Small townhouse backyard ideas will make your house charming and enhance its aesthetics. Townhouses might be closely spaced, but if you utilize all the surrounding areas, you can give them a unique look.

17 Small Townhouse Backyard Ideas A Creative Guide

There are limitless ideas to revive your courtyard. After thorough research, we provide you with the best backyard ideas to convert your unnecessary space into a good sitting area.

List of Small Townhouse Backyard Ideas

1. Townhouse Backyard as an Outdoor Kitchen

If your backyard space is nearly around 14 feet, you can efficiently utilize this space to make a beautiful outdoor kitchen. For this, you don’t even need ample space and can enjoy outdoor dining as well.

Use this14-foot as a dining space by adding a small outdoor stove, a dining table with four or six chairs, and a padded bench with four chairs that can easily be kept. This kitchen space is more than enough for a small family. All you have to do is to invest a small amount of money and keep things properly.

Townhouse Backyard as an Outdoor Kitchen

Moreover, to protect your kitchen from rain and direct sunlight, a glass roof can be used. This roof not only promotes the beauty of the kitchen but also gives protection. Small indoor flowering plants or trailing vines can be placed on the wall or floor in a pot to add a natural touch to an outdoor kitchen.

These tiny plants filter the air and give you an eco-friendly environment. This outdoor kitchen idea is perfect for changing the small townhouse into a more significant one, as you don’t need an indoor kitchen now.

2. Backyard as a Small PondTownhouse Backyard Fun

If you love watching water ponds from your room window, this idea is for you. Rough backyard space can easily be converted into a tranquil pond. For this, you need to dig a small portion of the backyard and fill it with fresh water.

Around the pond, you can add concrete edges covered with plants and flowers. You can add water lilies and other hydrophytes to the pond water to uplift the pond’s beauty. Stylish stones and bricks give the pond a unique look. A small number of guppies and goldfish can be kept in the pond. 

Backyard as a Small Pond

Don’t forget to make a water removal plan during construction because dirty and not filtered water is the root of many diseases. This contaminated water is also dangerous for the fish in the pond. A mirror can be hung near the pond as its water illusion makes a small space bigger. 

Place benches around the pond and enjoy this beautiful scenery whenever you want! 

3. Brick Backyard With Water Feature

The brick townhouse is another small backyard idea for water and nature lovers. Here, a small water feature like a contemporary-style fountain is used instead of making a pond. This idea is becoming popular day by day. 

The combination of brick color with the running water looks very artistic. But if plants and other trailing vines are added, it increases the beauty of the whole backyard. With this fountain, you can link plants with water, and the plants will receive water automatically.

Brick Backyard With Water Feature

Put small stones in the fountain. When the running water from the fountain drops on the dusky brown bricks and stones, it produces a very musical sound. This backyard design makes the worthless yard stunning and filters the air from the surroundings.

Place a bench in this beautiful place and spend some time here after a hectic day with a cup of coffee or tea!

4. Add a Swimming Pool

No matter if your backyard is tiny, use the space to construct a rectangular swimming pool. The idea of forming a swimming pool in a townhouse might be considered over the edge, but it is one of the most underrated styles in urban backyards.

You can build an in-ground as well as an above-ground pool, depending on your choice. Grow plant grass, small shrubs, and trailing vines around it to give your collection a natural look. The watercolor contrasting green grass and colorful flowers look beautiful and mind-relaxing. 

Add a Swimming Pool

Don’t forget to look after your children when the pool is filled with water. Also, empty the pool when not in use. These precautions will protect your whole family from specific hazards and diseases.

Take a cozy bath during summertime in the pool filled with fresh water to refresh your inner soul!

5. Traditional Landscaping

If you are a nature lover and want a wide variety of greenery in the backyard, then you should go with traditional landscaping ideas. You can fill most of the courtyard area with grass that can be used as a picnic spot. 

Around the lawn, create beautiful landscaping. It can be made by using small shrubs, bushes, and perennials with colorful blossoms. The flowers contrast beautifully with the green grass.

Traditional Landscaping

Magnificent trees can be used to make the whole backyard fresh and green. Besides providing shade, these trees block the harmful rays of the sun. It filters the surrounding air so fresh air can be inhaled. 

Place a bench in the middle of the backyard landscaping and spend a wonderful time with your family in this healthy air!

6. Gravel Patio With Seating

A gravel patio with seating is another best idea for utilizing small backyard space. It has a gravel deck, a common material for an outdoor area. This unusual patio design looks very stunning. 

An arrangement of shrubs and grass decorates the side of the gallery. It looks divine with the grave color and grass. A chair, sofa, and grilled oven can be used respectively for seating and frying purposes in the courtyard. 

Gravel Patio With Seating

Additional point: if you don’t want a fuss of flowers and plants, you can go with the contemporary style. In it, everything in the courtyard is remarkably restrained. This style looks more open due to the lack of flowers and a full-sun backyard. 

This idea is perfect for those who love having BBQs and tea parties with family and friends. A wooden fence can be made on all sides of the backyard to give privacy and a unique look.

7. Cultured Pergola Shade

Another excellent backyard decoration is a cultured pergola shade. You can use this idea anywhere; it does not matter whether your townhouse is big or small. It makes your backyard romantic with a pergola- a framework covered with climbing or trailing plants.

Use jasmine and wisterias as trailing vines because they look adorable when falling through the framework. The fragrance of these flowers spreading in spring smells excellent. Additionally, you can use trailing vines on the pergola’s pillars.

Cultured Pergola Shade

Flowers of different colors can be used in and around it. You will feel like you are out in nature when surrounded by many plants. One of the most important uses of this idea is outdoor dining. The clean lines and design of the structures give it a blend of contemporary styles.

Instead of trailing vines, feel free to use a glass sheet. Make your lunch under the pergola shade with your family!

8. Small Townhouse With a Bordered Balcony

You can design an outdoor living room even if you live in an apartment or condo. The balcony of your apartment can be served for this purpose. Hung the solar lights on the wall to provide a beautiful view in the dark.

Place a sofa set in the center of the balcony wall. Use small pots around it with flowers in them. It gives a natural look to the balcony. You will find this view very attractive when you wake up in the morning if your bedroom has an open terrace with a clear glass window.

Small Townhouse With a Bordered Balcony

Use a grass carpet on the balcony floor to give it a unique look. Plus, use a hanging chair to see the sunrises and sunsets from the balcony. Don’t forget that a wooden fence is present in it as it protects the family from falling.

On this balcony, you can enjoy warm sun radiations like a hot tub during winter, as sun rays directly come into it. 

Turn your balcony into an outdoor living space where you can read books and enjoy a cup of tea!

9. Vegetable Gardening

Planting vegetables and fruits in a small backyard of a townhouse is an excellent way to feel nature. This backyard idea always makes fresh vegetables and fruits at home. You can implant radishes, peas, chilies, and carrots, as these are easy-to-grow vegetables. 

Pay special heed to the location in the backyard, as plants need eight to 10 hours of sunlight for their growth. Also, use some flower plants with them as it discourages pest, attracts insects for pollination, and add beautiful color to the plants.

Vegetable Gardening

Cover the ground with the grovel, and this feature will add more beauty to the backyard. Use small pots with flowers and hang them on the wall, which will make the small townhouse backyard extraordinary. 

These house-grown vegetables will provide an eco-friendly environment and healthy vegetables. Cook and enjoy them ravishingly!

10. Build a Patio and Garden Alongside

A patio and a garden can be built simultaneously in your backyard area. Its size depends on the space available. Grovel, as well as beautiful stones or marble, are used to make a backyard patio. You can grow beautiful flowers and small trees around it.

The garden design will look dense and thick because of the plants, texture, and height. You can use an umbrella over the patio to protect it from environmental hazards.

Build a Patio and Garden Alongside

A fish pond with small stones can be built in the garden to enhance its beauty. Decorative water and gravel feel pleasing when flowering plants bloom.

It’s perfect for those who wish to have all the amenities, including landscape design, a patio with seating, and a fish pond.

Spend some time enjoying nature after a hectic day!

11. Patio With Concrete Edged-planter Beds

A patio with concrete edged-planter beds is a timeless and stylish townhouse backyard. If you enjoy plants but do not want them in a tun, this is the idea for you. It may be made from blue and other contemporary stones. 

The yard also features a pergola on one side. This is something very elegant about the pergola with classic wooden pillars. You can keep outdoor furniture like swing chairs and sofas under this for a relaxing atmosphere. 

Patio With Concrete Edged-planter Beds

You can add concrete-edged planter beds on the patio leaving the whole patio bare without any seating area. On the other two corners, add plants and other tiny trees. You can use wisteria vines, boxwood, hydrangeas, and other flowering plants.

Their color with stylish stones gives goosebumps. If you cover all the sides with a wooden fence, this provides not only privacy from the neighbors but also dignity.

Spend some memorable time with your loved ones in this backyard landscape!

12. Townhouse Backyard Fun

This idea is the best for kids as well as for the whole family. It is perfect for medium to large-size backyards. Divide the backyard portion into three different spaces. In the largest one, keep sofas and other stylish chairs. The seating area should be reserved here. 

At the other end, you can place slides for children. Furthermore, you can also install basketball rings for kids to have fun. By the fence, spread the crushed grovel horizontally, and when dry, use it for a mini-golf course and cricket stadium. 

Townhouse Backyard Fun

Use white colored marble pots with flowers and hang them on the wooden fence. These white-colored pots contrast beautifully with the green color of the plants.

During spring, when these flowers bloom, they enhance the beauty of the backyard so far!

13. Stone Patio Under the Deck

Two zones in your townhouse backyard can be used for this, one with a cover and one that’s open. You can build the whole backyard floor with different types of stylish stones. This stone floor produces cohesion.

You can go with the patio that is covered, is under the deck, or the open one. The seating can be kept under the deck or without it. It’s all up to your choice. The umbrella is also built near the deck to give your backyard more unique features. 

Stone Patio Under the Deck

Also, use flowers and other plants near it. This place will be best in spring for hangouts. As blossoms are in full bloom in spring. Use these patio ideas to make your backyard magnificent.

Take a meal and cup of tea with your loved ones under this beautiful deck and umbrella!

14. Add a Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is best if you want a garden in your backyard, but the space is significantly less. Vertical space is not only for wooden fences and hanging decor. You can use this vertical area for starting a garden and displaying your favorite flowers or plants.

Stop using fences for your privacy from neighbors, and give this unique idea a try!

Add a Vertical Garden

This provides a different look to your tiny backyard and attracts the guests who used to come for regular visits. There is beauty in simplicity, so small pots with flowers can be used. Use hanging cup holders as planters and arrange them on the wooden mount in a fun pattern.

Moreover, don’t throw your used empty bottles. Cut them from the bottom, paint them, and put your plant in them. Use ropes and hang them anywhere in your backyard in an ideal manner. You can also add a small shower for watering purposes of plants.

This looks more soothing when you create alphabets with these bottles!

15. Open Backyard

Sometimes you need an open space to camp out and do outdoor fireplace for BBQs with your loved ones. Well, this idea is perfect for you. Your dream comes true by utilizing your townhouse backyard space. 

All you have to do is to grow grass in the backyard. Also, small flowers and shady trees can be grown on all sides of the lawn. For outdoor seating, you can use lodge chairs. If you love night parties, garden lights can be used for this.

Open Backyard

Moreover, use an umbrella over the lodge chairs to protect them from weather hazards and for your protection. The walls should be colored white because the white color contrasts beautifully with the green color of the grass and plants.

Enjoy your parties with the best ones on green turf!

16. Boho Style

The Urban Boho style is another up-to-date idea of modern times. This can be done in the townhouse backyard and on an apartment balcony. The Boho style is the best idea for winter to bask in the mild sunlight radiations as it warms your body.

Boho Style

Further, add a sofa and flowering plants near to boost the yard’s beauty, and hang a wind chandelier to enjoy its musical sounds.

Read a book with a cup of coffee to enjoy the warm winter sunlight in your new rest zone!

17. Outdoor shower

Last but not least, an outdoor shower is becoming famous nowadays in backyards. It is best for those areas with low water, but if the owner wants many plants because the used water can be given to plants after the shower.

Cover the shower area by using wood retaining walls. It not only provides privacy but also gives beauty to the small yard as the woody color contrasts beautifully with the green plants. With it, you can take a cozy bath on hot summer days.

Outdoor Shower

After taking a bath, you can enjoy nature which feels very relaxing and has a smooth effect on the eyes. If you have a garden in separate areas, it is the best small outdoor backyard idea

Using these backyard landscaping ideas makes your house look like a luxurious resting and relaxing area.


If you have a beautiful backyard in your small townhouse, enhance the liveable space with the ideas we have offered. You can celebrate small events and tea parties with your friends and family.

These captivating backyards will not only improve your lifestyle but also allow you to enjoy a stress-free environment. So invest your time and a small amount of money for long-term happiness.

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