Ryobi P21100VNM is one of manufacturing company’s “Whisper Series” leaf blowers and delivers power and high air output with, as they claim that it is very low in its sound production.

Reviewing The 18V Whisper Quiet Leaf Blower

The common assumption, however, is that blowers with such quiet operation are weak and cannot deliver powerful air output, and if it is as powerful as it claims, it must run with a loud noise. In order to determine the validity of Ryobi’s claims, this article will review the P21100VNM extensively and break down its features, so keep reading.



Compact and lightweight design It does not have a cruise control feature
Whisper-quiet operation Short battery life
Compatible with other Ryobi 18V battery-powered tools

Look into The Highlights

There are so many things to love about this Ryobi blower, from being cordless, its portability, lightweight and compact design, ease of use, and easy storage, to its incredible air output.

Cleaning days are about to become quick and hassle-free with the specs of this blower which are listed below:

  • Brushless jet fan blower technology
  • 18V and 4 Ah battery
  • 410 VFM air volume
  • 110 MPH maximum airspeed
  • Variable speed control
  • Has turbo button
  • Noise rating: 54 dB(A)
  • Weighs 7.2 lbs
  • Three-years limited warranty

Ryobi P21100VNM Accurate Review

Ryobi P21100VNM Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Compact and lightweight design
Whisper-quiet operation
Compatible with other Ryobi 18V battery-powered tools
It does not have a cruise control feature
Short battery life

Handheld leaf blowers are supposed to have little weight on them, considering they will be carried for a substantial amount of time, especially during lengthy cleanups. Unfortunately, most battery-powered models often carry a lot of weight, mainly because of the battery attachment.

However, you won’t have to worry about this problem with the P21100VNM, as it weighs in at just 7.2 lbs, which is such a great deal knowing that it has amazing functionality.


To elaborate further, remember that this lightweight is beneficial for reducing fatigue and increasing portability and comfort while working. It also allows the blower to be used by teenagers who are willing to help the elderly too, without weighing them down or exhausting them.

As a result, it is quite simple to see that the device also has a compact design that will enable it to be easily carried, maneuvered, and stored.

In terms of airflow, this Ryobi 18v Whisper blower does not disappoint, and it is because the machine is manufactured in a way that has an air volume of 410 CFM; this tool is just as powerful as some gas-powered models and will push debris quickly, letting you get your work done with time to spare.

However, it would max out at a speed of just 110 MPH, which is not as high as other battery-powered handheld models but is powerful enough to easily move all kinds of heavy, wet, and tough debris.

Generally, this blower is powerful enough to easily move all kinds of leaves and debris, dry or wet, from your yard. But not strong enough to blow stones and small rocks into the road or other unwanted places; in short, it is easy to say that the tool is average regarding its airflow.

The P21100VNM has a variable speed setting and turbo button to give you more control over the airflow. The variable speed trigger allows you to adjust the air output as you desire, depending on how challenging your cleaning is and the kind of debris you’re moving. Hence, you can use low speed to blow dirt from corners or small spaces.

You may also aim to use the medium level for blowing hard surfaces, and this would be good for different tasks too, which would depend on the weight and the capacity of the task. If you wish to accelerate the speed, this is where the turbo button is placed, to help you get the maximum airflow, and with this output, you can blow up a storm in your yard.

The only downside of the airflow settings is that it does not have a cruise control feature like other blowers. Cruise control is supposed to allow you to lock in your selected speed, so you don’t have to keep holding down the throttle to continue at that speed.

It also prevents you from getting fatigued quickly, yet again, with the P21100VNM, you will be required to continuously hold down the variable speed throttle to keep working at a chosen speed level.

Ryobi claims that the P21100VNM is the industry’s quietest handheld blower, and they could not be more correct. With a noise rating of just 54 decibels, this Ryobi leaf blower runs with a Whisper-quiet sound, like the series it was designed for.

Moreover, just like any other blower, the sound increases when the speed increases, but it still maintains its whisper during operation. This allows you to use it at any time of the day without irritating your neighbors, which is why it is perfect for use in noise-restricted areas.

– How Has Ryobi P21100VNM Evolved?

The P21100VNM has evolved with more impressive features and airflow compared to its colleague in the Whisper series, the RYOBI RY40460. It has a higher air volume at 410 CFM, than the 350 CFM of the former and also produces less noise, with 54 decibels, while the RY40460 produces 62.

Prime Features and Specifications

– Brushless Motor

To be able to push out such an impressive airflow from its nozzle, the RYOBI P21100VNM runs on a brushless motor with jet-fan technology.

Prime Features and Specifications of Ryobi P21100VNM

Instead of brushes, brushless motors use magnets to conduct electricity. The reason why a brushless motor is significant is that it would increase the life of the machine and would give you less maintenance issues or repair problems as well.

This type is more efficient and requires little maintenance because they don’t cause friction and reduce the battery’s run time since they are not coming in contact with any parts. In short, brushless motors are also lightweight, produce less noise, provide higher speed and better speed control, and last longer than traditional brushed motors.


– Jet Fan Technology

The fan of a blower is responsible for drawing in the air surrounding it and pushing it out through the nozzle.

Blower Uses Jet-Fan Technology

But this blower uses Jet-Fan technology, which optimizes and ejects the airflow at a very high velocity. As a result, you get a turbo speed, that will help you clean up the area in a much faster way.

– 18V 4 Ah Battery

This cordless leaf blower is powered by an 18 volt and a 4 Ah battery that gives it an average runtime of up to 20 minutes on a full charge, which is relatively short. This short runtime means you would have to wait for the battery to recharge before continuing your cleaning.

However, if you wish to combat this problem, it is advised that you purchase an extra battery, so you can switch them out and continue working while the other is charging.

However, Ryobi has made their batteries such that any of their 18V batteries powers all their tools. This is why if you own other Ryobi 18V power tools, you can use the same batteries, and charger, for your blower and vice versa. This saves you from purchasing an extra battery with your blower or even ordering the complete kit with the charger and battery.

Instead, you can order only the tool if you already have other Ryobi 18V devices. Lastly, also remember how the battery is one that takes about two hours to charge fully, and it has 4 LED light indicators to show the battery life.

– Air Output

An air volume of 410 CFM and airspeed of 110 MPH make this blower one to be contended with. The airspeed determines the force with which the air is expelled, indicating the type of debris the device can move.

The P21100VNM was made for home users, so even though the airspeed is a bit low, it will still do a fine job of clearing leaves, small branches, grass clippings, etc., off your lawn. Now, you can even use it to dry the water off your car or windows after washing, but make sure that you do not take the chore to another extend and harm the machine.

Airspeed Determines Which Air is Expelled

On the other hand, the air volume determines how far the blown debris will go in one minute, and we must commend Ryobi for the CFM of this blower. This is due to the fact that with 410 CFM, you can quickly push piles of leaves, dirt, and debris over several feet at a stretch.

In addition, this helps to save you more than half the time spent using a rake to clear your yard. Besides, what the tool lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in volume.

For more precision, while blowing, the device has a speed control setting that allows you to set the speed level based on different blowing applications. So, you can confidently use this blower everywhere in and around your home without worrying about the air output being too much or too little.


Deciding whether or not to buy this blower depends on your blowing needs and the power you require. However, this blower is the perfect blend of power, portability, and easy use, and even better, it operates with a whisper-quiet sound, just as the company would claim. The kit has one Ryobi blower with an 18-Volt 4 Ah High Capacity Battery and Charger Included.

While it might not be built for commercial or professional landscape cleaning tasks, it is an absolute beast for domestic applications, and you can be guaranteed premium performance without having to drag around any pesky cord or inhale dangerous fumes.

If you don’t mind the low airspeed and the lack of a cruise control feature, throw in that old rake and get yourself an RYOBI P21100VNM for your lawn care.

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