RYOBI RY38BP is an amazing leaf blower with the most powerful gas leaf blowers you can find on the market. Most homeowners are constantly looking for easier, cost-effective ways to get fall leaves off their lawns, and this piece of equipment does just that with so much efficiency.


But with so many other powerful gas blowers on the market, you might wonder why this one is special. If you keep reading, we’ll help clear your doubts with our detailed review of this one of a kind leaf blower.

Pros Cons
Low noise while operating Short nozzle hose limits maneuverability
Comfortable padding added It has a small gas tank
Easy to put together and starts easily A bit heavy
Powerful engine

RYOBI RY38BP Highlights

The RYOBI RY38BP parts all come together to deliver this powerful residential blower that provides users with an unrivaled blowing experience. This is primarily due to the tremendous amount of air it produces, allowing it to move wet debris quickly.

  • 2-cycle 38cc engine
  • Crossforce fan technology with a 760 Cubic Feet per Meter air volume and a 175 Meter Per Hour air speed
  • Variable speed trigger and cruise control
  • Power source: Gas
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • Contoured back for support
  • The package comes with one backpack gas blower 
  • Comes with straight tube, nozzle 
  • Has throttle control handle tube
  • Three-year limited warranty


RYOBI RY38BP Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Low noise while operating
Comfortable padding added
Easy to put together and starts easily
Powerful engine
Short nozzle hose limits maneuverability
It has a small gas tank
A bit heavy

The RY38BP is an excellent device for a quick cleanup with its comfortable backpack feature and variable speed trigger that allows you to switch between different speed levels while working efficiently.

What you should note about this blower is how it is manufactured in a way that on the lower end of the velocity spectrum with an airspeed of just 175 MPH, its whooping 760 CFM still puts it in the race as one of the most powerful blowers.

The high CFM and low MPH can be adjusted using the variable speed trigger, allowing you to freely regulate the speed to have a balanced airflow to suit different tasks. However, because the nozzle isn’t so maneuverable, it limits the range of motion on the arm, meaning users will have to adjust their bodies in different directions to be able to blow debris from different angles

The RY38BP also comes with a handy cruise control feature that makes it easier to maintain the airspeed without holding the throttle trigger, the reason why the latter is important is that it helps reduce user fatigue. This is an incredibly helpful feature that gives users ease of functions, ensuring they have maximum control and both hands free to do other things while working. 

On another note, also you should remember that this machine is one that is known to be a high-quality backpack gas blower that makes the clearing process less tiring by helping to speed up the process while relieving your arms from the load. The reason why this is great is that it will get the job done faster than most would aim to do so.

It has a weight of 20.2 pounds, RYPBI RY38BP can be considered one of the medium weighed backpack gas blowers, furthermore, this would be useful because it will help your muscles not get as sore as other versions would, especially since it comes in a form of a backpack and not a handheld leaf blower. The company has taken the matter into consideration and have even added some adjustable straps and contoured back. 

In general, these will help you make sure how your back is protected, and your shoulders are comfortable while working, this is an eye-to-detail that the company has placed, because it would give the one completing the work more comfort and ease. However, a weight of more than 20 pounds might make this blower a bit heavy for use by the elderly and young children.

How the RYOBI RY38BP Has Evolved?

The Ryobi RY38BP has evolved by being more comfortable when working with in regard to the padding of the shoulder and how it makes less noise. The RYOBI 2-Cycle version is on 42cc, but this one is 38cc, which makes it vibrate less and make much less noise when cleaning. The RYOBI RY40470VNM is a very good leaf blower but it is not directly connected to the RY38BP.

The RYOBI backpack gas blower is undoubtedly very powerful, having one of the highest CFMs compared to other residential backpack gas blowers. It is also one of the few blowers that use Crossforce fan technology for its 760 CFM and 175 MPH airflow. Additionally, the blower packs a powerful 38cc engine that supplies lots of power and doesn’t generate lots of noise.

Although many other backpack gas blowers share similar features with the RY38BP, and some even have a higher MPH, the RY38BP has one of the most substantial blowing powers for its price and can move more leaves or debris per minute than its counterparts.


Product Features Breakdown

– 2-Cycle 38CC Engine

The two-cycle 38cc engine of the RYOBI RY38BP supplies the blower with enough power to displace dirt and debris. The large 38cc engine can efficiently blow up to 38 cubic centimeters of debris in no time, allowing you to get your work done in a short amount of time. 

2-Cycle 38CC Engine

When this information is give, you can even think of the way that it would vibrate much less and give you further comfort, as a result, your muscles will not feel as sore. On the other hand, the two-cycle feature makes your blower more efficient, easier to start, and able to use lower-grade fuel.

It also doesn’t require much maintenance, saving you the cost and time of maintenance. Which means you will be saving more money and getting a good result in what you invested it, as it would clean out the necessary debris, and would even make you worry less.

– Variable Speed Trigger and Cruise Control

The cruise control function works by maintaining the temperature of the blower. Hence, regulating the fan of the leaf blower whenever the temperature exceeds or drops below a certain level.

The reason why this aspect is one of the best kinds is that it will help you stress less about adjusting and going on with one single speed, the company has thought this through, and would like for you to have the comfort of setting the right speed.

Cruise control works best when clearing large areas that require you to use the widest throttle and reduces the stress on your fingers. The variable speed trigger allows you to use a single trigger to switch between different levels of power while working, making it easy to control the output speed of the blower.

– 760 CFM and 175 MPH

The RY38BP is equipped with a whooping 760 cubic feet per meter air volume and an air speed of 175 miles per hour. These ratings combine to give this significant leaf blower a powerful overall airflow. Although the MPH is lower than most backpack gas blowers, that of this machine is one that would be a perfect device as it makes it easier to maintain the speed.

760 CFM and 175 MPH

A higher MPH with a CFM as high as 760 might make it slightly difficult for users to control the airflow speed. Nevertheless, what the low MPH and high CFM mean for users is that they can clear an enormous pile of leaves or debris in a short time but won’t be able to blow it a far distance.

– Gas Powered

Gasoline is the primary power source of the RY38BP, which is highly advantageous as it provides portability and generates more blowing force. Which would simply put together how it will take shorter time when it has been turned on.

Another benefit of gasoline is that it allows the blower to be used for a range of larger, more tasking cleanups because it can run for an extended period, so that you don’t always have to refill it by a few uses. However, the gasoline needs to be mixed with engine oil before it can be poured into the blower and supplied to the engine by the RY38BP carburetor.

Using gas to power this device translates into ease of movement and reliability for users. Although the gasoline makes the RYOBI 760 CFM backpack blower parts work efficiently, it contributes to the weight of the equipment and requires regular refueling.

– Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Contoured Back

Due to the many features of the blower, the RY38BP weighs a little over 20 pounds which can be too much weight for users to carry without any form of support. This is why the RY38BP comes with an adjustable shoulder and waist strap to help support the weight of the device on your shoulders and ensure ease of operation.

The shoulder and waist straps are easy to use, breathable, soft, and can be adjusted to your suitable length.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Contoured Back

The shoulder strap also helps prevent soreness and reduces fatigue while working, while the oversized contoured back distributes the weight evenly around your back and hips to provide comfort. It also has cross-chest straps that hold the device firmly against your body.

It would make your muscles feel less like there is a heavy load of a machine gripping them, rather it will ease matters into the place, and your back muscles will feel less tired.



The RYOBI RY38BP is an excellent backpack gas blower with well-rounded benefits. It is durable, portable, easy to operate and maintain, comfortable to wear, and packs a powerful punch with its 760 CFM and 175 MPH airflow capacity, especially for a blower with so much power, this one is an affordable one that’s easy to maintain. 

This equipment requires minimal effort while assembling and is suitable for clearing sand, acorns, leaves, small branches, sticks, and other debris from small and large-sized landscapes. You should also check the RYOBI RY40440 model which is also one of the most popular ones.

However, you must ensure you mix the gas with two-cycle engine lubricant before refueling, as pure gasoline can damage the engine. Overall, this backpack gas blower is a worthy buy for those who don’t want a commercial blower but require one with a powerful force.

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