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The Ryobi p2606 hedge trimmer gets its power from rechargeable 18-volt lithium-ion batteries that work in dozens of other Ryobi battery tools. So it’s easy to use this trimmer anywhere in the garden for keeping hedges, shrubs, and small trees trimmed and attractive without the need for an extension cord or a can of gas. 

In this Ryobi hedge trimmer review, you’ll learn all about this garden tool’s specs, capabilities, and uses, giving you crucial information to decide if this is the trimmer you need for your home. So read on and learn everything you need to know about this Ryobi 18v hedge trimmer. 

Ryobi 18v Cordless Hedge Trimmer Pros and Cons

Ryobi p2606 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Large cutting thickness capacity
Battery interchangeable with other Ryobi One+ 18 volt tools
Low vibration, dual action blades
Rotating rear handle
Battery and charger not included
Heavy for some users

Product Highlights

This battery-powered hedge trimmer from Ryobi is perfect for small and medium-sized gardens with large amounts of shrubs, hedges, and light pruning requirements. 

Here are the most important specs for this trimmer:

  • 10 pounds weight
  • 22 inches blade length
  • ¾ inch cutting thickness capacity 
  • Pivoting rear handle 
  • Uses 18-volt rechargeable Ryobi One+ battery, not included 
  • Debris sweeper on top of blade 

Ryobi p2606 Review

This cordless bush trimmer is a handy tool for maintaining hedges and shrubbery, pruning small trees, and hacking away tall brush and brambles without dragging around a heavy extension cord or dealing with hazardous gas and fumes from a gas-powered trimmer

The trimmer runs on an 18-volt lithium battery, the same One+ battery that powers dozens of other Ryobi battery tools, including circular saws, drills, fans, weed trimmers, and chainsaws. However, it’s important to note that this trimmer is sold without a battery or charger, making it most economical for people who already own Ryobi One+ tools and batteries.

The rugged, double-action blades on this trimmer can tackle branches up to ¾ inches in diameter, making this tool a benefit for anyone with small trees to pruning tough clumps of shrubs like rosemary that need cleaning up. Easily slice away at thorny blackberry brambles, tall weeds, or thick grass stands or sculpt garden landscape plants into tidy and attractive shapes using this powerful trimmer.  

The 22-inch long blade gives you plenty of reach for trimming the top of wide hedgerows and quickly carving away broad surface areas of vegetation.

However, for some buyers, the blade length combined with the trimmer’s weight at almost 12 pounds with the battery installed is a bit heavy. In that case, a cordless trimmer with an 18-inch blade might be a better choice.  

A wraparound handle at the front of the machine lets you easily hold and maneuver the tool in any position, a distinct plus for trimming the sides of bushes and hedges or doing fancy shaping of foliage.

In addition, the rotation of the rear handle reduces stress on your wrist and arm when you work in different positions. This advanced ergonomic feature makes this tool stand out from many other battery-powered trimmers in its class. 

A plastic shield at the base of the blade prevents cut vegetation from hitting your hands while you cut. This feature is something you find on most trimmers. However, the top of the blade on this model has an upright plastic sweep designed to help push aside the cut vegetation. However, this additional piece is not especially effective in practice, but it also doesn’t make the job any harder, and you can easily remove it if you want.  

One of the most significant benefits of this trimmer is its ease of use. Charge up a battery and slide it into the battery compartment, then push the trigger lock with your thumb and hold down the trigger pad with your fingers, and you’re ready to go to work.  

The runtime for the tool depends on the amperage hours of the battery you select and the load on the device as it works. A lower amperage battery will average about 15 to 20 minutes of cutting time, and higher amperage batteries can get as much as twice that amount. Cutting thin, soft foliage uses less power than cutting thick, dead branches.  

An advantage of these tools is that you can forget about unwinding and winding up a heavy outdoor extension cord and lugging it around as you work while worrying about tripping over it or accidentally cutting it. You can also forget about the fumes, hassles, and hazards of gasoline and the maintenance requirements of a gas trimmer when you have this battery trimmer in your arsenal of garden tools. 

When you’re finished working, take out the battery and hang the tool from a nail, screw, or bolt, using the built-in hanger notch on the back. This tool is of benefit for homeowner use for occasional trimming of regular and challenging landscape plants.  


Ryobi p2606 Main Product Features Breakdown 

– Cutting Blade

The 22-inch long cutting blade has a double row of teeth for slicing in both directions as you move the blade through vegetation. The dual blades reduce vibration in the handle, giving you a less teeth-chattering experience when using the tool. 

Lower vibration levels also keep your arms and hands feeling comfortable as you work and when you stop. Using heavy work gloves helps reduce vibration even more, and gloves protect your hands from contact with sharp branches and when accidentally touching the blade. 

You can sharpen the blade if it gets dull, although it is made from durable steel that resists dulling and chipping. If it gets dull, use a flat-file or grinder to restore the edges on the teeth. Always use heavy work gloves when handling the blade. 

In addition, it’s a good idea to clean the blade after each use to remove plant residue and then lightly oil it with a non-toxic oil to keep it in good working order.  Cleaning the blade also reduces the chances of spreading plant diseases around the garden. 

The sweep on top of the blade is removable. However, it does not add much weight to the tool, and it does do a bit of good for moving cut debris to the side as you work. Unfortunately, the blade does not come with a sheath, but you can hang the tool using the notch built-in to the back near the battery compartment to keep it out of the way. 

This tool’s blade is an advantage for anyone with large areas of hedges to cut and larger-sized branches to go through.


The lithium-ion battery and charger for this tool are not included in the purchase. You need to buy these items separately or already have batteries and chargers for Ryobi One+ tools with 18 volts, 2Ah, 4Ah, or 6Ah power packs. 

Some buyers have received the tool and have been disappointed it does not include the battery or charger. However, buying the device without the battery is a significant advantage if you already own Ryobi tools in the One+ battery series. 

Another advantage of buying a tool without a battery is that it lets you choose what amperage battery you want. Lower amp hour batteries are less expensive but have shorter runtimes. Higher amperage gives you maximum power and runtime, but you pay more for the battery. 

The energy used by this tool can drain the battery quickly if you are cutting thick vegetation. So another solution to maximize runtime is to have two or more charged batteries on hand.

However, keep in mind that after running the trimmer for an extended time, the motor might need to cool down before resuming work.  If you want a trimmer that has the maximum runtime, gas-power is the way to go. 

The Ryobi 18-volt batteries charge quickly and hold a charge for a long time after you take them off of the charger. Storable batteries are a significant benefit because you can have them ready to go whenever you want. 

– Size and Weight 

The overall dimension of the package for this tool is 44.1 inches long by 12.7 wide and 12.4 high. The device’s weight without the battery is 10 pounds, and the battery adds approximately one and one-half pounds more to the weight. 


An essential advantage of this tool is the extended Ryobi 3-year warranty. However, be sure to register the warranty according to the instructions when you buy the product, or you could have problems receiving service if you need it.  



Is a higher voltage better for Ryobi p2606 trimmer?

Yes, a higher voltage is generally better for the Ryobi P2606 trimmer as it provides more power to effectively trim hedges and shrubs. However, it’s important to ensure that the trimmer is compatible with the specific voltage you choose, as exceeding the recommended voltage can potentially damage the tool.

What kind of grease can I use on Ryobi p2606 trimmer?

Use a lithium-based or lithium complex grease suitable for outdoor power equipment, ensuring compatibility with Ryobi P2606 trimmer.

Can you cut thick branches with Ryobi p2606 trimmer?

The Ryobi P2606 trimmer is designed for light to medium branches. Avoid cutting thick branches as it may strain the trimmer and affect performance.


Man Using Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Ryobi p2606 hedge trimmer is a powerful and easy-to-use garden tool for occasional garden maintenance of shrubs, hedges, bushes, and small trees. It’s powered by an 18-volt battery that is interchangeable with dozens of other Ryobi One+ tools. 

The pivoting handle and ¾ inch cutting capacity make this tool perfect for occasional, challenging residential clean-up projects. However, people with small yards and only light maintenance needs might be happier with an 18-inch blade model trimmer. 

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