Ryobi RY404100 is the leaf blower that is up the ranks as it gives you the best experience you can find with standard blowers. It does this with several features that make it reliable and efficient to help you complete your tasks with ease.

Principal Review of Ryobi RY404100 Leaf Blower

However, is this blower worth the hype, and should you consider taking it up to serve all your garden-clearing operations? Let’s journey to find the answers in this review and help you make the final purchase decision on this blower.

Pros Cons
Massive airflow No unlimited runtime
Zero carbon emissions Fewer accessories in the packaging
Unlimited range
Low in noise

Exploring the Main Highlights

The Ryobi 40V jet fan blower brings the breeze with power and mobility giving you an efficient workflow.

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You should be keen on the list of features that this hp brushless whisper series product brings to improve your garden-clearing activities steadily, and aim to invest in it accordingly.

  • Reduced noise during use
  • Total air volume of 730 CFM
  • Includes cruise control
  • Cordless jet fan feature
  • Battery-powered system
  • Maximum wind speed value of 190 MPH
  • 40V 4.0Ah batteries
  • Handheld blower
  • Lightweight design
  • Different speed settings
  • Rapid 40V battery charger
  • Five-year Warranty

Ryobi RY404100 Leaf Blower Review

Ryobi RY404100 Key criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Massive airflow
Zero carbon emissions
Unlimited range
Low in noise
No unlimited runtime
Fewer accessories in the packaging

Ryobi takes power and efficiency to the next level by bringing this blower to the market for every gardener. However, its perks start from its lightweight design that makes you enjoy easy mobility during use in your garden to remove all the unnecessary leaves that are around.

The handheld design also contributes as the blower is easy to hold, with an additional grip design taking it up several notches.


The power feature is reliable as it uses a battery system which means you get no corded worries during use. In addition to this, you would also see that you do not need to plug in and then aim to find extension cords that will be the perfect fit into reaching where you wish to work, and this is because the machine runs on batteries, and its power source is placed inside of it.

Its battery charger is also designed to get your leaf blower battery from zero to 100 in a few minutes while charging. It also guarantees you a longer runtime with its lithium-ion design compared to many other contenders you find on the market.

Wind speeds and air volume push other competitors out of the way with the all-out values that it brings forward. It holds an airflow capacity value of 730 CFM and a wind speed rating that maxes out at 190 MPH.

Moreover, if you think about it, this is a great force that the machine is able to function on. The high-quality CFM blower uses these features to prove that your garden-clearing operations will be a breeze with its power.

– How Has Ryobi RY404100 Evolved?

The Ryobi RY404100 has evolved from the previous version, the RY40480, in air volume, wind speed, and power. It used to have an air volume of 68 dB, now it’s 57 dB. Its speed was 525 CFM, but now it is 730 CFM.

One feature that is lacking compared to previous versions and other blowers is the vacuum feature and replacement bag. Still, this blower breaks the ranks delivering efficiency and convenience.

Evolved by Air Volume and Wind Speed

The Ryobi blower does everything to give you the best experience, as it makes your garden operation the least of your worries. It offers more than many similar products and previous versions that have hit the market before its release.

You have the information on the blower and its evolution, so let us go deep into the details of everything in detail. You will now see that it has advanced so much as the years have passed by. An older and very popular leaf blower is the Ryobi RY40460 model which you should also consider.

Features and Descriptions

– Five-year Warranty

Ryobi product warranties are pretty unique, and it gets better as all products qualify and is included in the benefits. All products under the Ryobi name have a limited-time warranty of up to five years.

Ryobi RY404100 Leaf Blower Features and Description

This is basically a bond or a promise that the company is making or dealing with you, in the way of expressing their confidence in their machine and how it will now get defective after a long term of use.


The battery system also makes it qualify for the three-year limited warranty that is attached to all product batteries. On the other hand, you must also be mindful that the warranty will likely not cover all parts of the blower except those included in the product details.

As a result, it is keen to ensure you inquire about the details from the store on purchase to know what the warranty covers.

– Blower Accessories and Packaging

New blower packaging doesn’t include many attachments since they aren’t necessary to maximize the product’s use. You get the chance to select the Ryobi 40 volt blower (tool only) or the whole package when purchasing from the Ryobi store.

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The complete package includes the blower along with the 40V battery and the rapid charger to complement the battery. This would be a factor that shows you that the machine you are buying is secured by the accessories that it comes with, which means that you do not need to purchase additional applicable accessories.

Used products will not always come with the battery and charger despite it not often happening, as customer reviews state. However, there are higher chances of getting those batteries as the Ryobi 40v blower attachment in used and refurbished packages.

– Product Manual

The product manual counts among the contents included in the purchased packaging of this blower when you get it the new one. You get a manual with three different languages, which you can choose from based on your preference.

The three languages are English, Spanish, and French to serve different regions having any or more as their primary language. So, you can get the information that gets you up to speed in assembling and maintaining the blower before and during use. Always ensure you go through the manual to get yourself up to speed if you are a newbie to using leaf blowers.

– Air Volume, Jet Fan, and Wind Speed Functions

Force and power are two things that this blower brings you, and it does that with its wind speed and Airflow capacity. Its wind speed peaks at 190 MPH, offering a blowing force that gets debris and leaves rounded up easily.

The air volume takes a super spike going all the way to 730 CFM, which is greater than many other blowers. Both these features take the standard of this blower up several ranks, with its efficiency going up several notches.

Enjoy easy workflow with the massive force you get as this blower makes you boast of high-end CFM.

– Lightweight and Whisper Series

The Ryobi 40V brushless whisper blower is designed to be light on your hands, reducing the fatigue you experience. It means that you will also feel less arm and shoulder strain when you use this blower in your garden.

The handle is also designed to give you a better grip allowing it to stay firm without slipping off your hands.

The switches and adjustment trigger for wind speed is also easy to reach without stretching your fingers too far. It’s a product that gets better as it gives low sound as you work with it around your garden.

The matter will not give you such exhaustion, because the issue is eliminated, hence it won’t even disturb you or your neighbors.

– Battery and Charger

You get a Ryobi whisper blower 40V battery and charger included in the packaging when you purchase a new product. The battery has a 4.0 Ah lithium-ion makeup and offers a lengthy runtime and reliable efficiency during use.

Ryobi Whisper Blower 40 v Battery and Charger

Its complementing charger also does great to give you less charge time taking it from empty to full quickly. You enjoy a durable battery that doesn’t get weaker over time and a super fast charger that shortens your break during use.

It gets better as you can get replacement batteries to get a similar experience to unlimited runtime like corded blowers.


– Cruise Control and Cordless feature

Lastly, the blower has cruise control implemented to allow a more efficient operational runtime during your garden operation. It helps maintain the temperature of the blower, preventing it from overheating and dropping, which can drop its optimal functionality.

The cordless feature also gives you more range while you work without causing any setbacks affecting your workflow. Issues like cords snagging a tree, edge, or lesser range are cut out of your worries with this quality blower. As a result, you will enjoy the unlimited range and efficient workability while you complete your garden operations faster and with ease.


You got what you wanted, as this is the end of this Ryobi 40V whisper blower review, you have been searching for. The review also works well as your buying guide to help finalize your purchase decision on this product.

Remember always to get all the essential information like warranty details, running offers, and more from the store on purchase. Also, consider your finances when making your decision, as you don’t want to be disappointed later on after deciding.

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