Shindaiwa EB252 is the handheld leaf blower, which is one of the latest power tools in the brand’s line of blowers; this is why it is the perfect tool for commercial users who also want something they can use for domestic applications.

Shindaiwa EB252 Review

Although handheld blowers are not usually suited for large-scale cleanups, this blower offers incredible power, and you can rely on it for improved productivity and maximum efficiency for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks.

Keep reading this post as it details the specs with a thorough review of this device, so keep reading if you are interested in what this Shindaiwa blower has to offer.

Pros Cons
Quiet operation Small fuel tank capacity
Lightweight and easy to operate Air volume is not as powerful as other gas blowers
Reasonably priced for a gas blower

Shindaiwa EB252 Highlights

The EB252 is Shindaiwa’s best-value handheld leaf blower and, due to its high durability, is more than capable of carrying out day-to-day cleaning without easily getting damaged.

However, in order to be more acquainted with the machine and its key features, one must know all of its qualities and choose accordingly.

  • 2-cycle 25.4cc engine
  • 453 Cubic Feet per Minute air volume
  • 170 Miles Per Hour maximum airspeed
  • Weighs 8.6 lbs
  • Variable speed setting with cruise control
  • Noise Rating: 70 dB(A)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.6 fl. oz
  • Five years residential warranty
  • Two years commercial warranty

Shindaiwa EB252 Review

Shindaiwa EB252 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Quiet operation
Lightweight and easy to operate
Reasonably priced for a gas blower
Small fuel tank capacity
Air volume is not as powerful as other gas blowers

One of the most significant features to consider when purchasing a handheld leaf blower is if it is light weight because it would be an unpleasant experience to carry around a weighty device for several hours on long cleanup days. You have nothing to worry about with the EB252, as it weighs in at just 8.6 lbs. 

To dive a bit deeper, this is a very impressive weight considering it is a gas blower and, as such, is expected to carry some load, especially when the gas tank is full. This is why you can use the machine for as long as you need without your arms and having a cramping grip, ultimately increasing your productivity. On top of this, the lightweight also allows it to be easily operated by women and the elderly.

Gas blowers typically have massive airflow, and this one does not disappoint with 453 CFM air volume and 170 MPH airspeed. The air volume, however, puts the tool at an average rating because it was designed for commercial use, and for this use, the given volume is not that bad. As a result, it is more than enough when used for domestic applications. 

Nevertheless, the airspeed is top-grade as it meets the expectation for gas-powered handheld blowers. With the exceptional airflow on this tool, you should be able to quickly clear out several acres of wooded land, wet or heavy leaves, sand, snow, and any other kind of debris. The task would be covered in an effective way, as you would clean out the yard, whether the front or the back, in a neat matter. But if you want a blower with more speed or volume, you can try out the Shindaiwa EB633RT.

To achieve precision while cleaning, you should be able to regulate the blower’s air output to correspond with the condition of the area you are working on. Hence, if you are cleaning out debris from gravel, you would need an average or relatively low airflow enough to blow the dirt but not dispel the gravel, also when using the machine in tight spaces as well. 

This Shindaiwa leaf blower allows you to enjoy this benefit with its variable speed control feature. It also comes with a cruise control option to retain the selected speed for increased efficiency, preventing you from having to hold down the speed control throttle permanently and this is why keeping your arms free and reducing the risk of them wearing out.


When it comes to the terms of quietness, the EB252 emits just 70 decibels to your ears while in operation. Once again, this is a remarkable feature for this model because, for the most part, gas blowers are noisy, majorly due to their two-stroke engines that can generate up to 100 decibels of noise which is almost equivalent to the noise generated by a plane taking off.

This is why you can conveniently use this blower anywhere and any time during the day without worrying about noise restrictions or disturbing your neighbors; however, do remember that this noise rating does not make it the quietest leaf blower on the market, still, it is one that’s doable.

For user-friendliness and comfort, this tool is fitted with a few ergonomic features to help your cleanups feel like a breeze. Besides its lightweight, which makes it portable, the EB252 is highly durable due to its robust build. So much so that the manufacturers provided a warranty of up to five years for residential users and two years for commercial ones. It also has excellent fuel efficiency, intuitive controls, and an easy-start system for smoother, longer cleanups.

How Has The Shindaiwa EB252 Evolved?

The EB252 has evolved by being one of the few gas-powered handheld leaf-blowers on the market having an intense blowing force that can be applied for both commercial and domestic cleanups.

It is also one of the few gas blowers with a reasonably quiet operation and good fuel economy. Check out the Shindaiwa EB633rt leaf blower too.

Features Breakdown

– 2-cycle 25.4cc Engine

To really pack in the punch, Shindaiwa fitted this blower with a commercial-grade two-stroke engine with a displacement of 25.4cc. These engines are known for their high torque, easy use, lightweight, and low maintenance since they have only a few parts, when you use them, the machine will not give you hardship, because of the manufactured characteristics.

In short, all these contribute to the wonderful features of this blower, especially its powerful airflow.

Shindaiwa EB252 Features Breakdown

The two-stroke engines cannot run on gasoline alone and must be mixed with oil in an appropriate ratio; on top of this, you should also consider how this model has a gas-to-oil ratio, which is 50:1. This mixture is essential to lubricate the engine and prevent your blower from getting destroyed. Lastly, the fuel tank has a capacity of 18.6 fl. oz, which is relatively small, so you would have to refuel many times.

– Airflow

The Shindaiwa EB252 dispels an air volume of 453 CFM with an airspeed of up to 170 MPH. Although the air volume might not be at par with other commercial-grade gas-powered handheld models, it is more than enough to move wet and heavy debris several feet while clearing your yard or areas with lots of big trees.

Since the airspeed meets the standard for gas blowers, you would have no problem using this blower for all kinds of cleanups, for different places in your yard, and for different aims for the cleanup that you would have. You can get your work done seamlessly and with minimal fatigue from moving branches, twigs, stones, wet leaves, grass clippings, and mulch.

If you don’t want to use the full speed while working, the variable speed setting allows you to set the air output to your desire. On the same note, if you wish to ease the stress further, you should also know that it comes with a cruise control throttle. This is why you can continue using the same speed without pressing or gripping on anything.

– Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic features help improve the user’s comfort and productivity while working, and the EB252 set out to achieve that. To provide the user with more control over the blower tube’s rotation and prevent the blower from curving towards the user’s legs or in the axis of rotation, Shindaiwa set out to reduce the gyro effect of this tool. The given effect is what would give the user rotational control and helps reduce fatigue.

Ergonomic Features of Gas Powered Blower

They also fitted the device with a digital capacitor discharge ignition system for easier starting and acceleration. So you do not wear out your arms dragging and pulling the trigger as with other gas blower models, because you would actually enjoy the comfort that this machine has to offer you and doing so, you would find it easy to use.

You simply power on and start working, and this is because the tool also uses Posi-lock pipes and an Ez-lock system to ensure the blower tubes are properly secured. Moreover, if you wish to prevent the air intake from sucking up your loose clothing and eventually blocking the flow of air, Shindaiwa used a double-grid design to reduce clogging in the blower.


Furthermore, the tool has a sturdy build for durability but is also lightweight and well-balanced. In short, you would not be exposed to the risk of hearing damage because it operates with a noise rating of 70 decibels.


The Shindaiwa blower parts combine to give you the best quality and modern ingenuity. With an EB252 in hand, its easy starting mechanism, and seamless acceleration, you can confidently tackle any task nature throws at you with significantly reduced efforts like a pro. You can handle whatever job nature throws you when you choose to go with this blower.

This unit is lightweight, easy to handle, and has a great fuel economy with low engine noise during operation, making it perfect for light cleanups around the home and professional cleanups on medium to large-sized landscapes. With its lightweight and ergonomic features, substantial air output, and powerful engine, the EB252 is undoubtedly one of the best gas handheld leaf blowers set for domestic and commercial use. 

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