Sloped backyard deck ideas are a great way to make use of all the available space on your property. A backyard deck is a perfect answer to a sloppy space, and you can utilize that space for relaxation and recreation.

7 Sloped Backyard Deck Ideas

Although it is a little tricky to landscape around slopped backyards, it is not impossible. You still have a lot of choices, and you can make it into a beautiful part of your home.

List of Sloped Backyard Deck Ideas

1. Standing Deck

Backyard decks give you a stable place to arrange a bunch of chairs and a table to sit with family and friends. The busy day-to-day life already consumes a lot of our time, and having a wooden deck in your backyard gives you more incentive to spend outdoor time.

Standing Deck

It can also be a good entertainment space where you can hang out alone or arrange an intimate gathering with your family and friends.

Children always love their time outdoors, and this gives them the perfect opportunity to run around if they don’t have the luxury of a flat ground, as a result of this, you can add small swings or allocate a play area for kids to encourage them to spend some time outdoors.

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Wooden decks are an excellent option for recreating slopped backyards because they allow you to use the whole space all at once instead of dividing it into small chunks of land. It does get overcrowded, and you do not have to come up with complex designs to divide the space into smaller areas.

The division will also result in fewer options for landscaping and sitting arrangements. The backyard deck can make for some amazing views if you live in a mountainous area. It would be your perfect sightseeing spot right at home.

A wooden backyard would also allow you to make an outdoor living area. You can also set up a grill station and arrange barbecue parties. Building a deck also opens a lot of decoration and landscaping options that would otherwise not have been possible. You can install plant pots to more greenery to your surroundings.

– Benefits

These standing wooden decks will allow you to use unused space if your house is on the slope, however, the reason why it is a great choice is that it will help you idea to be incorporated in all the given space, and result in the maximum efficiency.

When you invest in this type of standing wooden deck, it will open the doors for a lot of family gatherings, which means it will have a use.

2. Elevated Deck

Sometimes the house is built near a steep slope for a simple wooden deck to be installed. But it is enough to stop you from utilizing that space. Such a predicament is easily solved with an elevated deck.

Elevated Deck

Before building one, look into your local building permissions and rules so you don’t get into any legal problems. In addition, you must invest in the necessary and the right raw material, as climate is another essential factor to keep in mind, if you foresee direct sun, make sure that you adjust sun-proof material.

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An elevated deck is a slightly advanced design for backyard decks. It is a great answer to utilize places that have higher slopes. It consists of a deck incorporating uniquely designed stairs and railings to give you a flat open space. Like a simple wooden deck, it can be used to arrange a seating area and outdoor recreation.

Elevated decks are also a great combination with walkout basements. They allow you to build a platform that will not only function as an elevated sitting area but also as a roof for the walkout basement. It will allow you to utilize the outdoor basement when weather conditions are unfavorable for outdoor sitting.

There are many options for materials that can be used to create an elevated deck. You have cheap and affordable options like lumber boards or sturdy plastic and expensive options like exotic tiger wood. It is all related to your budget and affordability.

– Benefits

The benefit to this type of deck is that the design would be one that would give a convenient access point to the deck area. In addition, once you apply the necessary safety precautions, so there are no chances of anything falling from off the deck.

A wooden deck may sound too simple, but you can use creativity and landscaping to make something unique. There are also different styles of the deck itself that depends on the type of available space and your taste.

3. Multilevel Decks

If you have a large house, why settle for a single backyard deck, whether the house has different slopes of not, you can always invest in this idea.

Multilevel Decks

You can opt for an oversized patio with multiple levels and intricate designs. This a great option to transform the unusable area into multiple layers of usable space that can be allocated for different purposes. This sprawling, multilayered area will be significant in determining your property’s value.

– Features

The different layers of the home allow you to furnish them with a lot of different purposeful areas. You can set up a simple sitting area to enjoy the evenings with your family. It is an excellent getaway from the busy routine. Another area can be utilized as an outdoor living area where you can relax with fresh air filling your lungs.

Another great idea is to turn one deck portion into an outdoor kitchen area, you can set up a grill station if you like outdoor picnics, and you don’t ever have to travel and spend money to have a picnic experience, as it can easily be built in your backyard. In addition, you can also install a fridge, so you have access to your favorite drinks while you are enjoying your outdoor time.

A multilayered backyard deck can be turned into a lot of outdoor recreational areas because of its open and sectional nature. Children always love to be outdoors, and if you dedicate one area to them with some toys and a small swing, they will not want to leave that place.

Multilayered decks come with a lot of benefits. They instantly add monetary value to your property and are a great way to increase interest and intrigue. They are a great place to spend time outdoors, and they come in the form of many simple and sophisticated designs.

– Benefits

As you invest in this idea, it will, for sure, make your landscape look further elevated, by the use of the space to its maximum potential. Furthermore, you can set not only two but even three decks, and it will give you so much space. You can even make sure that you would invest in the material that will blend in nicely with your property.

4. Adding Water Feature

Sophisticated designs are not the only way to increase the appeal of a backyard deck. There are many external decoration options that can play a significant role in taking the area from a simple open deck to the perfect relaxation destination. One of these options is installing a water feature on or alongside the deck.

Adding Water Feature

– Features

Water features like fountains are a great addition to any landscaping design. Their presence makes them the center of attention in any area, especially if you have added some little pools to your slope.

They are the representation of the unique taste of the owner. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes that can blend well with modern and traditional property aesthetics, where you can invest in different types, according to your budget.

Fountains are not the only water feature that can be incorporated into a backyard deck. In fact, there are many stylized water features that come with different levels of sophistication in their design and can be used to fill up different amounts of space. Some places may not be suitable for fountains, but water features can fit in every vacant space.

Water walls and waterfalls are excellent options that can blend well with any design. Fountains may not be suitable for spaces that are too big or too small, but the flexibility of water features allows them to fit right in. They are a great source of relaxation because the sound of their flowing water will calm your mind.

– Benefits

Water features like fountains, water walls, and waterfalls are all great options, as they will make use of your slope, and will leave the place looking enchanting.

The sound of flowing water will enhance your relaxing experience. Choosing a water feature that will fit nicely in the available space is best. In addition, the range can be of a variety of pricing, depending on the budget that you have, you can either start with a small waterfall that will shoot in a little pool, and even go to greater exterior designs.

5. Stone Steps

Another great slopped backyard idea is incorporating rocky landscapes around the backyard deck. Rock gardens and stepping stones are the simplest way to incorporate this idea. This is the best way to add a natural and unique touch to your property that you will not see in many areas in your neighborhood.

Stone Steps

– Features

Having any unique design element in your home is the surefire way to increase the appeal and value of your property, and a rock garden is a feature that is not a common sight. It will add a feeling you would only get when you visit the mountain and hike on the trails.

Adding a rock garden is a simple option as well. You can choose between various varieties of rock and boulders. They all have varying textures and sizes that would fit in any space and design. Rock gardens are also a great DIY option when you do not want to spend funds to implement an appealing backyard design.

On the other hand, if you do have funds that you want to invest in a beautiful rocky landscape, there are tons of designs to choose from. You can line the slope of the house with rocks and plants to give it the look of a mountainside. So, looking over your deck will feel like you are visiting a hillside resort, in your own backyard where you live.

Although rocky landscapes are beautiful, they can require more resources when compared to other ideas. If you decide on heavy boulders to be incorporated into your design, you will need assistance from a crane. You will also need help from a professional landscape designer if you want the rocks to blend in with your property instead of looking out of place.

– Benefits

Rock gardens and rocky landscapes are a great way to add a unique twist to your slopped backyard deck, and it is very easy to maintain. You have options ranging from simple DIY ideas to turning your sloppy corner into a mountainside.

Landscaping options can easily chew through your budget if you are careful during the design process, you can to different extent, as the latter would mean to spend more money in order to accomplish the following. As you would invest in the long run with the right methods, it will help you to make sure that there is no chance of slipping or tripping on the rocks.

6. Retaining Walls

Another simple yet elegant design for sloppy areas is the use of retaining walls. Retaining walls are a great way to keep different layers of soil in place, which will also increase the integrity and sturdiness of your deck. Retaining walls are also a great option to incorporate many natural elements in otherwise uneven areas.

Retaining Walls

– Features

If you love nature, landscaping with retaining walls is a perfect way to invest and to design a backyard deck. They will allow you to plant several plants, ranging from trees, shrubs, herbs, bushes, flowering plants, and fruit-producing plants on the slopes of your backyard.

Retaining walls allow you to add as much greenery to the location as you desire. They will not only give you suitable areas to fulfill this vision, but they are also a great way to prevent erosion.

Erosion is a big threat to plants’ life, and the foundations of properties and retaining walls do very well in strengthening these foundations, and it will be great for a long period of time, until you call for maintenance every three yeats.

Once the retaining walls are in place and there are garden beds ready for the arrival of their new residents, you can bring in your favorite plants to fill the area. Flowering plants are the best option as they will add colors and fragrances to the scene. Many flowering plants are available that are easy to grow and do not produce a lot of debris.

Another great option is to plant ornamental grass, these ornamental grasses are a great way to add greenery without putting in a lot of effort. They are easily available in almost every local store, and most of these grass types can live on for years. They are very hardy plants that do not need much care to survive, even in harsh environments.

– Benefits

Retaining walls are the best landscaping option that provides visual and safety benefits. When choosing plants for landscaping, make sure you do not choose the ones that produce a lot of waste or grow so quickly that they spiral out of control, which means you must be keen on your choice.

There isn’t much wrong that can be done with retaining walls but make sure the design compliments the rest of the property or seek a professional opinion.

7. Grass Carpet Under Deck

Although it sounds somewhat lackluster compared to the previous ideas we discussed earlier, its elegance is second to none. A well-maintained grass carpet is a perfect sight to soothe your eyes and mind.

Grass Carpet Under Deck

– Features

This is also probably the cheapest idea that you can invest in, simply because you can do the entire landscaping on your own. The only actual expenditure would be on building the backyard deck.

Although, if you are up for the challenge, you can also take on the job of building your deck. It depends on your dedication, interest, and available time.

If you decide to implement this simple idea, make sure you choose the right type of grass, for the place that you are located in. There are a lot of different types of grasses available on the market. From ornamental grasses to natural strains of grasses, there are wide varieties with varying colors, textures, sizes, and life spans.

However, the best one for this idea is probably a grass type that does not grow very tall, which would give your place an elevated look. You do not want your landscape to look like a scene from a jungle.

The idea here is to get a variety that does not grow very fast and does not rise much in height. Many types of grass do not wither throughout the year, so that should not be a concern.

The reason for getting low-hanging grass is that you want the grass carpet to be easily maintained. The grass should be easily trimmed every couple of weeks to preserve the vision of the landscape. It should produce a lot of debris and preferably should have plumes like some grasses do.

– Benefits

A grass carpet to landscape around your backyard deck is the simplest and easiest idea to implement if you are on an average budget because this will be renewing itself every year, although you will be spending some time on the maintenance.

Make sure you choose a variety of grass that will be accustomed to your local weather and complement your property because in the right location, the right grass will thrive. You do not want another addition to your list of chores, so choose a low-maintenance option.


Slopped backyard deck ideas are a way to make your property stand out from the rest. If you are considering implementing any of these ideas, keep in mind the following points:

  • Backyard decks are a great addition as they allow you to use the vacant space around your house.
  • You can incorporate many natural and modern elements in your designs that would fit nicely with the aesthetics of the rest of your property.
  • You have options ranging from simple DIY solutions to landscaping designs that might require professionals.
  • Whichever idea you choose, comfort and relaxation are your top priority.
  • If you are using plants, ensure they are low maintenance, readily available, and have good survivability.

If your house utilizes empty sloppy areas, it will make your property stand out in your neighborhood. It will increase its value, make it more visually attractive, and give you an excellent place to hang out outdoors. What idea did you implement for your design?

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