There are plenty of semi-inground pool landscaping ideas around, and you’ve probably had your research on pool varieties and sizes. The very design of semi-inground pools allows us to play with different designs and create beautiful scenery, with one part of the pool being above the ground.

Semi-inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Their cost is somewhat lower than those of their’ inground or above-ground counterparts, and the problems are often connected to temperature and maintenance.

But the landscaping part is so versatile with these, so we’re sure these semi-inground pool ideas will help you find the best option.

A List of Semi-inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

1. Incorporate It Into Your Terrain

One of the best semi-inground pool design ideas in landscaping is to incorporate it into your existing terrain. This is a low-cost option, as it won’t require much alteration of your current setup.

This one is ideal if you plan a backyard pool that will extend to a back porch or a back balcony that extends to the lawn. Generally, a medium pool size will work wonders here.

Incorporate It Into Your Terrain

If you’re looking for a more sturdy and durable option, stealth semi-inground pools will do the trick, as they can be buried very deep into the ground.

Anyone into playing things neat and keeping a simple design will love this option of greenery going to the backyard pool and then the view that follows and incorporates beautifully to the back of the house.

If you have a slope, you can play with the idea of an infinity pool here.

2. Build a Plant Bed Around

Having a simple pool design with a lawn in front and great pool lighting is fine, but how about giving the view some vibrancy? Your semi-inground pool design will surely benefit from having some colorful flowers around.

And you’ll surely enjoy the serenity they create and all those wonderful butterflies they attract! Semi-inground pools are the perfect alternative to above-the-ground pools or inground pools.

Build a Plant Bed Around

The trick is in some simple flower landscaping. The pool size doesn’t matter with this landscaping idea.

Try planting a variety of perennials around. Go with plants that love getting splashed occasionally. Liriope, lavender, chrysanthemum, and plenty of others enjoy being in free-draining soil that can quickly soak up and disperse water from swimming pools. You’d also want to go with plants that can withstand any climate, so think succulents or Hawaiian hibiscus. 

3. A Nice Wooden Deck

If you plan to incorporate your semi-inground pool into your balcony or create an infinity pool, you’ll love this one. Wooden decks are a must for this design. They are both functional and pleasing to the eyes. Wooden decks often work best with a larger pool size for that feeling of splendor.

Having a wooden entrance to your pool will give you that rustic feel and a touch of nature on your feet. It will also be great for a barefoot walk-around, as the wood will soak up water from your hot tub.

Pool with Wooden Deck

Be mindful though, as you’ll have to lacquer your wooden pool deck in the off-season to make the thing last! Semi-inground pool problems often include a lot of pool maintenance, so be careful not to go into too many expenses. 

If you’re going with this design option, have the wooden boards on the rim of the pool as well, as they’ll provide comfortable rest for your hands and the drinks you take to the water! 

4. Rock Steps

If you’re looking for a sidewalk for your semi-inground pool design, look no further than having rock steps on the side. Or maybe both sides of that hot tub! Rock steps semi-inground pool landscaping ideas will cater to that natural feel around your semi-inground pool – they add to a seamless nature connection. You can play with different pool sizes here, as rocky steps will do best with smaller pools. 

Rock Steps seamless nature connection

No better feeling than walking on stones before you hit the water – like being on a wild beach. The wooden pool deck with stone steps and subtle pool lighting incorporated is a design match made in heaven. 

5. Incorporate It Into a Slope

If you have a slanted landscape on the hillside, this is a design you need to go for. Semi-inground pools seem to exist for this type of design – they combine pleasure with nature.

The idea is to create a step-like design on the hillside, where you can place the pool on any level. The very top of the hill is the best to enjoy the panoramic view below from the water, especially if you have a forest at the bottom! But the city view will be just as good from your infinity pool. 

Incorporate It Into a Slope

Imagine watching the hustle and bustle of the town below from the fresh pool of water in the summer. Semi-inground pool cost is somewhat lower, so you can splash out on the digging part.

Again, we recommend going with stealth semi-inground pools here, as they will endure being buried deep into the slope. A medium pool size is the best one for this pool landscaping design.

6. Pave All the Way Around

If you’re into tiles, there are a variety of options for semi-inground pool landscaping ideas. Tiles can make for a great design around your pool too! They are versatile, come in many colors, and are generally more resistant than wood. Moreover, tiles incorporate landscaping seamlessly to make that transition from nature. 

Pave All the Way Around

Create a tiled walkway in your lawn that will lead to the swimming pool. Consider placing solar lamps as pool lighting on the side of your walkway for that panache of walking into the pool for a night swim. This semi-inground landscaping option goes with any size.

7. A fence on One Side, Green on the Other

A cornered semi-inground pool idea is to incorporate fences into the design. Maybe your pool borders some other property – you then want to think of seclusion and privacy. Here is where fences come into play.

But those with a keen eye for design can create wonders out of them, epecially if you’re thinking wood. Wooden fences will keep things private and soak up sounds to some degree! Not to mention they’re pleasing to the eye. 

A fence on One Side, Green on the Other

However, you want your pool to be somewhat open on at least one side. You can decorate this one with tall-growing trees like cedar or cypress.

Think that Mediterranean hillside style, where you have shade from the sun and that wonderful pine scent coming from the trees. Feels like bathing in a forest, doesn’t it? 

8. Rocks and Trees for a Touch of Nature

If you’re a bit on the wild side and appreciate nature, you can incorporate the pool to be overtaken by it completely.

Think of an oasis that emerges from a rocky bed overarched with trees! Now, this is something we would find ourselves doing the whole day long. Stealth semi-inground pools will be best to play with this type of landscaping design. 

Rocks and Trees for a Touch of Nature

Making your pool design somewhat inaccessible and hard to get in will be an experience in and of itself. Place the borders on the side where there should be a walk-in and incorporate some wonderful landscaping trees.

Japanese maples can give you that oriental feeling of being in zen mode when soaking in your hot tub. Pool sizes will also play a part here, and you can go with the smaller-scale backyard pool to get the entire picture working.

9.  Wild Walk

This one is for the brave and the wild. Having a jungle-style walk to your in-ground pool screams a peaceful oasis at the end of a rocky road. Go wild with a mixture of exotic plants on your walk to the pool. This jungle walk then opens up to a secluded semi-inground body of water.

Wild Walk to the pool

Now that’s what will feel like heaven on earth. Especially if you’re going for a more private, medium-sized swimming pool and aren’t planning on having too many people over at any given time. 

10. Statues

If you’re thinking of creating a zen-style body of water for maximum relaxation and those meditative afternoons, statues and stone-carved pieces can hit the spot around that hot tub. We aren’t talking about those overly posh things that will be at every step of the way, although if it’s your thing, go for it! 

statue sitting near the pool

A simple medium-sized buddha statue sitting on the grass at the center will promote that in-the-zone feeling. Small things often go big when you’re landscaping your in-ground pool. 

11. Rocky Waterfalls

Nothing says serenity like hearing those water droplets falling into your pool as you lie inside sipping on your favorite cocktail. Placing a natural-looking waterfall above the tub is the best possible backyard pool idea. 

Waterfalls will give you that feeling of taking a bath in an actual pond somewhere in the middle of the forest, perfect for a restful day off to recharge those batteries.

Rocky Waterfalls serenity

The children will enjoy splashing near this centerpiece of the pool landscape. 

You can’t miss going with a waterfall on top of an above-ground pool or an inground pool too. Small pool sizes work wonders here and make the whole thing feel like heaven.

12. Did Someone Say Sauna?

We have to finish the list with this one! If your idea of a pool is wellness, then this one is for you. If you had a great time refreshing in the swimming pool, a sauna only boosts the experience.

There is the method of hot and cold plunges when you go from the sauna straight to your pool.

Swimming pools with saunas

This one has the potential to rid the body of toxins and recharge you with that precious energy. 

Swimming pools with saunas scream relaxation for a healthy body, spirit, and mind. Having a sauna around has to go with a larger pool, but it doesn’t matter with this design combo.


Semi-inground pool cost makes it a perfect substitute for a fully inground pool or above-ground pool and is generally easy to incorporate. While semi-inground pool problems often include pool maintenance, the landscaping ideas are unlimited!

Be it a slope, a wooden deck, a steamy sauna, or a meditative haven with a centerpiece we’re sure these semi-inground pool ideas created a perfect picture in your mind. Which landscaping ideas do you like the best?

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