Shindaiwa EB810RT is the leaf blower you should seriously consider. With all its amazing specifications, which we will discuss in this article, it is a handy tool to have as a landscaper, gardener, or homeowner.

Shindaiwa EB810RT leaf blower for sale

Although it has a few dismissive drawbacks, it is still one of the best tools for blowing leaves and other debris out there.

Read along to learn more about how this machine works, its highlights, and possibly decide if it’s the right choice for you. 

Pros Cons
Powerful Consumes high amounts of fuel
Anti-vibration  Very Noisy
Easy to use

Shindaiwa EB810RT Highlights

Now, when you talk “powerful”, this machine is it- with other astounding features to go with it, the manufacturers of this product did not miss! It is simply one of the best leaf blowers on the market, contending with many other similar brands.

  • Improved 79.9-cc engine
  • Large Tubes
  • Easy to use
  • Low vibration technology
  • Lightweight carbon framework
  • A double-duty filter system
  • Large fuel tank
  • Comfortable backpack straps
  • Vents at the back

Shindaiwa EB810RT Review

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Shindaiwa EB810RT Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air Flow
Number of airflow settings
Easy to use
Consumes high amounts of fuel
Very Noisy

The Shindaiwa EB810RT leaf blower was created for leaf-blowing purposes. However, because of how powerful the blowing strength is, it can be used to get rid of other materials and debris as well. It can also be used for all types of work, because it has a different power range, no matter the range of the yard. 

On the other hand, you should also note that in the product description, manufacturers highlighted that the backpack blower is relatively lighter than most other similar products, having a dry weight of 28.8 pounds, because of its carbon framework. 

This provides comfort for users and makes the machine easier to handle. Although it is one that is fair in its weight, but don’t forget that it is very well equipped, and you will be carrying it on your back, and it will 

Additionally, because of its powerful engine, it has an astoundingly high airflow of up to 1819 cubic meter per hour, which can be adjusted based on users’ needs. All in all, the shindaiwa eb810rt blower is durable and especially useful in commercial settings. With this machine, commercial landscapers can clear out large areas in no time because of its wide tube and high blowing force.

It has a modern design with practical features, like its see-through fuel tank, which makes sense because you can easily tell when the fuel content is low. This blower stands out from other similar products for its overall strength, durability, and ease of use.

How Has the Shindaiwa EB810RT Evolved?

The Shindaiwa EB810RT has evolved from its previous model the EB600RT, by having a better engine capacity, which is 79.9 cc, rather than 58.2 cc. Additionally, it has a greater area coverage, from 1071 CFM, than 517 CFM, meaning capable to cover more grounds. 

The Shindaiwa group is known for manufacturing several yard tools, and the 810rt blower is one of them. This leaf-blowing machine is different from other products from the same manufacturer. Although it’s slightly behind the Shindaiwa eb910rt in terms of power, it’s still a great product from the Shindaiwa company, however, this version is the updated version, but in terms of being more advanced from its older version, the job has been seen in a clear manner. 

Most importantly, it’s a step up from the previous models because it packs more power and has a different modern design. On another note, several of the Shindaiwa eb810 parts have been upgraded to allow ease of use. Also, many customer reviews have pointed out that the product is more lightweight than previous models, which makes using it more comfortable for operators.


Features Breakdown

– Improved 79.9cc Engine

If you need power, this machine has more than enough of it, making it suitable for commercial jobs where productivity is important. The engine being big, shows that the machine, itself, runs on a powerful manner, where it is not running as an average machine, on the contrary, it is capable to work on different grounds, from small yards to bigger ones.

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With an airflow of 1819 cubic meters per hour, an airspeed of 94.5 meters per second, and a blowing force of 44.4 N, this machine is wonderfully packed for blowing more than leaves.

In other words, this machine is the key variable that distinguishes from one appliance to the other, because it is the one responsible to cover the work.

It’s a favorite among yard workers and commercial landscapers just for this reason. Also, because of its air speed/ volume settings, regular homeowners, and paid landscapers won’t have a problem switching from light work mode to intense work mode. 

– Large Tubes

For any backpack or handheld blower, the blowing tube is an important feature, and its size will determine its functionality. The EB810RT blower has a wider tube than most other commercial blowers, with a diameter of 3.6 inches wide enough for the large air volume and speed it produces. 

It also has a protective ring at the end to prevent it from wear and tear over time. This would signify how the manufacturing company has thought it though and made this adjustment significant for you, and the proper use of it. 

– Low Vibration Technology

For older individuals, the vibrations from fuel-powered engines can become draining or exhausting during long use. With this leaf blower, vibrations have been greatly reduced by a five-spring dampening system, which encourages comfortable use over an extended period. 

While the vibrations will still be there, they will not be as noticeable, and will not cause as much discomfort. So, professionals, as well as home gardeners can use the machine with ease for long stretches.

When a leaf blower has anti-vibration tech, it simply shows how they have worked to perfect their machine, and to give you the utmost comfort and to ensure that you don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day. 

– Carbon Fiber Framework

The carbon framework of the EB810RT blower is an important mention because it makes the net weight of the machine relatively light. With the engine and all the other features that make up this powerful blower, it is lightweight, only weighing about 28.8 pounds, which makes it easy to carry about for extended periods. 

Also, since it’s lightweight, individuals of different sizes and builds can use it for yard work. However, don’t forget that you are carrying it on your back, and not lifting it with one hand. 

– A Double Duty Filter System

An impressive feature of the EB810rt is its double-duty filter system. The machine has an air filter that processes air in two stages, to protect the engine from particles that can cause damage. 

The air filter does exactly what its name implies-it filters the air, this is one that contains dust and other particles that the machine drags up, especially under harsh or dusty conditions, before it gets to vital parts. The filter system is great because, you can access it without tools, which makes maintenance generally easier. 

On the other hand, this is also a great feature which is one that will keep the durability of the machine run longer and more efficient, as the filtration system is an advanced one. 

– Large Fuel Tank

Although this machine consumes a lot of fuel, its large fuel tank more than makes up for it. It can hold upwards of two liters of fuel, and this is a feature that indicates how further running time for users, especially for individuals doing commercial-grade work. 

More than that, it is easily accessible, but also safe enough to ensure there’s no fuel spillage. One cool feature of the fuel tank is that is transparent, so you’ll always know when your tank is full, nearly empty or when you’ve completely run out of gas. It doesn’t get you to a hectic situation, on the contrary, you will be able to see the fuel levels, and to see how much it can function and last with the amount left. 

– Comfortable Backpack Straps

What’s a backpack blower without its straps? A terrible product, that’s what. Most of the Shindaiwa leaf blower reviews you’ll see out there will indicate that’s not the case with this great blower. It has comfortable straps and a wide cushioned backrest for easy carriage and comfort during extended use. 

Although the machine is lightweight, the straps make it easier to carry around for extended periods. You can complete tasks more quickly with one of the best blowers in the world strapped comfortably onto your back, which shows how you would be able to work without having a sore back after you are done with this task.

– Vents at the Back

Another nice feature that shows the intentionality of the manufacturers with this machine is the back vents. With the heat of the machine and the heat that will be generated from the backrest being in contact with the user’s back, it can get uncomfortable over time. 

However, the air vents or fans at the back of the carrier will spread air constantly on your back and keep you cool while you’re working. Also, it’s great because this feature can be controlled, which means that the power house of the machine won’t get heated up, and subjected to different types of issues, as it has an emission aspect placed.

 So during winter, when you don’t need that extra cooling effect, you can turn them off, and during summer when it becomes too hot, you can use the vents again.



As far as leaf blowers go, the Shindaiwa EB810RT tool is one of the best- it is a powerful beast that is great for both commercial and small-scale landscaping.

If what you’re going for is powerful, reliable, comfortable, and durable, this machine is your best bet, and you should seriously consider it. If you’re thinking about cost, you’ll definitely see cheaper options, like the Shindaiwa eb500 price. 

If you’re looking for a Shindaiwa leaf blower for sale, you can check hardware stores, gardening tools, and maintenance stores. You can also get them from online stores, or shop directly from their parent site- who knows, you can be lucky enough to catch them when they’re doing a sale. One great alternative is the Shindaiwa EB802RT model. It might be older but it is powerful!

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