The Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 is a well-known and loved yard care tool for its premium quality and innovative build. This powerful and versatile tool combines the convenience of cordless operation with futuristic hybrid power technology.Ryobi One Hybrid P2170

These features make it a go-to for many leaf blower enthusiasts and professionals alike. In our review, we explore the features, performance, and overall value of this hybrid blower.

Listing the Main Features and Specifications

Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Hybrid power source - provides limitless mobility
A lightweight design of only 4.6 lbs for greater control and easy maneuvering
Three-year warranty
Blower tube for greater precision
Does not have a mulcher
Does not have vacuuming ability

Based on our observations, the Ryobi lithium hybrid 18 V blower displays some of the most essential features imperative to a quality leaf-blower. This brand goes above and beyond to offer its user the best operating experience, and here’s a list of all the incredible Ryobi P2107 specs:

  • Hybrid dual power sources – cordless and electric
  • 18 V lithium-ion battery with a runtime of 45 minutes
  • Brushless motor
  • Maximum air velocity of 150 mph
  • Maximum air volume capacity of 200 cfm
  • Compatible with any Ryobi 18 V battery
  • Three-year long warranty guarantee included
  • A blower tube, charger, high-velocity nozzle, and operator’s user manual included

An Intricate Review of the Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 Blower


  • Number of functions: 7/10
  • Weight: 10/10
  • Airflow: 9/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 8.5/10

First, for the number of functions, we award it a 7/10. For weight, we give it a perfect 10/10. For airflow, we give it a 9/10, and for the number of airflow settings, it gets an 8.5/10.

After conducting experiments with it, overall we have a positive response to the performance of this blower. We determined through our tests that this hybrid leaf blower proves to be particularly ideal for dry leaves and debris on any hard surface.


This blower features a brushless motor type which is known by far to be the most efficient and long-lasting type of blower motor. Hence, it offers double the power and lifespan to serve you for many years to come.

Another great thing about choosing electric blowers like this Ryobi one is that they are more environmentally friendly as opposed to their gas counterparts. They release virtually zero carbon emissions and require no fossil fuel burning to function.

This is not only great for our planet and the atmosphere, but it also benefits your health, as you do not run the risk of inhaling potentially toxic fumes nor do you have to worry about wearing gas masks and gloves when dealing with oils like you would with a gas type blower.

Also, gas-type blowers are notoriously difficult to start, with the taxing job of first mixing up your oils, followed by fueling and the ever-tiresome task of the cord pull starting mechanism. All this is avoided when you pick an electric-powered blower like this Ryobi one, as it starts instantly with just a power button push and you never need to worry about fueling, refueling, and dealing with oil mixtures.Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 Air Flow

A neat factor about this blower is its compatibility with a wide range of Ryobi P2107 parts, such as the Ryobi hybrid trimmers and the Ryobi hybrid heaters. This is always a bonus since you save money and storage space, as you no longer have to buy whole other separate devices to do different jobs.

Furthermore, this blower comes with an incredibly insightful operator’s manual that clearly explains every step of the assembly, which is quite simple and tool-free. It also highlights proper care for your blower and any additional information you may need to know about it.

– How Has the Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 Evolved?

The Ryobi lithium hybrid 18V blower has evolved by undergoing many refinements and tunings over the years to polish its overall performance. These include hybrid dual power sources that allow the user to go cordless, an improved run time, and the brushless motor technology.

Some of the most noteworthy advancements to the Ryobi blower include the hybrid dual power sources, the effortless switching system between the two power sources, the advanced brushless motor technology, and longer run times than ever before. This lets you use the blower in a cordless version while running on a battery and an electric version using a cord.Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 Evolution

As per our expertise, Ryobi is the only blower that offers this technology, and it is incredibly useful as you do not need to wait around for your blower to charge if the power runs out mid-operation. With other leaf blowers, you would need to plug in the battery to a charging spot and wait several minutes, or hours, for it to recharge before you can continue your work.

The brushless motor is far more refined and tuned, offering a better performance that is several times more efficient and effective. They have also improved the runtime in such a way that it encompasses the limits of the blower and still provides you with sufficient runtime.

Let’s compare the P2170 to the P21120 and see just how it has evolved. First, the motor performance in the P2170 is considerably better, as its motor produces a maximum air velocity of 150 mph whereas the P21120 goes to only 110 mph. That is a whole 40 mph difference between the two.

The P21120 does not have the intuitive hybrid technology that the P2170 has. This means the older version cannot house dual power sources and switch between both of them.


A Deeper Dive Into Some of the Most Critical Features

– Futuristic Hybrid Technology

This blower houses clever futuristic dual power source technology, which provides limitless power and mobility with the two power source options of cordless and electric. This lets you have the most freedom of movement while also not having to worry about battery run time.Ryobi One P2170 Hybrid Technology

You do not have to worry about your blower running out of battery mid-operation, since it can also be used with the corded electrical power source option, in the case your battery has run out but you still have cleaning that is left undealt with.

– Lightweight Construction and Build

The whole blower only weighs about 4.6 lbs, which is exceedingly light in comparison to other options available on the market. This lightweight design lets you do more, as you can easily move your blower about without struggles. Additionally, you do not have to face the risk of exhaustion and body strain through prolonged periods of blower use.

– Magnificent Air Flow Quality

This blower generates an airflow of a maximum velocity of 150 mph and an air volume of 200 cfm. This impactful and consistent flow of air is more than enough to handle your demanding lawn care duties, making it ideal for residents with small to medium-sized lawns.

– Three-Year Covered Warranty

All Ryobi lawn tools come with a covered warranty of three years. This makes your purchase almost risk-free as you can test out and use the device for up to three years and still be compensated for any factory defaults or machine malfunctions that you experience.

– High-Velocity Nozzle

The included nozzle tip is of superior quality, as it lets you streamline the airflow and helps to build up the velocity of the air. Additionally, it makes directing the expelled air much easier. This lets you get into any grooves or tight spots that may otherwise be a trouble to get.Design of Ryobi One Hybrid P2170

– Cordless Design Option

This feature of the cordless design is especially useful as it lets you have complete control over driving the blower around the lawn. Since with a corded device, your movement is limited and accidental unplugging becomes an annoying issue, this problem no longer exists with the Ryobi’s clever cordless design.



Based on our first hand experience, we have concluded that the Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 is a reliable and efficient tool that is both cost-friendly and user-friendly, making it ideal for many interested buyers. With the power that it delivers, this blower is as good as it gets.

For all these reasons, we highly recommend it as our top choice for individuals looking for a capable blower that works splendidly on small to medium-sized lawns and on various degrees of demanding tasks. We hope this review has been helpful to you in some way, and it helped clarify whether or not the Ryobi One Hybrid P2170 is the correct blower for you.

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