The Snapper sp80 lawnmower will cut down on how much time you need to spend on mower maintenance because this mower does not require oil changes.

Snapper SP80 Lawnmower Review

This Snapper sp80 self propelled gas mower has a ‘check and add’ oil system that is much simpler and less messy than other mowers, and it still has lots of power for cutting, bagging, and mulching grass. 

In this review, we’ll take you through all the specs, features, pros and cons of this machine and how it might help you keep your yard looking fantastic. By the end of this article, you’ll have a solid idea of whether or not this mower is the one you need for your landscape. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Engine starts easily Cannot ship to some states
Low maintenance No blade brake
Great maneuverability  
Good traction on slopes  

Main Product Highlights

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  • 163cc Briggs&Stratton engine 
  • Front-wheel drive  
  • Self-propelled  
  • 21-inch cutting width 
  • 3-in-1 functions for mulch, bag or discharge of cuttings 

Snapper sp80 Review

Snapper sp80 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Engine starts easily
Low maintenance
Great maneuverability
Good traction on slopes
Cannot ship to some states
No blade brake

This Snapper sp80 has a lot to offer for keeping your yard looking great, and because it’s self-propelled and highly maneuverable, you won’t have to work so hard to keep it that way. This mower also requires significantly less maintenance than many other models, which saves time in your yard cleanup schedule. 

It turns out that most people who own lawnmowers do not closely follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, and some don’t do any maintenance from one season to the next.

It is understandable why, since keeping up with lawnmower care is messy and takes time that many people don’t have. The Snapper sp80 is designed to improve this situation.

– Check and Add Oil System

This lawnmower model has the advantage of using a ‘check and add’ oil system. You never need to drain and completely change the engine oil in this design. Instead, you check the engine oil regularly and add fresh oil when it’s low. This system cuts out one of the messiest maintenance tasks on a mower: changing the oil and disposing of the waste.

Changing the oil in a lawnmower requires an oil pan, a wrench, and a lot of rags or sand to clean up spills that might happen when you drain out the old oil.

Changing Oil in Troy Bilt tb130

Once it’s drained, you have to figure out how to store it securely until you can take it to a hazardous waste disposal site because most municipal trash pickup services do not take away used oil.

This Snapper model solves this problem with an engine design that eliminates the need for complete oil changes. 

– Front-Wheel Drive Maneuverability 

Another advantage of this mower for residential yards is the front-wheel-drive power that gives it exceptional maneuverability. Many yards are not open lawn expanses but have multiple obstacles to mow around, such as swimming pools, lawn furniture, and garden faucets.

Front-wheel-drive makes cutting around these types of objects straightforward with this yard tool. The front-wheel-drive also helps on slopes and rough terrain.

– Self-Propelled and Variable-Speed

The other feature of this mower that makes yard work fast and efficient is the self-propelled drive system and variable speed. Pushing a lawnmower around is tiring. Unless you have a minimal grass area to mow, a self-propelled machine is a significant benefit for making yard cleanup less of a chore. 

To engage the self-propel on this mower, you pull up on the lower bail on the handlebar after starting the engine. Pulling the bail also controls the variable-speed feature. The more you pull it upward, the faster the speed. Having control over the mower’s forward speed gives you more control when mowing on variable terrain and around objects. 

– Low Maintenance

Besides saving time on oil changes with this mower, another benefit for easy care is the washout port on the deck. Cleaning under the deck of a lawnmower is essential for keeping the blades sharp, getting a clean-cut, and preventing rusting of the deck material.

You don’t need to tip the machine over to clean the deck by hand on this mower. Instead, you hook a garden hose to the washout port on top of the deck and let a stream of water clear away all the debris.

– Easy Assembly

Assembling this mower out of the box is straightforward, involving bolting the handlebar in place and attaching the recoil cord to it. Next, add fresh gas and fill the oil compartment, and you’re ready to pull the cord and start mowing.


Unfortunately, this mower cannot be shipped to some U.S. states, so check with the seller to find out about your shipping location.

Snapper 12bvb2a2707 the Breakdown  

– Engine

The engine in this mower is a 725exi Briggs and Stratton with 7.25 foot-pounds of torque and 163cc of capacity. This 4-cycle engine runs on plain gasoline not mixed with oil. Using ethanol-free or low-ethanol gas prolongs engine life and reduces the chances of hard starting or other mechanical problems.

In addition, the EXi series engines have tool-free access to the air filter for fast and easy cleaning of this vital engine component and the ‘check and add’ oil system that never needs draining. 

The engine uses automotive engine oil added to the oil compartment, and most machines ship without oil in the engine for safety reasons. A bottle of engine oil comes with the mower, and it’s crucial to fill the 18 ounce compartment to the fill line before starting the mower for the first time.

4 Cycle Gasoline Engine of Troy Bilt Tb130

However, the mower does not come with any gas, so you’ll need an approved gas can and a trip to a gas station. 

Starting this mower’s engine is simple. First, fill the gas and oil tanks, then pull the recoil cord at the handlebar’s top while holding down the top bail. Most buyers report the engine starting on the first or second pull.

This is because it has an auto-choke, and there is no primer bulb to push before pulling the cord. Once the engine starts, pull up on the lower bail to move the machine using the self-propel and variable-speed features.  

The self-propel feature can be tricky to use for precise speed control, and it might take a few minutes to learn how to use it.

However, at top speed, it hurries along at approximately 3.5 mph. Unfortunately, one downside of this control system is that it might be hard for some users to control both bails simultaneously.

Nonetheless, the most significant benefits of this engine are the low-maintenance and robust power for chopping down tall grass and weeds.  

– Maintenance

This mower is low-maintenance, but it is not no-maintenance. By spending a few minutes tending to scheduled maintenance, you can keep this mower running for much longer. The most crucial regular task is cleaning or replacing the air filter.

You don’t need any tools to access the air filter compartment, and the simple method to clean and replace the filter is shown in the owner’s manual.

Occasional gaping or replacing the spark plug and replacing a dull or damaged blade are the only other crucial maintenance for keeping this mower going year after year. 

– Deck and Wheels

The deck is made from rugged 15-gauge steel that resists dents and flexing when traveling on bumpy ground or banging into something. The heavy-duty plastic wheels have a good tread with high traction for soft mud and hills.

Deck Height is Adjustable to The Wheels

You can quickly move the deck up and down with a single lever on each side of the mower. It adjusts between 1.25 and 3.75 inches high. With the deck raised to the maximum, this mower has no trouble getting through tall grass and challenging weedy spots. 

When you are finished mowing, cleaning under the deck only takes a few minutes using the built-in washout port located on top of the deck housing. Under the deck, there is a 21 inch wide cutting blade. You can remove the blade with a large wrench to sharpen or replace it if it gets dull or broken, and the best-looking trim requires a sharp edge. 

– 3-in-1 Features: 

With this mower, you have the choice of bagging up the cut grass in the rugged container that comes with the machine, installing a mulching plug in the chute and letting the mower finely chop the grass and leave it spread on the lawn, or discharging the clippings through the side chute.

Collecting the grass in the container is an excellent solution for an immaculate-looking lawn. However, when you walk away from the mower to empty the bag, the engine shuts off, and you have to restart it when you return because the mower does not have a blade brake. 

Mulching the grass lets you mow for as long as you want without needing to stop and empty the catchment container. In addition, mulching adds valuable lawn nutrients back to the soil, keeping your grass lush and green without spreading chemical fertilizers. 

If you have tall grass to cut, the side-discharge feature is helpful because it shoots the cuttings out of the side of the machine into a row a few feet from the path you’re mowing. You can then come back later to rake it up or leave a pile as mulch to block out weeds. The side-discharge chute attaches to the opening on the right side of the machine. 

– Size and Weight

The overall dimensions of this lawnmower are 38 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 17 ¾ inches high, with the handlebar folded down. This compact size makes the machine easy to store in minimal space. The weight is 74.5 pounds which is a mid-range weight for a mower in this class. 

– Warranty

A three-year limited manufacturer warranty covers this mower frame and body. In addition, the engine is covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


Registering the product at the time of purchase makes it easier to get service if you need it. 


Is the Snapper sp80 mower great for cutting wet grass?

The Snapper sp80 mower is not ideal for cutting wet grass as it may cause clogging and uneven cuts.

What is the top speed of a Snapper sp80 mower?

The top speed of a Snapper sp80 mower is around 4-5 mph, making it suitable for residential use.

Is it safe to push the Snapper sp80 mower?

Yes, it is safe to push the Snapper sp80 mower as it is designed to be operated manually and does not require additional equipment.


This Snapper sp80 review shows you the essential features of this self-propelled, variable-speed, front-wheel-drive mower with the ‘check and add’ oil design.

The features of this mower make it most suitable for people with medium-sized lawns who want a reliable and robust mower that is low-maintenance and highly maneuverable and cuts, mulches, and discharges debris. 

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