Ryobi RY40460 is a leaf-blowing machine that would bring a surprising approach to your gardening arsenal with the features and efficiency it offers for your operations. It takes versatility and customer satisfaction up to several notches to give the best experience.

Ryobi RY40460 Leaf Blower Prime Review

However, does this blower deserve all that hype, and will it meet your expectations after purchasing it for gardening clearing operations? Let us find out with the detailed review we bring you to this article to cover its features and benefits.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Slightly Low wind speed
Low noise Low battery voltage
Variable speed

Detailed Highlighted Points

The Ryobi leaf blower puts you in the best position to complete your gardening operations without breaking a sweat.

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This is the type of leaf blower that will not let you down, since it has different qualities such as being lightweight, or cordless; it will actually be beneficial.

  • Cordless electric blower
  • Battery power system
  • Wind speed maximum output at 110 MPH
  • 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery
  • Jet fan technology
  • Airflow capacity total of 350 CFM
  • Reduced noise
  • Lightweight
  • Handheld design
  • Adjustment wind speed switch

Ryobi RY40460 Prime Review

Ryobi RY40460 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Low noise
Variable speed
Slightly Low wind speed
Low battery voltage

Ryobi products give you so much satisfaction to get your gardening done with a smile, and this Ryobi blower isn’t any different. It starts the customer satisfaction journey with its handheld and lightweight design to give easy mobility during use.

It also provides a friendly grip that doesn’t hurt your hands and keeps the blower from slipping off due to moisture.


Its airflow capacity and wind speed also prove to be quite the help with the values and power they offer you. The blower gives you a wind speed value that maxes out at 110 MPH and a total air volume of 350 CFM, which is great for a medium-sized yard because it will be applicable to do all the right chores of getting the leaves away. Both combine to give you an efficient runtime and the best experience you can find among leaf blowers.

On another note, you should also consider how the battery-powered system is also a feature that makes it great and reliable when you need it the most for garden operations.

It brings the power to give an efficient runtime and complement the mobility that complements the lightweight design. Moreover, it even has a charger that is prone to work well to rejuvenate your dead battery to full power in the shortest time, increasing its perks.

– How Has Ryobi RY40460 Evolved?

The Ryobi RY40460 has evolved from its old model the RY40412, by the decrease in its weight; since it used to be 13.9 lbs, now it is 8.7 lbs. Moreover, its blowing capacity has also changed, as it has become 350 CFM, it used to be 300 CFM.

The Ryobi RY40460 blower takes the cordless battery-powered feature like its predecessors but improves its wind speed and airflow capacity. It also shows better performance with its battery power and reduced noise despite being outranked by some older blowers. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty good and will serve your gardening purpose.

Evolved by Decrease in Blowers Weight

Ryobi takes the market with a full drive, and this product pushes their reputation further as it satisfies gardeners like you. It has shown some improvements from previous versions and similar products on the market.

As a result, when you check in detail the evolution that makes this blower surpass the other available options on the market, you would see how innovative the company is. You can also check a previous Ryobi model, the RY40440 which is also very powerful.

Each Feature and Their Details

– Products Packaging and Accessories

Packaging is done to include deliverable that makes the usage of a product easy, and this blower doesn’t lose at that. You get the standard contents like the charger, leaf blower, and a top-quality battery in the package.

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The package also includes a user manual in a similar way that other products do to complete the standard included contents. However, you will only get the complete contents of the blower package if you make a brand-new product purchase.

As a result, you must be very detailed and try to consider this if your purchase plan tilts towards the commercial purpose to avoid any disappointments later, because note that it is strong enough to cover the chore well.

– Blower Warranty

Ryobi gives a two-year warranty with this product to allow you to enjoy repairs at zero cost when you encounter any issue. The warranty covers most parts of the blower, but you will need to confirm any changes to the attached warranty clause.

It often comes with free shipping included, but it depends on whether your product is used or new.

In short, you would see that the company is showing you how their machine is one that you could simply rely on, and this is due to its productivity and durability. On the other hand, if you purchased a used product, you will likely not benefit from the warranty since it might have expired. Always inquire about the details from the store on purchase to avoid any

– Leaf Blower Manual

The package includes a user manual that differs from the Ryobi RY40560 manual based on several customer reviews. However, it still contains the standard information and layout many brands need to include to aid in a better consumer experience. It would also show you the right way to assemble it, and when you do so, you would see that it is not malfunctioning.

You get a user manual that includes three different languages which are English, Spanish, and French, in different sections. All the information combines to give details on the blower use, assembly, and other related information, totaling 26 pages which shows you that the matter is detailed and compact at the same time.

So ensure you prioritize reading the manual before starting the blower to use in your garden for the best experience.

– Air Speed and Air Volume Combination

Your garden operations get more results as this blower combines its air volume and wind speed values for an efficient service. Its wind speed offers you a maximum value of 110 MPH and matches well with the airflow capacity of 350 CFM.

Blower Combines Its Air Volume and Wind Speed

As this matter would show you that the machine is able to handle so much, because of its capacity, and you will have no issues running through your yard and cleaning out the dust, debris, fallen leaves, and twigs.

Remember that both take your experience to the next level with a force that pushes debris and leaves out of your path. Drying your tools and certain surfaces will also pose no problem with the efficient wind speed and airflow capacity it gives. What you can do is use it and enjoy an efficient and easy use with the force you get from this battery-powered blower.

– Pricing

Price tags attached to this blower put it in different ranges and categories especially due to its condition. The pricing for new products and used ones are pretty different, and it also changes for refurbished blowers as well.


Getting this blower as a new product will cost you your money’s worth, because of the way that it has been manufactured and how it is distinguished. So always keep that in mind when purchasing to weigh out your options and get the best deal for you.

– Jet Fan Technology

Ryobi implements jet technology to give you more power and wind force when using the product in your garden. The motor is the part that aims to feature the proper capacity and running of the blower in a more efficient power consumption making the battery last longer when using it for garden clearing.

Ryobi Implements Jet Technology to Give More Power

Moreover, you would also see that the Jet-fan helps you maximize the airflow capacity and wind speed, giving you more results than expected from the blower. It combines well with the MPH, CFM values, and adjustment switch to give you the best workflow in your garden. Enjoy maximum power and get better results with these features as you take your garden outlook to another level.

– Battery and Charger

Another benefit is the volt lithium-ion battery and the complementing battery charger that comes with the product. It doesn’t offer much power like the Ryobi 40V tools, like the Ryobi 40403, but it does its fair share of efficient delivery.

The battery makes this 18V lithium-ion cordless blower function to give you a great experience and fast workflow. Its charger also works well to bring your battery back to full power after exhausting it while working with your blower. Reviews term this product as the best cordless leaf blower for casual gardeners, and this feature complements it further.


The Ryobi quality blower gives you the standard with a bit more satisfaction and knowing the feature details for maximum efficiency. All the details you need about the Ryobi RY40460 to aid your purchase decision to improve your garden operations. You should make your decision to a certain extent by going through the review we bring you above.

Remember that getting a new product is not always necessary, especially as a casual gardener managing a private garden. However, a new purchase will serve you best as a commercial gardener but match your purchase to your finances.

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