Shindaiwa EB633RT is the only tool you need to maintain your yard flawlessly! This exceptional piece of equipment is going to become the answer to all your lawn maintenance problems!

All You Need to Know about Shindaiwa EB633RT

In this review, we go into great depth into all of its specifications, advantages, and even possible drawbacks, all to help you decide whether this spectacular tool is worthy of your investment, as we believe it surely is.

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Pros  Cons 
Portable – can easily be carried around  Relatively heavyweight (26.2 lbs) 
Cruise control for comfortable operation  Does not have an anti-vibration system – can lead to strain on joints after prolonged use
High fuel capacity of 67.6 fl. oz
Durable design – can withstand even the roughest of terrain and use

Blower Highlights 

This masterfully crafted blower has so many wonderful features, it makes it hard to know exactly where to begin. Let us start by going over some of its technical specifications, which include:

  • Displacement of 63.3 ccs
  • Powerful professional-grade, two-stroke engine 
  • Machine weight of 26.2 lbs
  • Fuel gauge capacity of 67.6 fluid ounces 
  • Quiet noise rating of 74 db
  • Round pipe nozzle capable of producing max air speed of 233 mph 
  • Round pipe nozzle has a max air volume capacity of 651 cfm
  • Grouped controls including cruise control options 
  • Five-year consumer and two-year commercial warranty

Shindaiwa EB633RT Review

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Shindaiwa EB633RT Key Criteria
Number of air flow settings
Air flow
Number of functions
Portable – can easily be carried around
Cruise control for comfortable operation
High fuel capacity of 67.6 fl. oz
Durable design – can withstand even the roughest of terrain and use
Relatively heavyweight (26.2 lbs)
Does not have an anti-vibration system – can lead to strain on joints after prolonged use

In a lot of Shindaiwa leaf blower reviews, you see a lot of praise for the Shindaiwa brand and it is well-deserved. Although you can most certainly go beyond Shindaiwa when it comes to blowers. However, the EB633RT leaves you so satisfied that you would not even consider another option. 

It gives you everything you could ever need from a blower. From its backpack wearable design, which offers easy hands-free maneuvering, to its cruise control options that put your comfortability first, you’ve got all the best features! 

The excellent cruise control lets you set a certain pace for the machine to operate until you tell it to stop, making it much easier to use and move around as compared to traditional blowers. Additionally, the feature lets you set the exact pace and speed that best fit your task rather than holding down the button for prolonged periods. 

It is worth noting that if you have a yard of considerable size, it is most recommended you choose a blower with a cruise control system, such as the EB633RT. As yard maintenance can be quite a laborious task, and with a cruise control-inclusive option, your cramp-free arms and hands will thank you. 

The extremely powerful engine of 63.3 cc offers sheer horsepower that is perfect for any task from light duty to heavy-duty cleanups, making them quick. The EB633RT is a great blower as it offers such strong force, maximum ease, and comfortability. 

Lawn maintenance suddenly becomes a breeze of a task with the robust engine that produces forceful blasts of air with speeds up to 233 mph and volumes up to 651 CFM, which is already way more than that required for yard cleaning. One last thing you should know about the Shindaiwa leaf blower gas mixture is that the engine is certified to operate on a 40:1 mixture consisting of unleaded gasoline and two-cycle engine mixing oil only. 

How Has This Product Evolved? 

When it comes to staying up to date, no one does it quite like the Shindaiwa EB633RT. Let us tell you, this is a device that knows how to keep it fresh, as this is a blower crafted with all the recent wants and wishes of the buyers in mind. 

Shindaiwa has manufactured many amazing and well-recognized blowers, like the Shindaiwa EB802, the Shindaiwa EB910RT, the Shindaiwa EB600RT, the Shindaiwa EB630 and the Shindaiwa blower EB910, to name a few. It is also constantly working to create better blowers and upgrading its products, ensuring each is reliable, robust, and remarkable. 

First, let us compare EB633RT vs EB600RT, which are probably the two most similar of the bunch. To start with, let’s compare their engine displacements. The EB633RT has a displacement of 63.3 cc which is quite higher than the EB600RT’s displacement of 58.2 ccs. In this way, the EB633RT has evolved to have a better engine than its predecessor.

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Additionally, the fuel gauge capacity has also been increased. While the EB600RT can hold up to 62 fluid ounces, the EB633RT can hold 67.6 fluid ounces, making the EB633RT the blower with greater fuel capacity. 

Lastly, as the engine is more powerful, the EB633RT can also produce greater wind speeds and hold more air volume than the EB600RT. The EB633RT is capable of wind speeds up to 233 mph and a maximum air volume of 651 CFM, while the EB600RT can produce a maximum air speed of 216 mph and a maximum air volume of 517 CFM. 

Now, how about the EB633RT vs the EB910RT? The EB910RT seems to be the stronger powered blower of the two with an engine displacement of 79.9 ccs with a greater fuel capacity of 83.8 fluid ounces. Though it doesn’t produce faster wind speeds than the EB633RT, it is capable of a maximum wind speed of 220 mph.

So at the end of the day, it comes down to weighing your options and seeing what fits you best. Though we think the EB633RT is the most respectable option, it is also the more affordable one. 


Features Breakdown 

– Professional Grade Two-stroke Engine 

The powerful engine with a 63.3 cc displacement can produce air speeds of 233 mph and air volume of 651 CFM. This means that it produces an impactful blast of air at a very high speed that can easily blow away all the built-up debris or piles of leaves, leaving your lawn looking pristine. 

– Cruise Control

The cruise control button allows you to set the airspeed and lock it in so that you do not have to continuously hold down the button. This helps in reducing user fatigue as you are less likely to tire because you don’t have to keep holding onto the button as you maneuver your blower. It also reduces cramping in your hands, making the whole ordeal a much more comfortable operation overall . 

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– Premium Durability Design 

The blower is made from an extensively durable material. So you can use it intensely without any worry that you might damage the device. It surely is a companion that will serve you and your lawn for years without breaking down!

– High Capacity Fuel Tank

The blower has a fuel tank that can hold up to 67.6 fluid ounces of fuel. So now you can use the device for considerable lengths of time without taking several refueling breaks in between. 

– Round Pipe Nozzle

Among the Shindaiwa backpack blower parts is the round pipe nozzle that can hold an air volume of 651 CFM. This lets you direct the air being expelled from the device with precision so that you can get all the hardest-to-get nooks and crannies. 



The EB633RT is a strong contender for one of the most powerful blowers on the market with its impeccable engine power. It stands up to the standard you’d expect from a world-class blower, making it a force to be reckoned with. 

Overall, we recommend this blower to just about everyone out there who is looking for a capable and durable blower, as it can handle anything, from light everyday use to heavy cleanups. Check out the official Shindaiwa website for sales, coupon codes, and more details on placing your order!

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