Shindaiwa EB802RT is an amazing leaf blower and another great product out of the many from the Shindaiwa company; it is one of the consistent competitors in the premium leaf blower market.

Shindaiwa EB802RT Review

If you’re finding it difficult to select a blower for your yard maintenance needs, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the EB802RT tool, so that you can at least eliminate it from your list or decide if it’ll be a great option for you.

Without wasting much time, let’s get right into it.

Pros Cons
Easy to use It doesn’t include an active cooling system 
Lightweight Strong vibration
Easily accessible controls
Stands to keep it upright on ground

Shindaiwa EB802RT Highlights

The product features or product specs on this industrial-grade blower are slightly underwhelming when compared to other similar products from other manufacturers.

Although it is lightweight, performs well, and is easy to use and navigate, it would be better suited for homeowners that are interested in “a little extra” from their yard maintenance equipment than working professionals.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong two-cycle engine
  • High airspeed
  • Relatively low noise level
  • Comfortable backpack 
  • Adjustable straps
  • Chrome coated cylinder
  • Excellent cruise control 
  • Easy-to-access controls
  • Great Warranty plan

Shindaiwa 802RT Review

Shindaiwa EB802RT Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Easy to use
Easily accessible controls
Stands to keep it upright on ground
It doesn’t include an active cooling system
Strong vibration

We’ve considered and reviewed four major criteria for this blowing equipment, and overall, it did not disappoint. The equipment does not have multiple functions, but it performs its major function well. It weighs 24.9 lbs; for a leaf blower with a powerful engine, that’s very light. Especially since this is a backpack blower, which will sit very comfortably around your back.

Even if fuel is added to the mix, the weight difference will not be so much. Additionally, we considered its airflow and found it to be around 695 CFM, which is relatively high and will give a good blowing performance. This means that, with all ease, you can manage to cover a big space in an effective way.

We also considered the number of airflow settings the Shindaiwa 802RT equipment has. It’s great because it enables users to adjust the airflow settings to the size of the job they have to do. Overall, this machine is fast, easy to operate, and easy to carry. It has a back harness, which is very useful for carrying it around, especially for older users.

The main people that will benefit from this machine are homeowners that just need a little extra power. Hired professionals like landscapers will be better off with something stronger like the Stihl backpack blower.

One major difference between the Shindaiwa 802RT blower and many other blowers in its category and price range is that the Shindaiwa 802RT blower uses a tube throttle, while most other blowers possess a hip throttle.

What Has the Shindaiwa 802RT Evolved?

The Shindaiwa EB802RT has evolved by having a bigger working engine than the EB770RT model. To elaborate further, the EB802RT has an engine of 79.2 cc, as for the EB770RT has 63.3 cc. This means that the engine has more power, and it will be further durable. 

This model of the Shindaiwa machine is more durable and reliable, in short, as many users have observed and mentioned that it is long-lasting, and serves its purpose for a long time if it is properly taken care of and maintained. 

Some have even claimed that it is more practical than the other models too, because this one can be used for a while without any issues. The machine doesn’t seem to have any longevity issues. 

Additionally, the manufacturers paid closer attention to the finishing touches and details of the Shindaiwa 802RT blower, as it has coatings on its engine that also helps with durability and longevity.


Shindaiwa EB802RT Features Breakdown

– Lightweight

For any handheld or backpack equipment, weight is important. It generally determines the ease of use and how comfortable the machine will be. Shindaiwa blowers are mostly lightweight, with this product weighing only 24.9 lb, which makes it comfortable to carry around. 

The lightweight of this yard tool will help homeowners complete tasks very fast. Although you would consider it to be a load to carry, however, remember that you are going to carry it with your shoulder muscles rather than lifting it with your arm muscles. This would make it much safer to use, and more compact. A newer model is also available, which is also very lightweight, the Shindaiwa EB810RT

– Strong Two-cycle Engine

A 2-cycle engine, also known as a two-stroke engine is a powerful engine, and the Shindaiwa blowing tool is equipped with one. Although it doesn’t compare to the engines of other blowers in the same level and category, it is still very powerful and useful for heavy-duty work. 

Moreover, it has an engine displacement of 79.2cc, higher than some other engines, but lower than most. The engine’s displacement determines how much air-fuel mix it can move, potentially increasing its ability to produce more power. 

What you must know is that while the power this machine produces is slightly underwhelming compared to other products, it produces enough power to do heavy-duty work and some light yard work. On this notion, as the power is high, the machine will produce some noise and vibration. 

– Relatively Low Noise Level

Known for its relatively low noise level, the EB802RT blower is one of the least noisy blowing equipment available for sale on the market. Its rating of 76db is lesser than the typical 80db of regular traffic noise.

Relatively Low Noise Level

This means that while the machine makes noise, it is bearable. However, it is advisable to wear hearing protection while operating the blowing machine. It will be great to get extra accessories during the buying process if you eventually decide on this mower.

– Comfortable Backpack and Adjustable Straps

For ease of use, the Shindaiwa 802RT comes equipped with a backpack, which makes it easy for users to carry the machine around. It also helps to properly distribute the weight of the machine. When the straps get adjusted to your liking, the company is helping you, in this case and making the manner more suitable, if you are taking care of a big task or even a small one. 

Also, the backpack is padded, for extra comfort-no one wants anything poking them in the back while working. The straps help to secure the equipment and keep it in place for easy maneuvering and operation. They can be adjusted to fit the user’s build and size, so individuals with various builds and sizes can use them. 

While most other blowers in the same category and price range as the Shindaiwa 802RT have cooling vents attached to the back, this model of blower lack any cooling feature, which can make prolonged use uncomfortable.

However, with this version, the firm building it has an eye for detail, that they took the comfort of the worker, whether for a small time or covering a big yard on a longer scale of time, into consideration. 

– Chrome Coated Cylinder

The gas cylinder of the Shindaiwa 802RT machine is chrome plated. This improves the durability and longevity of the machine, and that is why you will hear many users say that they’ve been using theirs for a very long time. 

Apart from a few shortcomings, the Shindaiwa EB802RT parts are built to last, which means it you work in the cold or under the sun, the frame or the back cover will be taken into consideration that it will not be harmed.

You can find all the information on how to maintain, assemble and dismantle all the parts of the equipment in the Shindaiwa EB802RT manual.

– Excellent Cruise Control

The cruise control feature is a nice addition for Prolonged hours of work. Being able to switch easily between speeds while working is great. The type of cruise control feature the Shindaiwa 802RT possesses is the throttle lock, which is the most basic type. 

Additionally, the machine features a kill switch that is simple to use, allowing users to turn it off quickly, when necessary. The cruise control feature also encourages easy use and maneuvering.

The reason you should know about this regards the pace that you should be working in, you can have your preferred pace of work, and the job will be done within your freedom, as the machine won’t limit your work. 

– Great Warranty Plan

The Shindaiwa 802RT has a fantastic warranty plan for homeowners and professionals that use it for commercial purposes. While both plans are different, each group of individuals gets a great deal.

On one hand, if homeowners purchase it for residential use, there’s a five-year warranty on the machine for them. On the other hand, commercial users get a two-year warranty on the machine, which is reasonable enough and more than most other warranty structures give. 

Additionally, the manufacturer has a money-back guarantee which lasts for seven days and is more than what any other blower manufacturer will give for blowers within the same price range. The only thing is that the guarantee cannot be transferred to a subsequent buyer, which is only reasonable.

Overall, this proves how much the company gives value to the end user, which are their clients, and how much they support their product as well, that they have guaranteed a perfect result. This makes you, the purchaser, feel safe and secure, because they are confirming that their product will be perfectly well and functional even after a long period of time and use. 



Although the Shindaiwa 802RT blowing machine is not the best in the market, it is still a great and powerful yard equipment. Despite having lesser power and being slightly more stressful on users than other similar brands, it will function well in commercial and home applications, because of its extended lifespan and dependable performance. 

The fact that its specifications aren’t as great as some competitor blower specifications doesn’t mean that it is a subpar option. In fact, the market competition is very fierce, and as a result, the performance gaps between products can be so small that the little differences can be overlooked.

Overall, this blower will serve well for several years, because of the powerful engine that it has built, and the cover that is built to excellence. You can also check our review of the “basic” model, the Shindaiwa EB802.

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