Shindaiwa EB262 is the tool you need if you get up early to go admire your beautiful lawn, and it’s covered in leaves and debris! Then you think about busting out the old leaf blower from the shed and waiting an eternity for it to start up so you can haul around a heavy old machine that can barely produce enough air to budge the leaves let alone blow them away.

Extraordinary Blower Shindaiwa EB262

However, the Shindaiwa EB262 is here to answer your call! In this review we cover everything from benefits to features and more about the blower, so make sure to stick around to learn about the device that’s about to make your life just a little bit easier. 

Pros  Cons 
Cruise control and lock system for the convenience of the user  A machine weight of 9.8 lbs – might be heavy for some 
Easy to start up the engine Lacks vacuuming capability 
Quiet performance of 70 dB noise rating 

Blower Highlights 

This handheld blower offers the user many great features and conveniences. It has a beast of an engine that takes care of any task with ease and grace. Some other fascinating features and technical information of the EB262 include:

  • Engine displacement of 25.4 ccs
  • Weight of 9.8 lbs
  • Fuel capacity of 20.3 fluid ounces 
  • Force of 15.8 N produced at nozzle 
  • Noise rating of 70 dB
  • An air volume of 456 CFM at the round pipe nozzle 
  • An air speed of 172 mph expelled out of the round pipe nozzle
  • An air volume capacity of 428 mph at the flared pipe nozzle 
  • An air speed of 180 mph expelled out of the flared pipe nozzle 
  • Variable cruise control 

Shindaiwa EB262 Product Review

Shindaiwa EB262 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Air flow:
Number of functions
Cruise control and lock system for the convenience of the user
Easy to start up the engine
Quiet performance of 70 dB noise rating
A machine weight of 9.8 lbs – might be heavy for some
Lacks vacuuming capability

Alright, let’s get to the crux of this review: why you should get the EB262 and why it is the perfect option for you. The reasons why this blower is one of a kind are plenty and it’s hard to believe such an ideal blower exists. We’re sure you’re skeptical but worry not as we are here to clear all your doubts. 

To start with, we are sure you will adore this leaf blower and not want any other. It gives you everything you want out of a pack blower and way more! With its powerful professional-grade engine that blasts away all the built-up leaves and debris in minutes, you don’t have to laboriously slave away on the lawn for hours. 

The engine produces an air speed of 172 mph with the round pipe and 180 mph with the flared one, giving you options to control and adjust the speed of the air expelled. So you can pick the best-suited speed depending on the nature of your task.

Moreover, the EB262 features a rotational control design which ensures that the blower does not rotate towards your body while in use and collide with the user’s leg. This makes the device safer to use and you no longer have to worry about any possible injury while you are out cleaning up. 

Not only is the engine full of power, but it is also easy to start, which is an added benefit! After all, who wants to spend hours trying to get the machine up and running so that you can begin cleaning up your lawn? Well, this won’t be a problem with the EB262 and its effortless easy start system. 

Another thing worth considering is that the engine is gas-powered rather than electric. This means you can run the blower for longer periods without having to worry about the battery power running out, making the whole operation easier as now you do not have to run midway to charge your blower or replace its battery. 

If you’ve been around in the leaf blower industry then you’ve most certainly heard of Shindaiwa. It is one of the most recognized and well-respected lead blower manufacturers out there. Therefore, it is a safe bet to trust the EB262 with your investment, which houses one of the most powerful Shindaiwa engines ever created!

How Has This Blower Evolved? 

Well, the EB262 has evolved in a bunch of ways to always stay up to date. Shindaiwa has developed EB262 to keep up with the wants and demands of the buyers and make additional improvements wherever possible. This means not only does the EB262 keep ahead of its competitors but also itself and its other models in the Shindaiwa leaf blowers line up.

Shindaiwa is home to some of the most infamous lawn tools, including Shindaiwa trimmers and blowers, in the world. Its most famous products include the Shindaiwa EB600RT, the Shindaiwa C328000150, the Shindaiwa EB770, the Shindaiwa T3000 and the Shindaiwa EB633RT.

One of the best ways to see how far the EB262 has come is to compare it with other versions of Shindaiwa blowers or read other reviews, including the Shindaiwa EB630 review. But now, let us compare it with the EB770. 

To start, the EB770 is a backpack blower, whereas the EB262 is a handheld blower, which means that the EB262 is a smaller, less bulky device. The EB770 has a machine weight of 24.3 lbs, whereas the EB262 is only 9.8 lbs, so it’s much easier to carry around. 

But the EB770 does have a stronger engine, so it comes down to considering whether you’d like a stronger engine or a lighter machine that you can use for longer periods without tiring. 

Additionally, the EB262 is the quieter of the two at 70 dB, whereas the EB770 has a noise rating of 74 dB. The difference is not so marginal but worth considering, as, with a quieter machine, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. 


Features Breakdown 

– Pleated Paper Filter 

The filter inside the pipe before the EB262 engine protects it from being clogged up by large dust or debris. This promotes engine longevity so that your machine runs for a long, long time without any issues. 

– Exceptional High Standard Two-stroke Engine 

The powerful engine produces a displacement of 25.4 ccs. This creates such powerful blasts that all the debris and piled leaves are blasted away in an instant, making your task easy peasy and also less time-consuming. 

– A Secondary Handle 

The additional handle on this blower makes it easier to maneuver the machine. It also adds to the comfortability of holding it while you tirelessly work in your yard. 

– Cruise Control

The adjustable cruise control allows you to lock in the throttle at various settings. So you can now set the speed of the air expelled out and give your hands a break as you don’t have to continuously change or hold down the button to prevent it from altering the airspeed. 

– Chrome-plated Cylinder 

The chrome plating around the engine protects it from corrosion and rust. Therefore, it increases the life of the engine and ensures you get your money’s worth for the EB262. 

– Shoulder Harness Attachment

The blower supports a shoulder strap attachment which can be bought separately to improve the comfort and support when holding the blower, ensuring you don’t tire your shoulders while working in your yard. 



Alright, to bring this review to a close, we’d like to say that we recommend the EB262 to those of you who need an economical leaf blower to take care of your lawn without any hassle – this humble device will amaze you with its power and design, making it worth every penny. 

So by now, I’m sure you can see why the EB262 is a favorite for so many and why it’s constantly recommended as an amazing budget-friendly option. If you need more information about the Shindaiwa distributor’s sales or the buying process, make sure to head over to the official Shindaiwa website. Best of luck with your leaf blower search! 

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