Shindaiwa EB600RT is a powerful and highly durable blower that is perfect for clearing away piles of leaves from driveways, sidewalks, porches, yards, and patios. It is extremely user-friendly and offers many amazing technical specifications that make it stand out.

Shindaiwa EB600RT Favorite Backpack Blower

So if you’re looking for an amazing quality leaf blower that will completely change your yard into a flawless and pristine space, then the EB600RT might just be the answer for you.

Keep on reading as we dive into all that you would want to know about the EB600RT below. 

Pros  Cons 
Easy to maneuver due to backpack design  Relatively heavy (22.7 lbs) 
Quiet performance of 70 dB Doesn’t have a vacuuming option 
High fuel tank capacity of 62 fluid ounces – can run for longer periods

Essential Product Highlights 

Like many of the other Shindaiwa blowers, the EB600RT offers so many positive and exceptional features, making it hard to count and list them down. But here are some of the top ones to better help you understand the scope of capabilities this blower offers

  • Engine displacement of 58.2 ccs
  • Machine weight of 22.7 lbs
  • Fuel gauge capacity of 62 fluid ounces 
  • Noise rating of 70 dB
  • Air volume of 517 CFM at round pipe air nozzle
  • High air speed of 216 mph
  • Padded backrest and comfortable shoulder straps 
  • Tube mounted throttle 
  • Vented back pad 
  • Leaf guard included 
  • Pleated automotive-style filters

Shindaiwa EB600RT Review

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Shindaiwa EB600RT Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Easy to maneuver due to backpack design
Quiet performance of 70 dB
High fuel tank capacity of 62 fluid ounces – can run for longer periods
Relatively heavy (22.7 lbs)
Doesn’t have a vacuuming option

When it comes to yard tools, including blowers and hedge trimmers, the EB600RT is in a class of its own. It truly shines in a way that makes it stand out above the rest. This exceptional and robust leaf blower provides you with all the features and specifications you could ever want, delivering on every aspect to the best standards. 

Its powerful engine makes it a great fit for everyone, from regular consumers to industrial use professionals, as it can handle light and heavy-duty cleanups like a breeze. It offers a superior performance that can handle both large open spaces and closed-off tight areas in a matter of minutes, making it incredibly efficient.

Also, have you ever heard of a blower with an air filtration system? Yes, you heard that right! The EB600RT comes with a high-quality in-built air filtration system that has an integral durable mesh that ensures that no debris or small pieces of twigs and rocks can reach and damage the blower’s engine! This acts as a stamp on your blower’s durability!

Additionally, its backpack design with a padded backrest and durable shoulder straps make the whole operation a lot easier on your body. Say goodbye to user fatigue and bone and joint stress with the EB600RT, as it makes sure your safety and comfort are always first. 

Also, as this is a gas-powered blower, it is way more reliable. Now you don’t have to worry about how long the battery of your blower will last, and whether it will last long enough for you to clear your entire lawn or not!

The tube-mounted throttle system lets you control the engine’s power output and regulate the blower’s fuel consumption so that it can run for prolonged periods for as long as you need. By letting you set it at a lower air speed, you can save fuel as the engine won’t consume as much fuel when set at higher air speeds when it is not required. 

Shindaiwa is no new name in the leaf blower industry, as they’ve been around for a while, constantly putting out amazing blowers. Being one of the most comprehensive and best manufacturers in the blower industry, Shindaiwa has earned its badges with its reliable and powerful products. You have little to fret over when considering if it’s worth your investment, because yes, it most certainly is. 

How Has This Product Evolved? 

The Shindaiwa EB600RT has evolved in various ways to keep up with the recent trends and wants of consumers. This professional-grade backpack blower offers an up-to-date range of features that will surely blow your socks off! 

The EB600RT has evolved in so many ways that it can get a little confusing to keep track, so to make things easier, let’s compare it with a few others from the Shindaiwa blowers lineup. The Shindaiwa has produced various popular models of backpacks and regular handheld blowers, such as the Shindaiwa EB633RT, Shindaiwa EB770, Shindaiwa C328000150, and Shindaiwa EB252. The most common of these comparisons is the EB600RT vs the EB633RT. So to start, let’s take a look at each model and what it has to offer. 

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Regarding engine displacement, the EB633RT has a slightly higher displacement of 63.3 ccs whereas the EB600RT has a displacement of 58.2 ccs. In terms of wind speed, both the machines are pretty closely matched, with EB633RT producing 233 mph and EB600RT producing 213 mph. 

But if you’re more concerned with machine weight and noise ratings, the EB600RT is a better fit for you with a quieter noise rating of 70 dB vs the EB633RT’s 74 dB. It is also the lighter option at 22.7 lbs whereas the EB633RT is 26.2 lbs. 

Now, how about the EB600RT vs the EB770? Well, in terms of engine powers, both of them are pretty close, with EB600RT having a 58.2 displacement and producing a wind speed of 223 mph and the EB770 with a 63.6 engine displacement and 234 maximum wind speed. In terms of noise rating again, the EB600RT offers a quieter performance of 70 dB compared to EB770’s 74 dB.


Features Breakdown 

– Padded Backrest and Shoulder Straps

The blower’s comfortable backrest is made of a padded material so that your back won’t hurt after you’ve been wearing it for a while. Adding to the comfort are the durable and adjustable shoulder straps that let you hold up the blower without the need of carrying it and risk straining or cramping your arms. This also helps to reduce fatigue as now you can use it for longer without it tiring you out. 

– Tube Mounted Throttle 

The throttle mechanism is attached to the tube which lets you manage the expelled air to regulate it to your needs. This makes the task more time efficient because you can set whatever pace you need for your desired task. 

According to Shindaiwa leaf blower reviews, it is also power saving as you wouldn’t need to waste large amounts of fuel on smaller tasks, as the throttle allows you to control the engine’s fuel consumption by adjusting the speed of the blower.

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– Air Filtration System

The blower comes with several Shindaiwa EB600RT parts, such as the heavy duty air filter. Being an advanced filtering system, the mesh of the filter protects the engine from getting clogged or jammed by not letting any larger pieces of debris pass, protecting the engine so it stays functional for a long time.

– Professional Grade Two-stroke Engine 

The EB600RT has an extremely herculean engine with a displacement of 58.2 ccs, that runs for long periods and produces wind speeds of 213 mph. This is more than ample amount for any clean up, whether that be a light daily maintenance or a full heavy industrial duty clean up. It’s got you covered in both cases!



To bring this review to an end, we would like to declare the EB600RT as our top recommendation for everyone, because we believe it is the best option for anyone looking for a mad beast of a blower, with the guarantee that it does not disappoint. However, make sure you check out the Shindaiwa website for any further information and ongoing sales – who knows, you might be able to bag a steal deal on it!

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