is 12 gauge.

When you get the right necessities for the machine, it would run in an amazing way and a smooth manner, which would also decrease the chances of having a machine that would be working weakly.

– Airflow

An airflow of 440 CFM and 135 MPH gives this blower an impressive air output. With this airspeed, you can easily move rocks, pebbles, twigs, tree branches, wet or heavy leaves, and tough debris.

The air volume further allows you to push piles of leaves and debris over several miles quickly. Hence, you will be able to clean a large area in a short time and in such a quick manner you would see how great of an investment you made.

If you need more precision while cleaning, the device has two speed levels, high and low, that you can choose from. At low speed, you get 300 CFM and 100 MPH air output, and you can use this level for clean-ups around the home, to displace dirt from tight corners, clean your gutters, or clear grass clippings or tree droppings around delicate plants.

At high speed, you get the maximum air speed and air volume, and it is best suited for blowing outdoors. It also works for dislodging debris that is stuck, cleaning hard surfaces, or blowing wet or large piles of leaves.

Basically, this feature will help you so much, and it would also decrease your stress level because you won’t have to worry so much about the mess; instead, it will be of great help to you.

– Ergonomics

Apart from being lightweight, this tool has other ergonomic features that enhance the user’s experience. It has an in-built cord retainer that keeps the cord plugged in to prevent accidental disconnection during clean-ups.

Blower Handle is Made with a Soft Material

On the other hand, the company has also placed a handle that is made with a soft material to provide a comfortable firm grip for users and prevent the fingers from bruising during lengthy clean-ups. It can also be dismantled and assembled easily for easy storage and portability.


– Warranty

You can be guaranteed durability when you use this blower because the manufacturers have provided a warranty of up to three years on their device. However, it might not cover all the Ryobi 8 Amp Jet Fan blower parts, so be sure to confirm the parts of the blower the warranty covers before purchasing.

Now, if you consider this, it is like a way that the company is sharing with you their confidence in their perfectly well-designed machine.


There is no limit to what you can do with the Ryobi RY421021 and the whirlwind of air expelled from its nozzle.

This review has covered everything from the breakdown of its features to its pros and cons. If you’ve read up to this point, you should have everything you require to decide whether this tool matches your cleaning needs.

Ryobi is one of the trusted and leading companies in the manufacture of top-quality leaf blowers, and they did not disappoint with this compact model with an enormous airflow for efficient clean-ups.

When you invest in it, also note that the kit includes one Ryobi Jet Fan blower manual, a blower, and blower nozzle, which means you don’t have to run back and forth to get the right accessories.

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