Ryobi One Lithium P2180 is ideal for any yard with two times the power and 50 percent more run time than most blower models. This lightweight blower features a jet fan design that provides air speed of up to 100 MPH and an air volume of 280 CFM.

Ryobi One Lithium P2180 Blower Features

It has a variable speed trigger that allows the user complete control and is very easy to operate. As you read this article, you will know so much about this amazing leaf blower and how it is set different from others.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Not suitable for heavy materials
Variable speed It does not come with a battery and charger
Interchangeable battery with other models
Debris scraper

Ryobi One Lithium P2180 Highlights

The Ryobi One Lithium leaf blower is built to be a helpful hand in cleaning out your lawn with its battery-powered lithium engine. The stylish yet functional design is powerful and precise, helping you to target airspeed and clear out leaves, debris, and other wastes from your yard in seconds.

This is because the Ryobi One Lithium has a simplistic design and features a hanging storage and debris scraper to handle stubborn dirt, debris, and leaves.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Airspeed of 100mph
  • The lightweight blower of 6.5 pounds
  • Debris scraper
  • Low noise level
  • The lithium-ion cordless jet blower
  • Multiple battery compatibility
  • Variable-speed power
  • The air volume of 280 CFM 

Ryobi One Lithium P2180 Review

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Ryobi One Lithium P2180 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Variable speed
Interchangeable battery with other models
Debris scraper
Not suitable for heavy materials
It does not come with a battery and charger

The Ryobi cordless leaf blowers are powerful models with the air speed and volume needed to blow materials and debris off your yard in seconds. It delivers a top air volume of 280 CFM and an air speed of 100 mph, this is how it has enough to blast off leaves, cones, pine needles, waste, and even small pebbles. Its handle placement and tubular air passage make it function like an air gun with precise and accurate targeting when working on your lawn or yard.

In addition, the ergonomic design of the P2180 Ryobi One Lithium blower combines functionality and convenience in one machine. While the striking transparent plastic at the top of the nozzle and the yellow and black colors deliver a striking appearance, it is not all just looking for this blower.

You would want to consider the handles too, which are angled to relieve stress on the upper arm area while you wield this air gun around the yard, clearing off stubborn dirt and leaves. 

Its small and lightweight design makes it suitable for small holes and crevices where leaves and debris can get stuck, giving you a hard time. When you think about how it is a lightweight machine that gives you the ability to carry it around easily and work with it for hours, or at least till the battery runs out. With all of its 6.5 pounds, the blower stays balanced on your hand while you easily focus the nozzle of the blower wherever you want and however you want.

Thanks to the variable speed power and easy-to-use control, you have the freedom to set the suitable air speeds for practical tasks and clear out even the most challenging parts of your yard.

The impellers are designed to deliver a solid air blast that makes clearing your yard a literal walk in the park, and it will add such a neat and a tidy feature. This given setting, coupled with the variable speed trigger, powers up the blower automatically whenever you need that extra speed or want to bring it down a notch.

Moreover, the reason why this leaf blower is loved is because of its lightweight, and probably it is one of the lightest blowers on the market. Its light weight allows easy portability and maneuverability, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for light leaf blowing, removing acorns from roofing or hard-to-reach places, and blowing ice and leaves off your patio. 

In short, you should know that the users of this blower find it impressive in regard to the power that it would supply and the easy portability which make it an ideal choice for tackling yard cleaning duties efficiently. On the other hand, the packaging is designed in a way that the Ryobi blower comes with fewer accessories, which means that the spare accessories are what you need to invest in. However, it does manage to get the job done regardless. 

The blower comes with a debris scraper to help take care of stubborn objects giving you a hard time. You do not need to stop mid-task from finding a metal scraper or a strong enough stick to get that debris out of your yard, saving you time and energy. 

This is the type of blower that requires very little maintenance and can run for as long as the battery allows. No oil change or fuel refill is required. All you have to do is hit a few controls to get started. Once you are done, keep it dry, away from excessive sunlight and moisture. A store or garage works perfectly. 

Thanks to its compact size, it is very easy to store and requires minimal space, and again, the weight is light as mentioned, which means that if you place it on top of something, it wouldn’t damage the object below. The hook-like handle extends just enough to function as a hanger for the machine, making it even more storage-friendly.

While this model does not always come with a charger, it all comes down to your dealer. Most Ryobi dealers try to add a charger and battery on purchase, and this is because, the company has not included the battery in the package, so you should look out for this when making your purchase. 

If a battery and charger will not be coming with it, the blower does make up for it with the multiple compatibilities of the battery. Most Ryobi gardening, handy tools, and landscape products like drills and saws come with the one +18 volt, four amp-hour battery. If you have another Ryobi equipment, this machine can effectively share and run on the same battery.

The Ryobi blower tool is still a great option for homeowners on a budget. It operates at an extremely low noise level compared to most blower models making it suitable for most neighborhoods and no noise-sensitive locations.

How Has the Ryobi One Lithium P2180 Evolved?

The Ryobi One Lithium P2180 has evolved by having a variety of speed ranges when the previous model, the P2170 had only one speed variable. In addition, the CFM has increased in the new model, as it has become 280, when it used to be 200. 

Evolved by Having a Variety of Speed

The Ryobi One Lithium is outstanding for its compact size, battery compatibility, and simplistic controls. Its cordless and convenient design makes it an easy-to-use tool for most homeowners with a yard maintenance routine. While it comes with variable speed for different tasks, it is best suited for small yards and lawns.


Features Breakdown

– Variable Speed Control

The Ryobi one blower has variable speed functionality and a throttle for easy speed control. While using this blower, you can switch from low speeds, best for leaves and light debris, to high speeds, best for pebbles and dirt piles. 

Ryobi One Lithium P2180 Feature Breakdown

In this case, the throttle works like a button, all you must do is just put a little pressure, and the speed increases, the manufacturing has been done in a smooth manner to make things less complicated. 

On the other hand, when you wish to reduce pressure from the throttle, it will simply decrease. No pull is needed to kickstart this blower, making the releasing process from all pressure with the trigger and the blower turns off, making it very easy to use around the yard. 

– Ergonomic Design

Aside from the hook-like handle at the top of the blower, this Ryobi model is designed to look somewhat like a water gun. Its compact size and selective colors do well enough to make it a stylish and functional model in one.

Its 6.5 pound weight and ergonomic design help ease the tension and strain on the arms while working with the blower, making it a convenient option for owners of large yards who spend ample time on yard maintenance. The Ryobi RY40470VNM is also considered a leaf blower with a great ergonomic design.

– Three-year Warranty

This Ryobi model comes with a long three years warranty, especially when you buy from the home depot Ryobi blower 18V store with possible free shipping. However, to claim your eligibility for this warranty, it is essential to register your purchase officially online. 

The registration should be done within 30 days of purchase. On the other hand, if a reseller makes a purchase, make inquiries on the warranty before purchase, and with this, you will ensure that the machine is protected for any case that goes malfunctioning. 

– Battery Compatibility

This Ryobi 18V blower (tool only) model does not come with a battery or dual chemistry charger. However, it uses the same battery as most of this machine and its various other models. You can save the extra cost of getting a battery charger for this blower if you have other versions of this same brand’s machines that utilize it well. 

Which means that if you decide to invest in other Ryobi tools like drills and saws, you can charge your battery with their charger. It will take approximately two to three hours. It works on an 18V battery, giving you 15 to 20 minutes of runtime at high speed. 

Low speed gets you 30 minutes of runtime on the go. This Ryobi cordless blower 40V model also comes with a power light that alerts you of a low battery and a need for a recharge. To enjoy optimal runtime on the tool, ensure that you use the brand’s blower with a Ryobi battery.

– Weight and Noise level

The blower is one of the most compact, lightweight models. Regardless of its portable size, it still delivers the right power to clear debris from your yard, patio, or lawn. If you plan to work long hours to clear off your yard, then you want to look for one that is light on the arms and leaves no strain on your shoulders.

Its noise level is also at 65 decibels, making it suitable for use any day of the week without being a nuisance to the neighbors.

– Air Flow and Volume

Ryobi deliver 100 MPH airspeed and a 280 CFM air volume for this model. It displays the impressive efficiency of the blower, as it had no trouble delivering consistent performance regardless of compact size. Which means that it is a great purchase or an investment if your lawn is a medium sized one. 

Ryobi Deliver 100 Mph Airspeed and A 280 Cfm Air Volume

One of the Ryobi 18V leaf blower problems is that the model needs to pack the air force and power of most large scale. Depending on the selected air speed, this blower can run for as long as 30 minutes at a go. 

However, if you plan to get heavier things out of the way, like gravel, you may opt for a stronger Ryobi leaf blower model. This blower is best suited for homeowners with small yards and is best for routine maintenance.



This Ryobi One Lithium review outlines the blower’s most important characteristics, technical details, benefits, and drawbacks. While it is efficient and powerful with ample air volume and speed, it does pack quite a weight. 

This model delivers an air blast quality that outperforms some Ryobi 18 volt lithium-ion models thanks to its unique features. So if you are looking for a blower that packs up the force you need to blast air and clear off your yard in a portable and compact design, then the Ryobi one lithium is a top choice! Also, make sure to check out our review of Ryobi RY40440 leaf blower, since it is one of the most popular ones!

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