RYOBI RY40440 is the one that will make you say goodbye to offensively noisy, fume-producing gas blowers as this machine runs on lithium-ion batteries and produces a very good airflow pattern with low noise, making it an eco-friendly choice.

RYOBI RY40440 ReviewThere are a couple of backpack blower options available, but the RY40440 is suited for all kinds of clearing jobs with its unique features that we will review in this article.

Keep reading to find out if the RYOBI leaf blower is the perfect fit for your blowing needs.

Pros Cons
It can run on only one battery It doesn’t come with a hip strap
It has very good power A bit expensive
It doesn’t generate lots of noise Difficult to maneuver
Environmentally friendly

RYOBI-RY40440 Highlights

The RYOBI-RY40440 parts combine to create a powerful outdoor tool that can make any cleaning job seem like a breeze. From its ergonomic features for user comfort to its turbo settings and substantial air volume and speed, this power tool’s features literally blew us away. Powered by 40V lithium-ion batteries.

  • CROSSFORCE fan technology
  • 625 Cubic Feet per Meter air volume 
  • 145 Miles Per Hour air speed
  • Variable speed throttle, cruise control and turbo button
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • A contoured back
  • Runs with 57 decibels of sound
  • Brushless motor
  • The kit has a RYOBI 40V blower
  • Includes two changeable rubber nozzles
  • Includes two RYOBI 40V 4.0 Ah batteries 
  • Includes one rapid charger included.
  • Five-year limited warranty

RYOBI-RY40440 Review

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RYOBI RY40440 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
It can run on only one battery
It has very good power
It doesn’t generate lots of noise
Environmentally friendly
It doesn’t come with a hip strap
A bit expensive
Difficult to maneuver

With a combined airflow of 625 CFM air volume and 145 MPH air speed, you can use the RYOBI RY40440 to efficiently keep away all kinds of debris, including dry and wet leaves, sand, twigs, acorns, and even small branches, off your property without breaking a sweat. This high CFM backpack blower packs impressive airflow, which has earned it a good rating among users, because it has the ability to remove almost all kinds of dirt.

This machine is a backpack leaf blower, probably the brand Ryobi’s first cordless battery-powered backpack model. Moreover, it is a commercial model packed with many impressive user-friendly features. 

As it is simple to say how this blower is best suited for those who own large properties or do heavy yard cleanups and require a powerful but ergonomic device, because it can clean a large yard with no problem. 

Regarding airflow functions, this blower is top-rated because of the speed options and cruise control in its design. These features allow you to seamlessly adjust the speed while working on different types of surfaces and maintain your desired power without continuously holding anything down, granting you to work hassle-free. 

On the other hand, you must also remember how it also has a turbo button that is easily accessible on the top of the blower when you need extra power for that seemingly stubborn debris. This button is one that is placed near you, so that you won’t get frustrated trying to find it, and when you feel the need to crank up the speed, you will do it swiftly. 

Lithium-ion cordless backpack leaf blowers are expected to be lightweight, unlike gas blowers, which are often very heavy due to their engines. This allows the user to carry it comfortably on their back without getting fatigued and constantly setting it down while working.

However, the RYOBI backpack blower comes in at a weight of 27 pounds, making it heavy for prolonged use. But a few ergonomic features designed to ease the effect of the weight provide comfort for the user during lengthy cleanups. 

As the company has taken into consideration about the load of the machine, and how it is going to be placed around one’s back, they have also added a proper fitting back, that will generate comfort, in addition to soft paddings around the s000houlder part. These straps are adjustable, which can change from one person’s preference to the other, and they will ensure that the leaf blower sits properly without any hassle or causing soreness or discomfort to your back.

With the RY40440, the manufacturers has made it clear that their number one priority is the comfort of their users while working with their blower. Aside from the padding, this is evident in the many easy-to-use features fitted into the device’s design, such as the variable-speed throttle, cruise control, turbo button, and contoured back.

All these features make for a quick and effortless cleanup process for you, so that the end user would feel the ultimate experience. 

How The RYOBI-RY40440 Has Evolved?

RYOBI-RY40440 has evolved by having been made to a backpack leaf blower, because its previous version, the RY40403A is still a hand held leaf blower. In addition, the previous model has an airflow is 480 CFM whereas the RY40440 has a stronger airflow is 625 CFM. 

The manufacturers of the RYOBI RY40440 pride themselves in having created one of the quietest backpack battery blowers in the industry, a significant advantage over other models as it produces only 59 dB of sound during operation. Another similar leaf blower is the Ryobi RY08420A which we highly recommend checking out!

Customer reviews show that this feature sets it apart from similar models. The blower also uses a brushless motor, a feature you would hardly find in other blowers. The brushless motor generates enough power to support the high airflow and doesn’t generate as much noise as brushed motors found in other blowers. 

The RY40440 is also more efficient due to its 625 CFM and 145 MPH airflow capacity, allowing users to blow debris several meters away easily.


Features Breakdown

– RYOBI 40V Lithium-ion Batteries

A lithium-ion battery offers the highest energy density compared to other types of batteries. These batteries last longer, charge faster, are lightweight, and have no memory effect, and RYOBI has fitted their blower with two of these 40 volt batteries they manufacture.

RYOBI 40V Lithium-ion BatteriesWhen it has this battery, it would show how the machine can run in a smooth way, without any trouble in the midst. 

This means that you get to enjoy a longer run time for your large yard before the RYOBI 40V battery dies out. This blower battery has an indicator for the battery life, so you can easily determine when to recharge while tackling your yard. 

On the other hand, the manufacturing company has also supported the end sure with a battery coming with it, as it will also make the blower easy to maintain, as the kit that it comes with is one that would come with a rapid charger that gets the charging done in as little as 30 minutes so that you can get back to your cleanup as soon as possible.

– Brushless Jet Fan Motor

Unlike traditional motors that use friction-causing brushes to power the blower, the RY40440 is fitted with a brushless motor that uses magnets to transmit the charge provided by the batteries to power the blower. 

Brushless Jet Fan MotorThe brushless motor is best suited for heavy-duty blowing jobs as it delivers accurate control and consistent power output that matches that of the blower without losing any charge. The reason why a brushless motor is important is that it will make the process speedier, give you a high level of efficiency and lastly, the maintenance level will be much less than others. 

– Ergonomic Features

With the amount of power on this blower comes an equal amount of weight bound to cause one form of damage or the other to the user’s shoulders or back. This is why RYOBI has designed this blower with a few features to provide maximum comfort while working. 

Ergonomic Features of Ryobi BlowerHence, the blower has adjustable shoulder straps that you can adjust to your preferred length to reduce fatigue and the pressure on your shoulders and arms while blowing. These padded straps are ones that are also soft to protect your shoulders and are highly durable, which would help you stay away from any back soreness after you have completed the chore.

On another note, also remember that the backpack additionally has a contoured back for maximum stability, comfort, and distribution of weight equally around your back. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who require back support, like tall or older people.

– Airflow Capacity

One of the most beneficial features of this blower is its powerful airflow capacity that includes a 625 air volume and 145 air speed. These features will blow your mind if you are particular about the force of air that a blower can produce. 

Ryobi Ry40440 Airflow CapacityIt is also beneficial to those who have large landscapes that require constant cleanups. This impressive airflow will have you doing multiple rounds of cleanups in an outstanding amount of time. Basically, it helps you save time and energy as you would use the machine and find it handy. 

– Speed Control Functions

Specific cleanups require strong blowing power, while others require lesser. The makers of RYOBI considered this by creating a variable-speed control throttle that allows you to regulate the speed of the blower as you like. 

Speed Control Functions of RyobiThis function makes it easier to easily clean various surfaces like gravel, gutters, patios, gardens, etc. This feature also comes with a cruise control option which you can use to lock in your desired speed, so you don’t have to tire your arm by holding down the throttle while working. 

Finally, if you have heavy-duty cleanups that require very high airflow, the turbo boost button comes in handy for maximum speed. The reason why this is great is that if there is a task, or a pile of leaves that you wish to get rid of very quickly, this is the right option that would for opt for. 



Battery powered blowers are becoming increasingly popular, and RYOBI is not a stranger in that field with this cordless blower with mind-blowing specs. The functions included in the design of this blower are everything you need to complete a number of tasks at a stretch in record time and with ease. RYOBI claims that its device is one of the most powerful leaf-blowers on the market.

This top-of-the-line blower has everything a model blower should, with its high airflow, strong batteries, speed control options, and ergonomic features for comfort. Assembling the device is just as easy as the kit comes with a self-explanatory RY40440 manual.

With the RYOBI RY40440, you have all your blowing needs covered. You can also check our review for the newer model Ryobi RY40470VNM.

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