Scotts 2000 20 review is here to prove that this humble, yet masterful piece of equipment is truly one of a kind, the American lawn mower of dreams. This five-blade classic push-behind manual mower comes with many unique features.

Scotts 2000 20 Affordable and Efficient Mower

In this lawn mower review, we go extensively into each feature and specification of it and discuss the possible advantages or disadvantages.

So now, continue reading as all the above is going to be discussed in details. 

Pros Cons 
Extremely lightweight  Not motor powered
Easy to maneuver  Blades may need sharpening after a few usage
Ergonomic handle and grip 

Exploring the Key Features

This classic mower has plenty to offer, as it is an affordable and efficient option for those with smaller-sized lawns who are on the hunt for something with no fuss. When being eager to invest in this lawn mower, you must be detailed in knowing its key features, in addition to both how and why it is the one suitable for your use. 

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  • Five-blade ball bearing reel
  • 10 dual tracking wheels
  • 20 inches in height 
  • Quick-snap one to three cutting height adjustments
  • Made from top quality, heat treated, and corrosion resistant alloy
  • Adjustable rear wheels
  • Ergonomic handle with cushioned grip
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy tool-less assembly
  • Easy to store – fairly compact 

Comprehensive and Detailed Scotts 2000 20 Review

Scotts 2000 20 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Rough Terrain
Extremely lightweight
Easy to maneuver
Ergonomic handle and grip
Not motor powered
Blades may need sharpening after a few usage

This power tool is a classic push reel mower, which, in its appearance, is a humble piece of equipment when compared to hundreds of other available options. Among them all, the Scotts 2000 20 shines in ways that are utterly unique to only itself. 

As far as manual reel mowers go, the mechanism of this one is quite simple. No fussy motors or engines are produced, so no waste gas and no immense noise. 

The design of this mower is a reel push one, which, coupled with its lightweight body, makes for an easy-to-use and maneuver mower. Also, the ergonomic handle and cushioned grip play a huge part in maximizing the user’s comfort. With this push mower, say goodbye to body strain and user fatigue! 

Additionally, the blades on this Scotts reel mower 20-inch are made from a durable metal alloy that is corrosion-resistant and heat-treated, so you don’t have to worry about them wearing down on you for years ahead. Your new lawn buddy is here to stay for good and ensures you get value for the price you paid! 

Another cool thing about this push reel lawn mower is that it has eight height adjustments, meaning you can alter the height of the mower to match your demands perfectly. Again, this makes for a more comfortable operation with less muscle strain, spasms, and user fatigue. 

Moreover, a key reason to trust in getting your money’s worth is that this band is a comprehensive company similar to companies like Sun Joe or StaySharp Max reel lawn mowers, both great and capable. Additionally, you will be glad to know that once you receive your mower, it comes with a helpful Scotts Classic 20’’ reel mower manual to aid you with easy tool-free assembly. 

How Has the Scotts 2000 20 Evolved?

The Scotts 2000 20 has evolved and is faster because it has ten dual-tracking wheels, whereas the 415-16S has only two wheels. The former is also lighter in weight, easier to maneuver, with a better ergonomic design, and cushioned handle; hence, it is more comfortable to use than the 415-16S. 

Lawn Mower Evolved by Ten Dual Tracking Wheels

A good way to track the progression of this blower is to compare different models within the series. The Scotts mower line has come quite far, as some other models of it include the Scotts 2010-20SG and the Scotts 20-inch reel mower with grass catcher, etc. 


A comparison can be made between the Scotts 2000 20 and the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 415-16S. They are both made of the same alloy heat-treated steel and are push reel lawn mowers. On another note, the 415-16S, however, has a self-propelling system that the 2000 20 does not have. This self-propelling system makes it better suited for slopes and rough terrains. 

Key Features and Their Details

– Lightweight and Ergonomic Design 

The 20-inch push lawn mower weighs approximately 34 lbs, making it extremely lightweight and easy to move around, especially for a lawn mower that’s as compact as this one. Additionally, the handle has great ergonomics, and the cushioned grip adds to the comfort while the mower is in use. 

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design of Scotts 2000 Mower

This means no more body strains and muscle spasms, as both these features help reduce strain on bones and muscles. It’s a way to know that your health is not going to get overbearing and overall, it will not exhaust you. 

– Push Mower Design 

The walk-behind design of the 20-inch classic push reel mower ensures that it is much easier to use and move than other types.

Again, this reduces strain on muscles and bones, ensuring you are not excessively tired after working for extended periods in your yard. 

– Height Adjusters

The lawn mower’s handle can be altered to match the preferred height that the user needs.

Lawn Mowers Handle Can Be Altered to Height

As a result, the end-user does not need to lean over or crane up to the handle to drive about the lawn mower, as they can set it to whatever height feels the most comfortable and natural to them. 

– Five-blade Ball Bearing Reel

The reel contains the five-blade ball that assures a high cut quality every time so that your lawns are always consistently flawless looking.

Also, the quick snap mechanism that this mower encompasses ensures a clean cut of the tall grass every time. 

– Alloy Metal

The blades of the mower are crafted using alloy steel which is corrosion-resistant and has also been heat-treated, promoting the blades’ longevity.


It also keeps the mower sharp and in ideal condition for a long time, adding to its durability and value for money. 


We hope you found this review helpful and enlightening. To bring this to a close, we highly recommend the Scotts 2000 20 as a top choice for a capable lawn mower to any individual looking for a domestic use mower. Remember how this brand is a well reputable manufacturer in the business, and they have earned quite a name for themselves with their constantly evolving products that meet the needs of the updated trends in time. 

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