Snapper XD 1687879 is a high-performance cordless leaf blower, powered by a brushless motor, which offers more efficiency, lesser noise, and a longer motor life span. It is the go-to choice for many homeowners due to its durability, power, and reliability.Snapper XD 1687879

In this review of the XD 1687879 cordless blower, we detail all of its critical information, including the features and product specs you need to know if you are considering purchasing one for yourself. Hence, you must continue reading till the end to gain the best grasp of the blower.

An Overview of the Key Features and Prospects

Snapper XD 1687879 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow
Extended runtime of up to 40 minutes - suitable for longer operations.
A stable design with an anti-tip base
Ergonomically designed handle grip for comfort during operation
Very light in weight for optimized maneuvering
Does not have a mulching capability
A bit noisy

Based on our observations, this cordless handheld blower offers critical features that are incredibly useful to the user and make the task of lawn care almost effortless and hassle-free. Some of the most important features include its powerful brushless motor, cordless design, and warranties for both battery and tool.

  • The battery voltage of 82 volts
  • 2 Ah lithium-ion battery type
  • Includes battery and charger
  • Cordless electric power type
  • Run time of 40 minutes on low speed and 20 minutes on full speed
  • Brushless motor type
  • Generates air speeds up to 130 mph
  • Maximum air volume of 550 cfm
  • A stable design with an anti-tipping mechanism
  • Over-molded handle provides improved ergonomics
  • The metal ring at the blower tube protects it from bumps and scratches
  • Machine weight of 4.0 lbs
  • Infinite air speed settings with a variable air speed trigger
  • Five years consumer warranty on tool
  • Two years battery warranty

A Reliable Review on the Snapper XD 1687879 Leaf Blower

  • Number of functions 7/10
  • Weight 10/10
  • Airflow 9/10
  • Number of airflow 10/10

To give you a brief rundown of all of our feelings on this electric blower, we allot it a score out of ten over four different categories. Based on our firsthand experience, in terms of the number of functions offered by the blower, we give it a 7/10, as there is some room for improvement in this aspect.


For the weight category, we give it a 10/10 for its lightweight design; for airflow, it gets a 9/10, and lastly, for the number of airflow settings, it gets another 10/10. After conducting experiments with it, we can attest that this is a great blower to own for various tasks.

If you are overwhelmed at the number of options you have to pick from, this review is here to help you see how the XD 1687879 stands out amongst all other leaf blowers, and why we think, based on our observations, that this is the blower for you.

One of the standout features of the XD 1687879 is its impeccable ergonomic design, including the anti-tipping base, which, as per our expertise, is quite a unique and rare feature.

Another neat advantage of this blower is that when you purchase the blower, alongside it, you also receive the extra Snapper XD parts, which include the blower tube, the battery, and the charger. In a lot of other leaf blowers, you would need to purchase these separately, and the cost can rack up. With this blower, it is optional as all of the parts come included, and you can get to blowing straight away as soon as you receive it.

Snapper is a renowned name within the industry. Throughout the years, they have created multiple amazing lawn maintenance products, such as the Snapper® SPX™ riding mower, the Snapper string trimmer along with the Snapper 82V trimmer manual, the Snapper 48V mower, and the famous Snapper 48V battery, which powers multiple Snapper tools.


– How Has the Snapper XD 1687879 Evolved?

The Snapper XD 1687879 has evolved by having a brushless motor, and this way, it is superior to its predecessors, as its brushless technology lets it be much more efficient, powerful, and long-lasting while producing a fraction of the noise that other types would produce.Evolution of Snapper XD 1687879

Although the Snapper® XD 1687879 is a relatively new blower to the market, Snapper has ensured that they include all the best features of other blowers available on the market to keep up with the popular trends and demands of the consumers.

Some other blowers that are a part of the Snapper line include the 1688056 and the 770302 Snapper, and when comparing both of them, you would clearly see that the Snapper 1688056 offers slightly more power with an air speed of 140 mph, whereas the Snapper® XD 1687879 goes to about 130 mph.

On the other hand, you must also know that the 1687879 is much lighter in weight compared to the 1688056. The latter weighs 17 lbs, whereas the 1687879 weighs only a measly 4.0 lbs in comparison, as this is a great significance between them and the way that it evolved. Hence, the 1687879 is much easier to maneuver and drive around and does not wear you down as much.

Understanding the Central Features

– Brushless Motor

This blower features a brushless motor technology that is more efficient and powerful than other types, and it also secures how the machine is one that would last for a longer period of time. This produces an airflow with an air speed of 130 mph and an air volume of 550 CFM, which is powerful enough for many varying tasks, including more demanding ones.

– Infinite Speed Control

The infinite speed settings of this blower give you maximum control over the airflow so that you can have the optimum airspeed for whatever task you have at hand. Although the maximum air speed it generates is 130 mph, you can set it to whatever speed you wish within this range.Speed Control in Snapper Xd Blower

To elaborate further, our gardening team believes that this kind of maximum control over the airspeed is extremely rare, making this blower unique and standoffish in that aspect compared to other blowers available.

This is why the machine is one that would give the end user comfort and ease when using it, and they also have the freedom to pick the speed and get on with the task with your control and comfort at the same time.

– Stable Design

The anti-tipping mechanism in the base of this blower prevents it from tipping over. This protects the blower from accidental tip-overs that can scratch it, making it easier to store. We do not know what will if this does not make you request a quote.

– Ergonomic Grip Handle

The handle of the XD 1687879 features an over-molded ergonomic grip system, making it easier on the hands and joints of the user while carrying the blower around. This reduces cramps in both hands and arms, ensuring a comfortable operation even after prolonged use.Snapper XD 1687879 Handle

The excellent ergonomics and lightweight body of the blower make moving it around a walk in the park. So say goodbye to the days of fatigue and strain from hauling heavy blowers, as that will not be a problem with this blower. It also lets you do way more yard work by reducing user fatigue, ensuring you are kept energized before the task is completed.

– Warranty

Additionally, the leaf blower comes with two separate consumer warranties covering both the battery and the tool. This is also a rare feature, as most blowers only give you one warranty card covering one aspect of the blower. However, with the XD 1687879, you receive a five-year warranty on the tool and a two-year warranty on the battery.

This warranty gives you peace of mind as you become sure that you will only receive the best quality products once you request a quote, and your investment will be well-spent. You can also fully try out the product for yourself for about five years and make sure everything is perfect and in ideal working condition, making the purchase risk-free.


– Lightweight Construction

The blower weighs in at only 4.0 lbs, which is extremely lightweight when compared to other similar options available in the market. With it, you would not feel any resistance or struggle when trying to move the blower about, as it lets you easily get into tighter spots.Construction of Snapper XD 1687879


Finally, we have reached the end of the review! We hope it helped you see more about this blower; you now understand it better and are even ready to request a quote. As indicated by our tests, we think this blower is a great fit for individual homeowners, looking for a wonderful and durable option.

Drawing from our first-hand experience, we found working with this blower to be extremely enjoyable and easy, so you would also likely feel the same way after trying it out for yourselves. Hence, we highly recommend you request quote and consider it as a candidate for your investment, as we assure you it will not disappoint.

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