Side yard landscaping ideas are important; even though it’s small and hidden from the main view, putting some effort into them can transform them into something worthwhile.

New Cedar Wood Fence around house side yard landscapingAre you looking for a way to make your garden magical but want to think of something unique and out of the box?

We have short-listed the following sideyard and backyard landscaping ideas as they’re easy, convenient, and memorable, so if you’re looking for something like that, keep reading!

List of the Best Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Here’s our handpicked list of the 18 best side yard landscaping ideas:

– A Hanging Flower Ceiling

1. A Hanging Flower CeilingA hanging flower ceiling can transform your sideyard from a useless area into a shady and breezy walking area, where you can hang vines or flowers on the roof and transform it into an aesthetic spot. Or you can place a table underneath the top and turn the space into an intimate dining area or a cute little seating with outdoor living space.

A few comfy chairs underneath the roof could create a relaxing and calming place, where you can choose flowers and vines based on what you want to use in the area. Red flower vines can be perfect for a date-night site, while purple flower vines would be a great look for a family brunch. The choice is yours.

– All About Symmetry

You can give your sideyard a symmetrical and formal look by keeping the hedges manicured, adding flat or square stepping stones, and combining them all with retaining walls. If you don’t want it to be as formal, you can also add a row of flowers. 

This look is all about symmetry, so whatever you add must be tied in with the theme. Ideally, you should stick with neutral colors. For a pop of color, one or two shades of a single color are enough. Also, try to keep the stones and fences of the same colors. And if you want some flowers, white ones are the best.

– Hardscaping

2. HardscapingYou can go with something either architectural or modern for your side yard, as the choice is yours. Anything from square stepping stones to crisp stone planters can give you a modern and elegant look. Since this geometrical and balanced vibe is trendy at the moment, you can also add some manicured hedges to complete the look.

– Simple and Green

3. Simple and Green sideyardThis design is best if you have a tiny yard. Extravagant ideas don’t do well in mini yards, so it is best to just stick with the basics.

All you need to step up your yard game is greenery, a few stepping stones, tall hedges, a carpet of clovers as ground cover, and maybe some elevated vines. Also, remember that for this design, flowers are a big no, as they’ll make the design feel chaotic, so just sticking with greenery is great. 

– Water Garden Pathway

4. Water Garden PathwayIn a life full of hustle and bustle, you can turn your side yard into a place that calms you on the busiest of days. A Buddhist-inspired water pathway will do that for you.

You can also add pavers that rise out of a shallow pool of water to create a natural, relaxing feel, while thick and tropical greenery will add to the whole quiet and secluded vibe.

This landscaping idea might be a little too much work if you require something easy. It’s a little over-the-top, but it’s extremely trendy and sophisticated and you’ll end up having something unique. So overall, it is worth all the effort!

– Tropical Sideyard

5. Tropical SideyardIf you live in an area with a hot climate, a tropical sideyard is ideal. You can fill your yard by putting green tropical plants and bamboo trees, along with large, grey stepping stones surrounded by a carpet of grass, that will turn your side yard into a thrilling and adventurous space. Your guest will love to explore the area and walking through the yard will cool you down too.

– A Step Into a Forest

6. A Step Into a Forest

A forest-themed side yard will blend in beautifully with your garden, as when you step into the side yard, a feeling of delight and discovery will take over your mind, and it’ll feel like walking into a forest.

Plus, this idea is just as easy to accomplish as it is clever. Heavy plants with thick leaves and rustic stepping stones will do the trick.

The maintenance can be tricky, but keep in mind that even though you’re going for a wild look, you still have to ensure everything is contained and put together.

– Hidden Mini Garden

7. Hidden Mini GardenIs your sideyard sandwiched between two tall buildings? If so, it might feel dull and hard to decorate. But a small mini vertical garden can be a great design.

All you need to do is to add plants at the edges of the pathway. You can go with all green or colorful, as any color scheme can be chosen depending upon your choice.

Keep in mind to just fill the whole yard, except for the pathway, with plants. A brick pathway in the middle will be a perfect addition, as it will brighten up your space.


– Mini Zen Garden

8. Mini Zen GardenThis garden design is simple and relaxing, as all it features is pebbles along the pathway with rectangular stepping stones, a flower bed on the edge that would light up your outdoor space, or even some potted plants or a water feature like a small fountain in the corner. It is the perfect definition of simple yet effective!

– Hidden Sitting Area

9. Hidden Sitting AreaThis idea is great if you host guests regularly and have a large side yard. Fill the side yard with plants and at the end of the side yard place a seating arrangement.

A table with four chairs will be ideal for an intimate gathering. You can also add fairy lights and a small fountain to make the area feel magical.

Also, choose whatever plants you feel like, such as luscious green plants or beautiful colorful flowers. But pick a theme before starting, as you don’t want the space to feel chaotic and under planned.

Pink and purple flowers will look great, as with this addition, the place can also double as a perfect date night spot.

– A Simple Country Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Remember Miss Honey’s cottage from Matilda? That’s the vibe we’re going for. If you have a smaller side yard and all the other ideas feel a little over the top, this might be the one for you, as it’s simple yet lively.

A country garden approach is all about giving your sidewalk a wild look. Broken planters and uneven stepping stones will tie the whole look together and you can also add bushy, wild-looking flowers with pastel colors to give it the country vibe. However, don’t stick with a single color scheme and be creative instead.

You can even add some vegetable plants and turn your space into a small vegetable garden. How cottage core of you, right?

– Neat and Green

10. Neat and GreenThis look is all about dense greenery and manicured path. Very English, right? Add luscious, bushy, deep green plants along with a raised bed of pebbles and large stones to give the old-school English vibe. Some more elements you can play with are a crisp brick walkway, wooden doors, wooden paneling, pebbles, mini metallic fences, beige planters, etc.

– Bamboo Japanese Sideyard

Many people look at a dark and narrow sideyard as a disadvantage. But you can use this to your advantage, as this side yard will be perfect to create a Japanese-inspired pathway by adding bamboo plants and tall trees.

– A Fairytale Garden

11. A Fairytale GardenImagine this sideyard to be something out of a Disney movie. The cottage Aurora lived in with her fairy godmothers is the vibe we’re going for. A small pathway surrounded by luscious flowers and plants.

Pink and blue flowers will add to the look, so when sunlight peaks through the trees, you’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale yourself, which makes it ideal if you have a smaller and narrow side yard.

– Low-maintenance Side Yard

12. Low-maintenance Side YardIf you have a side yard with a utilitarian cement wall, you don’t need to worry, as you can simply hide it with some low-maintenance side yard ideas. Pick plants that grow in height and will cover the walls.

Then add wooden stepping stones and carpeted grass to complete the look. This design is easy to maintain and easy to install and also works great if your landscape is sloped.

– Coastal Mini Garden

If you’re someone who has a busy routine and likes to lay back on the weekends, this design is ideal for you. You can add multicolored flowers and different textures to give the space some dimension, as it will add to the refreshing look. The walkway can be anything, but a simple gravel path will be ideal.

At the end of the pathway, you can place a couple of chairs and a small table to balance any drinks or snacks. This spot will be best to rest back with a nice book and a cup of coffee and will serve as a great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

– A Red Brick Garden

13. A Red Brick GardenIf your side yard is surrounded by red bricks, it gives you an advantage, as you don’t need heavy decoration and design schemes. All you need is some green plants that complement the wall’s red color. You can even add some black fences to tie in the look and we guarantee you that it’ll look gorgeous.

– White, Black, and Green

14. White, Black, and GreenOut of all the color schemes you can go with, the white, black and green color scheme is the most modern and trendy. It’ll look chic and is also budget-friendly, as you just need to add a few plants in pots and cover the pathway with grass.

It can act as a mini container garden. You can add some pebbles and marble stepping stones along with back fences or maybe even a small black bench if you have the space.

Beautiful Landscaped Yard

Table with the Best Side Yard Landscaping Ideas and Their Features

Side Yard Landscaping Ideas Prominent Features
A Hanging Flower Ceiling A seating or dining area with vines or flowers hanging from the ceiling
All About Symmetry Manicured hedges, neutral colors, and white flowers
Hardscaping Geometrical stepping stones and planters
Simple and Green Stepping stones, clovers, vines, and walls with no flowers
Water Garden Pathway Shallow pool of water with thick, tropical greenery
Tropical Sideyard Large stepping stones, tropical plants, and bamboo trees
A Step Into a Forest Heavy plants with wide leaves and rustic stepping stones
Hidden Mini Garden Vertical style garden and a brick pathway
Mini Zen Garden Pebbles, rectangular stepping stones, a flower area, and possibly a water fountain too
Hidden Sitting Area A seating arrangement, fairy lights, and a small fountain with either green plants or colorful flowers
A Simple Country Side Yard Landscaping Ideas Broken planters, uneven stepping stones, and bushy, pastel-colored, wild-looking flowers
Neat and Green Dense greenery, pebbles, and large rocks
Bamboo Japanese Sideyard Bamboo plants and tall trees
A Fairytale Garden Luscious flowers and plants
Low-maintenance Side Yard Wooden stepping stones, carpeted grass, and heightened plants
Coastal Mini Garden Gravel path, multi-colored flowers, and an intimate seating area
A Red Brick Garden Green plants and black fences
White, Black, and Green Pebbles, marble stepping stones, grass, and a black bench


Now that you know all this, nothing is stopping you from transforming your sideyard into something magical. 

  • Sideyard is often the most neglected space in the house, but with little creativity and effort, you can turn it into a world of its own.
  • If you are a fan of the forestry theme, you can go with Coastal Mini Garden, Neat and Green, A Simple Country Sideyard, Simple and Green, or A Step Into A Forest.
  • To unleash your creative side, try A Fairytale Garden, Mini Zen Garden, Water Garden Pathway, Hardscaping or All About Symmetry.
  • In case your side yard is already of a certain style, with little to no chances of improvements, go for A Red Brick Garden, Low-Maintenance Sideyard, Hidden Mini Garden, or Bamboo Japanese Sideyard.

You can pick any of the above-mentioned ideas, or even combine any two design ideas. But of course, it’s your side yard. You even add a twist of your own!

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