Choosing between sickle vs. scythe is not an easy task. Both the scythe and sickle tools seem a bit similar, which usually makes it hard for many people to decide the right one as per their needs.

So, which tool is handier in the agricultural process?

This article will answer this and many other questions about the scythe and sickle tools.

Scythe or Sickle – Comparison Table

Want a quick comparison between the scythe and sickle tool? Well, this section is for you.

Here, you can quickly compare the material, weight, and handle of both tools. This quick comparison will let you choose the right tool according to your need.

Product Material Weight Number of Handles Handle Size
Scythe Wood/Steel Relatively heavier than sickle Two to Three Relatively Longer than sickle
Sickle Wood/Steel Lightweight One Short

1. Scythe Review


  • Multiple handles
  • Easy to use
  • Better grip


  • The snath gets extremely hot in summers.
  • Relatively heavier than sickle

A scythe is an agricultural tool utilized for cutting crops, grass, and weed. This hand-held tool has slightly curved blade edges that make cutting stubborn grass and other branches a lot easier. A long pole is also attached to the blade for a better grip. This blade is made of a durable steel material that promotes higher sharpness.

Overall, the scythe blade is straight, but it is a bit curvy from its edges. Apart from the long handle, the blade of this unit is also higher in length. You can cut grass and crops from a greater distance because of the more extended handle and blade.

Further, most of the scythe tools also have two or three handles attached with the long pole. All these additional handles are at the right angle to the scythe. These extra handles will help you in using this tool while standing. Mostly scythe tools have a shaft made of wood material.

Apart from wood material, you will also find some scythe shafts with a metal body. The scythe with the wood shafts is usually better than those with the metallic ones.

The reason that you should prefer a wood shaft is that it provides a better grip as compared to the metallic shaft. The scythe shaft with a metal body usually gets hot quickly in summers, making gripping difficult, but that is not the case with the wood shaft.

Besides, most of the scythe handles usually measure around 170 centimeters. These handles come in straight and s-shape. As per your convenience, you can select either a left-handed or a right-handed scythe. However, unlike a sickle, you cannot handle a scythe with a single hand. Because of the greater size, you will need to use both hands to hold this tool.

2. Sickle Review


  • Better sharpness
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Require additional effort to use it in the standing position
  • Handle is small

A sickle is a single-handed tool that has various blades on it. The sickle is like a short scythe, and its blade is curved that helps in the harvesting process. The blade is usually made of steel, while the handle has a wood material. The blade has various cutting edges that make the cutting of tall grass and other crops more convenient.

This hand-held sickle is smaller in size and has a short handle. Because of the little handle, you may need to lean and bend over to use the sickle. The wood handle of the sickle is directly attached to the blade. Using it in a standing position for an extended duration may also begin body pain.

Therefore, most people prefer using the sickle in the sitting position. While using the sickle, you will need to grip the grass or weed with one of your hands and use a sweeping motion to cut it. You can easily use the sickle tool with one hand.

Most people also favor this product for cutting grains and hay. Even a gentle swing will do the required cutting work for you because of the blade’s outstanding sharpness. Further, the sickle only has a single handle which is shorter in length. There are various other tools used to cut wheat, but most people go for sickle because it is a better solution.

Similarity and Difference Between Sickle and Scythe

There are various similarities as well as differences between sickle and scythe. This section will let you know about the similarities and differences to decide which harvesting tool is better for you.

– Material

Winner: Both

Both the sickle and scythe also have the same materials. Mostly these tools contain wood and steel material. The wood material is for the handle, while the blade has a steel material. Some of the scythes also come with a metallic handle, but you should avoid using it.

It would be best not to prefer a metallic handle because it can quickly get hot and cold. So, during the winter season, the shaft will become cold, while in the summers, it will get hot, making it harder for you to grasp it. Therefore, choose a wood shaft as it provides reliable handling and grip compared to the metallic handle.

So, in terms of materials, scythe and sickle are similar. However, before you choose any of the tools, you should also check whether the wood and steel are of better quality or not. Better quality material will enhance the product’s longevity, and you will also attain excellent cutting outcomes.

– Weight

Winner: Sickle

In terms of weight, the sickle has the upper hand. Weight is an essential factor in sickle and scythe tools. The scythe has a better weight than the sickle, making it hard for some people to carry. If you want a more convenient solution, then prefer the sickle harvesting tool. The reason behind the greater weight of the scythe is the long and additional handles.

These handles enhance the weight of the scythe. You might get tired while using the sickle for a longer duration. But you can compensate for the heavyweight of the scythe with its other beneficial features. Many users like to choose the sickle tool due to its lighter weight.

The lighter weight also promotes portability. It makes sickle a travel-friendly unit. Not only lightweight, but the sickle tool also has a smaller size. This compact size and lightweight will let you carry it with more convenience. Modern sickles are lighter than older sickles.

– Sharpness

Winner: Both

The sharpness of sickle and scythe is almost the same. Sharpness is what helps users to cut the grass and weeds using the tool. The tool will be of no use if it is not sharp. Therefore, you should never compromise on the sharpness factor if you want effective results.

Both sickle and scythe carry a steel blade that will provide you the desired cutting outcome. Further, the sharpness of both these tools remains the same for an extended period. But, if you still want to intensify the sharpness, you can use the serrated blade.
You can also utilize other items like aluminum foil for this task. However, sharpening a sickle is usually more manageable than the scythe because of its shorter size.

– Handle

Winner: Scythe

If we talk about the handle, the scythe is the ultimate winner, without any doubt. As compared to sickle, the handle of the scythe tool is quite long. The long handle offers excellent handling and a better grip. Even in the standing position, you can conveniently use the scythe due to the long handle, but that is not the case with the sickle.

You will either need to sit or bend down while using the sickle as its handle is relatively shorter. Further, you will get 2-3 additional grips with the scythe tool, while the sickle only has a single handle. It will get more comfortable for you to grasp the scythe in any position because of the long and multiple handles.

– Usage

Winner: Scythe

You can use both scythe and sickle for cutting grass and weeds, but scythe has the upper hand in usage. In some cases, you may need to use either scythe or sickle, depending on the need. The scythe has a long handle and blade. It will let users perform all the tasks in a standing position, so many people love using these tools.

Cutting crops, grass, and weed in the standing position will not let you get tired. You will be able to perform the task for an extended period using the scythe without being exhausted. Apart from the scythe, the sickle has a short handle and blade, making it a travel-friendly product.

You can also execute the cutting of small crops much quickly with the sickle because of its compactness. Also, with the sickle tool, you can collect valuable grain more efficiently than the scythe tool. The reason behind it is that sickle lets users grasp stems in one hand, which is impossible with the scythe.

Because of the size, the curved scythe requires more careful handling. For example, if you tried to hold the stem in one hand while using the scythe, you might find it hard to handle it. Also, we would not recommend you to hold a scythe with one hand as you may hurt yourself during the process.


When choosing between scythe and sickle, you should first know your need. Though the scythe is a much better option than the sickle tool, some people still prefer the sickle for various reasons. Suppose you want a product that offers better handling, durable construction, and easy usage. In that case, you should go for the scythe tool without any doubt.

Do you want a lightweight and more portable solution to cut grass and weed? If so, then select the sickle tool. In terms of cutting, the sickle will provide you the same results as the scythe. Therefore, it is up to you which one you choose as per your requirement.

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