Shindaiwa EB802 is a blower that understands that an unclean and messy yard can make your life a nightmare.

Product Review of Shindaiwa EB802

If you feel the same way, you must understand the significance of a well-cared-for yard and the effect it has on the overall look of your home, as a clean yard elevates the look of the home ten-fold, making it seem well-kept.

Pros Cons
Lightweight: 25.3 lbs body Vibrations can get annoying 
Low noise of 76 to 101 dB, depending on the distance Doesn’t include a cooling system
Comes with a great 5-year warranty

Product Highlights

Having a blower that comes with various product features makes it a better option than all the rest. Here are the Shindaiwa EB802 specs that make it a worthy choice:

  • 67.6 oz fuel capacity
  • 22.9 lbs body
  • 175 mph average air speed
  • 210 mph maximum air speed
  • 695 cfm maximum air volume in round pipe
  • 618 cfm maximum air volume in turbo pipe
  • 76 dB noise level
  • Emission control system 
  • Flexible tube
  • Cruise control
  • Easy-to-access switch
  • 28 N blowing force

Shindaiwa EB 802 Review

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  • Number of Functions: 8.7/10
  • Weight: 8.1/10
  • Air Flow: 8.3/10
  • Number of Airflow Settings:7.6/10

Shindaiwa is a trustworthy and thoroughly loved brand whose name you will repeatedly hear in the market and always in a good light. They are one of the prominent machine manufacturers and their products won’t ever disappoint you!

Today, we bring you an in-depth review of the EB802 leaf blower that tells you why this is one of the best leaf blowers in town and is the perfect choice for a wide range of tasks! Not only does it come with impressive features, but it is also an effective and durable machine that is the most suitable choice for you and your home as it lasts you a long time!

The Shindaiwa backpack blower further uplifts the reputation of the company by bringing itself as a suitable blower choice for various customers. One use and you’ll be addicted to this swift and powerful device, enough to not want to switch to any other blower anytime soon.

This blower offers many of the key features that are in the customers’ best interest and are specs that many are usually on the lookout for while shopping tools for their yard. One of these product specs, that many users put above all else is the comfort of use. 

This blower comes with two soft harnesses that balance the weight of the blower equally on both your shoulders, making sure that the blower can be held by you without any difficulty and without causing any backaches later.

Another great feature that attracts many users is the emission control system which can be identified by looking for the emission control label on the engine. Through this added system you can keep working this heavy-duty and powerful fuel-based blower without having to feel guilty about the effect on your garden and the environment.

The blower also comes with a large 67.6 oz fuel tank that carries a lot of fuel that lasts you around an hour and a half to two hours of use. So, no matter how long your task is or even if you are going for a short clean-up, you can be assured that this blower is your perfect companion.

With the low noise rating, you can save your ears from any unnecessary noise and annoyance while working for long hours. This is especially a great benefit for those who work at odd hours of the night or in noise-sensitive areas. So, you can clean your yard anywhere and everywhere without any hesitation!

How Has the EB 802 Evolved?

This blower is not only best for domestic purposes, but even if you are a customer who is on the lookout for a more professional device, it is a great choice for you. 

Even when you compare this blower to the other models of this company, you notice that its power and stealth put it above some of them, making it a smart and efficient device that leaves you with no regrets once you buy it.

Shindaiwa Backpack Blower Evolving

When we compare this to another blower, that has a name quite similar to this and has its fair share of fame in the blowing world, the EB802RT, you see how this blower has improved and where it lacks.

Both these blowers weigh the same: 22.9 lbs, so the burden on your back with each of them remains the same and so does the comfort that comes with the soft and sleek design. The EB802 has an amazing air speed of 203 mph which is quite impressive but the EB802RT tops that with a 210 mph airspeed. So the latter is faster at picking up debris. 

The one major difference is that the EB802 is bigger with the dimensions of 12.8” x 18.31” x 21.46” in comparison to the EB802RT with the dimensions of 14.6” x 18” x 5”. If you want to know more, you can request info through the Shindaiwa EB802RT manual.


Features Breakdown

– Emission Control System

A reason why most people tend to opt for battery-powered blowers is that they can keep their precious planet and the garden safe from any harmful leaked gases and substances created by gas-powered blowers. However, you rarely find battery-run devices that are just as powerful as gas-powered ones.

Emission Control System to Shindaiwa Blowers

This is why Shindaiwa is your brand. They have added an emission control system to their blowers that control the number of emissions secreted by the blower and hence keep your yard and the environment safe while making sure that you can work guilt-free.

– Excellent Warranty 

The warranty a company offers is highly important when you purchase a new electrical device. Not only does it give a sense of security to the customer but also shows how much the company trusts its own products’ quality.

The EB 802 comes with an excellent warranty of five years for homeowners and even gives a good two-year warranty to those who use the blower for commercial purposes. 

Moreover, another incredible offer that is shocking for the price range of the blower is the 7-day, money-back guarantee. So now you can buy this blower, test it out for yourself and see if it ticks all the boxes of your requirements.

– Comfortable Use 

The one thing that a backpack blower ensures, no matter what power level it is, is the fact that none of the users would complain about the device being uncomfortable. 

Many Shindaiwa EB802 parts offer comfort, including the padded shoulder harnesses and a comfortable backplate that makes sure that any back pains or aches stay far away from you.

– Low Noise 

Having a device that creates low noise and gives you a peaceful and enjoyable experience is what every user wants. Usually, many gardeners and yard-care experts are deprived of this facility because of loud blowers and other appliances. 

The EB 802 makes sure that you are not one of those neighbors that keeps the rest of the houses alert and annoyed while they get their work done. 

With the 76 dB noise level, your blower will keep the noise down and make sure that you (and your neighbors) remain calm instead of cranky. This is especially great for those who have an odd routine or live in a noise-sensitive area.

– Sleek Design

The design of this gas-powered backpack leaf blower is truly impressive as the manufacturers did a great job at balancing all the features and power into a lightweight body of 22.9 lbs. The back plate and the engine cover make sure that the inside machinery of the blower does not get damaged in even the harshest weather conditions. 

Impressive Design of Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

So even if a rainstorm hits, your blower, once placed under a shed, remains safe and sound. Moreover, the modern sleek design of the blower makes it a perfect addition to any garden as it looks excellent placed under a shed next to your garden or yard.

– Cruise Control 

The cruise control technology is a feature that many customers look for as it allows them to choose different speed settings depending upon the different tasks. The EB 802 comes with a standard throttle lock and even has an easy kill switch.


This allows the user to get their work done efficiently. The time-saving aspect allows the user to get their work done quickly and can help them get that intense cleaning done after a windy day with ease.


We hope that this EB802 blower review helps you see how this model is the perfect choice for various users – and that includes you, too! If you are looking for current promotions on this cordless handheld blower, search for it and you will find one to ease your buying process.

The EB802 handheld blower is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a blower with all the specifications and features necessary to manage a yard nowadays, be it for professional purposes or domestic use. In either case, the EB802 is your perfect companion!

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