Ryobi One P2190 is the one that brings convenience with a slightly low-end approach to your garden activities to match your casual gardening needs. It gets the work done and comes with a great design to improve its casual functionality while you work.

Diving into the Ryobi One P2190 Review

However, is this leaf blower the best choice for your garden needs, or should you get something stronger and more versatile? Find out with our detailed guide as we take you through everything that this product brings to your garden.

Pros Cons
Reduced noise Low airflow capacity and Wind speed
Cordless feature Fewer accessories in the packaging

Framing The Particularity

The Ryobi One P2190 blower has taken the interest of casual gardeners with this low-end leaf blower.

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You should have a quick rundown of the features that this blower brings to the table in attempts to satisfy your garden needs:

  • Max wind speed of 90 MPH
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Significantly low noise
  • Airflow capacity value of 200 CFM
  • 0Ah 18V
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Cordless feature
  • Single speed setting
  • Light weight, 4.5 lbs

Diving into the Ryobi One P2190 Review

Ryobi One P2190 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Reduced noise
Cordless feature
Low airflow capacity and Wind speed
Fewer accessories in the packaging

The Ryobi P2190 blower isn’t one that riles up the market targeted at commercial gardeners but still makes the ranks. Its lightweight design and low-end functionality make it popular among people interested in clearing their lawns.

The design is also compact and handheld, and this is why you don’t need too much effort to get your lawn clearing done, because the manufacturers are ones that already thought this through.


Its air volume and wind speed are pretty low to use for moving larger objects but is okay moving lighter leaves and debris. On another note, the product offers an airflow capacity of 200 CFM and a wind speed of 90 MPH with no option for a variable setting.

It makes this blower quite ideal for use on hard surfaces but won’t give you more than that, which means that it is a great choice that you can have if you wish to invest in it.

Ryobi one P2190 blower also uses a cordless feature in combination with its battery-powered system to keep it active. The battery also supports sharing with other Ryobi One tools with the numbers going up to 175+ in total.

A charger also accompanies the product to keep your battery charged when you need it increasing its usability. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about buying one because it already comes with it.

The product’s overall benefits tilt towards lawn clearers, casual gardeners, and people who need little air force for operations. Its low noise is also another addition as it makes less noise compared to most blowers bringing more wind speed to you.

The noise that it makes is 65 dB, which means that it doesn’t run you through the risk of damaging your ear drums or even bothering others who are surrounded by your neighborhood.

– How Has the Ryobi one P2190 Evolved?

Ryobi one P2190 has evolved by having less weight than the previous version did, as the Ryobi one P2180 was 6.2 lbs but the P2190 is 4.5 lbs, showing a great decrease. On the contrary, the P2180 had a higher blowing force than the new one.

Ryobi one P2190 Has Evolved by Having Less Weight

In short, you would see that this machine doesn’t show much advancement as its predecessors since they are mostly made for commercial use in gardens. That fact makes them offer more power, but this blower does supersede them in weight and reduced noise during use. It’s also cheaper to get the complete packaging.

The Features and Their Elaboration

– Packaging and Accessories

Ryobi One takes its customers into consideration and makes all the necessary accessories available to help you enjoy the tool. You get the 18V capacity battery, a user manual, a battery charger, and the leaf blower itself right inside the packaging. Getting more accessories is possible depending on the discount running at the time but not much is noted.

However, you might not get the basic contents of the packaging asides from the blower with a used purchase. As a result, you must also make sure that you make a new one if you would prefer to get the complete contents to avoid any stress later.

The manual is an important part of the machine, because it will reduce the stress that you have in case something goes wrong, as it will guide you through it.

– Warranties

As you purchase this leaf blower, you should know that it includes a warranty, that has a period which would last up to three years starting from the moment of purchase showing its quality. However, the warranty might not cover all parts of the blower and is only valid on a brand-new product.

So ensure you buy your blower from a verified distributor and get details on the warranty clause during your purchase, so that if something goes wrong, such as a defected issue, the company will take care of it.

A warranty clause comes with new products and this blower is no exception as it also provides this clause. You get free repairs on your Ryobi 18v leaf blower problems if the product gets damaged during the warranty period.

– Li-ion Battery and Charger

Battery-powered blowers give you a lot more flexibility and workflow to get your operations completed faster and easier without issues. You get an 18V 2.0Ah battery to work with your blower giving you the optimum efficiency that it offers.

Battery Powered Blowers with 18 v 2 Ah Battery

The battery is also compatible with other Ryobi One products you have, increasing the benefits you get.


Some reviews say the Ryobi P2109 battery and charger also work well with this blower with little refutes. You can always choose to stick to the battery made to work specifically for the product to avoid any issues.

In short, you will notice that the blower gives you enough efficiency for casual and lightweight activities despite its low force and reduced power.

– Wind Speed and Air Volume Combination

The blower falls short on wind speed and air volume making it less of a commercial choice for gardeners doing the consistent clearing. However, that is the benefit as it exists for small-scale gardens and lawn clearing with the values it has.

Providing you with a 90 MPH wind speed, and 200 CFM volume makes it a great casual choice, if you have a small to medium-sized lawn, and you would like to keep it tidy from fallen leaves or debris.

It doesn’t have a variable switch for wind speed; as a result of the latter, the machine would help you maintain a consistent wind speed throughout your operations. It is especially useful if you don’t fancy blowers with too many technicalities to use which increases its value and benefits.

– User Manual

You get a user manual along with the blower to help you with the details you need to maximize usage. The manual gives you all the details you need regarding the assembly and maintenance of the blower to use it efficiently.

It provides you with these details in three languages which are English, French, and Spanish like the Ryobi P2109 manual.

All three languages are divided into sections, so you can quickly navigate there and get the information you need. So ensure you go through the details in the manual before starting up the blower, especially as a newbie.

– Handheld, Compact, and Lightweight

The blower is made to be light and compact to enable you to use it without feeling any strain on your arms. After being done with the job, you will also notice how you didn’t get frustrated or exhausted, and this is because the machine is compact and the weight is significantly light.

Compact and Lightweight Ryobi One P2190 Blower

It doesn’t have many attachments, which is why you can worry less about the weight increase due to any add-ons. It’s also much lighter than most blowers that use an engine-powered system to give you the blowing features you need.

What you will notice is that nothing sounds better for casual gardeners like a lighter blower since they don’t need much air force to complete operations. The matter is going to be easier for you to enjoy the lightweight makeup and easy maneuverability that this blower gives you when working in your garden.

– Cordless Feature and Pricing

Another feature that makes this blower so great is the cordless feature since you don’t get any range limitation. You also don’t need to keep it plugged in to use it like corded blowers but you don’t get unlimited runtime with it.


The pricing also doesn’t break your finances with new products costing more than use products going for less than that. You might also consider Ryobi $200 MPH blower parts if you get a hand-me-down or used the product. Purchasing the Ryobi 18v blower 2.0ah kit is also a good option to get replacement batteries for longer runtime.


That is a wrap on the Ryobi jet fan blower review. You have all the details to make your purchase decision and get the casual blower for your operations. So should you make this purchase and add this product to your gardening arsenal, or should you skip it?

Well, you should go for it if you are a casual gardener or do less with blowers in general to save costs. However, it would not meet your needs if you do more commercial gardening or need it for consistent high-end use.

When you invest in this machine, it would be a great choice if you have a lawn or a yard that is small to medium sized, and it would look better without the unwanted leaves or debris around.

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