Ryobi RY40470VNM is a battery blower model distinguished as the brushless cordless, battery-powered addition to your gardening tools. This blower packs various beneficial features for your yard regarding air power, ergonomics, and weight.

Review of Powered Blower Ryobi RY40470VNM

It has a brushless motor providing up to 480CFM of air power, enough to blow all the debris out of any backyard or garden.

The ergonomic design of the Ryobi RY40470VNM is ideal for users who work long shifts in their gardens.

Pros Cons
Ultra low noise levels Short battery life
Variable speed power Heavy
High air volume

Ryobi RY40470VNM Highlights

This leaf blower has an innovative axial fan design that creates an airspeed of up to 125 mph, allowing faster and more efficient debris removal. Its design and comfortable handle make it easy to operate, and it has a variable speed trigger that allows you to increase or decrease the airspeed depending on the task.

    • Rechargeable battery
  • Lithium-ion brushless cordless jet blower
  • 125 mph top airspeed
  • Ultra-low noise level
  • Variable-speed power
  • Turbo button

Ryobi RY40470VNM Review

Ryobi RY40470VNM Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air flow
Number of air flow settings
Ultra low noise levels
Variable speed power
High air volume
Short battery life

The variable-speed control is particularly helpful when dealing with delicate materials that require a gentle touch. At the same time, the turbo button provides extra power for heavier materials like pebbles and needles in your yard. With this machine, you can achieve a wide range of tasks that require powerful and precise control over airflow.

The high air volume and modest top airspeed combine to deliver a full and potent blast of air by the jet fan blower  for piling up leaves or grass clippings on a lawn or cleaning up under fruit trees and shrubs. For larger debris such as branches, mud, or grass clippings, a variable speed motor makes it possible to adjust the air volume and increase the power to move the material more easily.

According to the leaf blower review operates at a maximum air volume rate of 270 CFM and a maximum air speed rate of 150 mph at 550 cubic feet per minute. It makes it an efficient choice for removing debris from even the largest outdoor areas.

At 12.6 pounds, this blower is relatively heavy and a bit tiring on the arm and right hand when using it for long periods. Nonetheless, many users find the weight manageable for their purpose, as it is still relatively light enough to allow them to reach hard-to-access places.

The machine weighs 12.6 pounds, which is not bad on a broad scale. However, considering it is a handheld rechargeable leaf blower, it still needs a little work in the weight category. It means that when it comes to operating the blower for long periods, the user might experience fatigue more quickly than they would with a lighter model. It will be an issue for some users, especially those who need to work for extended periods. 

This Ryobi model wins hands down on the combined effect of airspeed and volume of the blower with speeds up to 125 MPH and 550 cfm. It makes it the ideal choice for any project, from small DIY tasks to professional construction work, allowing it to tackle even the toughest jobs. It is the one most up to the challenging leaf-blowing jobs.

The Ryobi 40v blower (tool only) is a close second at 110 MPH and 500 cfm, which makes sense due to the large battery size in this device. Despite the difference in power and speed, this Ryobi leaf blower tool is still a great option for homeowners on a budget.

The  Ryobi 40v blower run time has extremely low noise levels of only 59 dB are, a big plus. This blower is among the quietest ones available, which is great news for anyone who lives in a neighborhood that is sensitive to noise.

The Ryobi ry40470vnm manual speeds draw significantly more power, but you can still get an impressive 15 minutes of operation with a charger included. The runtime in Turbo mode is more like 15 minutes.

The battery’s time to recharge is up. It is also important to note that the battery’s time to recharge is relatively short, with a full recharge taking approximately an hour. Despite its relatively short run time, the battery offers an impressive range of speeds for its size. 

How Has The Product Evolved?

The Ryobi RY40470VNM has evolved by being more quiet than that of the previous version. Also, this blower has a higher air speed than the previous version, completing the task faster than that of the previous one would, this has 125 mph whereas the previous was 100 mph. You can check out our recommended list of the best and most popular Ryobi leaf blowers.

Ryobi Ry40470 Vnm Powerful Cordless Leaf Blowers

Ryobi 40v blower whisper blower is a fantastic option for blowing off hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, or the 40v model of this brand’s version. Overall, it is a greater deal, because of the way that it functions and gets the tasks to complete.

It does an excellent job of distributing dry broadleaf waste throughout your yard. However, it remains less efficient than some of the more powerful cordless leaf blowers, such as Ryobi’s 730 CFM model, when it comes to wet debris.


Features Breakdown

– Battery and Charger

The kit versions of this cordless blower include a small charger and one or two 4Ah batteries, which means that as you buy this leaf blower, it will help you save money regarding the battery’s prices once they are done.

It makes this volt lithium-ion brushless cordless jet blower whisper series an attractive option for anyone who doesn’t want to be tied to a power source while working and can use the charger and battery’s portability cordless jet fan  combination.

Cordless Blower Include a Small Charger and Two Batteries

The battery charge time will likely be close to your run time if you frequently use the blower. The leaf blowers battery rapid charger can charge a 4Ah battery in under 30 minutes, so if you frequently use the blower, have an extra of these on hand.

Which means it is a great way to save time, and with little time, you can cover a whole load of work. Using the 4.0Ah battery in the kit, the motor delivered 9.8 Newtons at full throttle and 13.9 with the turbo button.

When you press the turbofan, the motor produces more than twice as much torque, showcasing its durability and effectiveness.

– Air Flow and Volume

For this model, the company had specified a 125 MPH airspeed and a 550 CFM air volume. To compare the performance to other blowers, they have used a force meter for accuracy, this shows how detailed the company is with the product they manufacture.

The Ryobi ry40470 displays the impressive efficiency of the blower, as it had no trouble delivering consistent performance regardless of battery size. The Ryobi Ry40470 displayed an impressive 11.7 Newtons of force, slightly below the gas-powered models.

This performance level is quite remarkable for a battery-powered blower. The Ryobi Ry40470 also has a remarkable boost ability when the turbo feature is utilized, lasting up to a time between 15 and 30 minutes of continuous use on a single charge.

– Ergonomic Build

The 40407 isn’t a compact blower; it’s what we can classify as a powerful blower of its grade. The 40-volt, 4Ah battery likely adds one to two pounds to the 9 pounds of the tool alone.

Angle Adjustable Handles Design of Ryobi Ry40470

Although the unit isn’t light, it isn’t too heavy either, thanks to the angle-adjustable handle’s design; it can be adjusted to your preferences and the task at hand, in addition to being well-balanced. The ergonomic design of the 40407 allows for maximum comfort and ease of use, making the cleaning process run smoother and efficiently.

– Warranty

A five-year consumer is included with this blower, as well as free shipping. It makes the blower an excellent value, as it gives consumers assurance that their investment is secure and gives them peace of mind knowing they can rely on the product for longer.

As a result, it provides one of the most comprehensive warranties for leaf-blowing machinery or fan leaf blower. A lengthy warranty like this is advantageous to anyone who wants worry-free assistance if something goes wrong with the tool’s operation.



This Ryobi ry40470vnm review outlines the Ryobi whisper blower’s most important characteristics, technical details, benefits, and drawbacks. While it is efficient and powerful with ample air volume and speed, it does pack quite a weight.

As you invest in this leaf blower, you won’t have to worry where you have plugged the chord to, in addition to how heavy the work load is going to be. The reason behind the two is that it is a machine that would run on battery instead of a chord, and when you consider how well it has been put together, you wouldn’t feel the work load, because the speed will be unlike other models. Check out the Ryobi 18v Blower, which is one of the lighter and easy-to-use leaf blowers!

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