Spider mites on majesty palms can be there for many reasons like the same preference in climate, use of insecticides, and over-fertilization.

Spider Mites on Majesty Palms

If you need to know which one has gotten your majesty palm infested by spider mites, our experts are here to help you! Read on as we explore these reasons and help you resolve the problem.

What Reasons Can Cause Spider Mites on Majesty Palm?

Spider mites on Majesty palm may be caused by dry conditions and pesticides etc. It might not be your fault if you notice your leaves turning yellow or brown, even with all of the plant’s light and water requirements fulfilled. The spider mites can be the culprits. 

Your Majesty palm plants will be prone to spider mite infestation whether they are planted indoors or outdoors. The spider mites are so tiny that they can move between small gaps and also are invertebrates so they do not have a backbone getting in their way. 

Similarly, one gust of wind is enough to whip them from one plant to another as they are extremely lightweight. Apart from these common and obvious reasons, we have gathered information that might help you understand why your majesty’s palm is under attack by the mites down below.

– Dry Conditions

Majesty palms thrive in dry regions. They show optimal performance in temperatures ranging from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and with 50 percent or less humidity levels. 

Like majesty palms, spider mites enjoy the hot and dry or, in simple words, drought conditions. With both the prey and the pest having the same conditions that they like to live in, your majesty palm will surely be attacked by the spider mite. 

A good way to look out for signs of a spider mite attack is to monitor your majesty palms during drought-like weather. If it seems like your plant is showing signs of damage, that could be a very clear indication of a spider mite attack and hence will need immediate attention.

– Use of Insecticides

Majesty palm is a favorite among many pests and predators and often pushes you to use insecticides to get rid of unwanted guests. Now, that may mean that you have gotten rid of one pest but have paved the pay for another one!

Spider mites have a lot of enemies, like lady beetles and predatory mites. Using an insecticide to eliminate such spider mites enemies makes it easier for the mites to rule over your majesty palms. Contrary to popular belief, insecticides have little to no effect on spider mites. Your plant will remain infected even if you spray insecticides on it daily. 

Reasons Can Cause Spider Mites on Majesty Palm

– Fronds

Majesty palms have very dense, evergreen, and feather-like foliage that most pests cannot resist. Furthermore, the plant has minimum watering requirements, leading to dry fronds.

A typical spider mite feeds on the sap of the green leaves as they are a food source. This can lead to deadly consequences for your plants as they get deprived of chlorophyll. 

Furthermore, water and spider mites could get along better. And since the leaves of majesty palms are dry, it gets difficult for the mites to resist them.

– Favorable Light Conditions

You will mostly see majesty palms thriving in sunlight. They are the happiest when placed outdoors or near sunny windows. The palm plant does not mind six to eight hours of sunlight daily. Outdoors and majesty palms are often seen on the garden borders.


The light conditions are what bring the spider mites into the picture. Spider mites are attracted to light. You will never see a spider mite running away from the light. Since the majesty palms love being exposed to light as much as spider mites do, there is no stopping an infestation of the one in the other.

– Over-fertilization

Plant owners often over fertilize their plants, thinking they are doing them good. Majesty palms like being fertilized once in a while as it fills their nutrient deficiency, so why would they complain a bit of over-fertilization once in a while?

Over-fertilization makes plants like majesty palms more prone to infestation. It may help the plants keep their green foliage for a certain period, increasing all the chances of inviting pests like spider mites for a feast.


What Are Solutions To Getting Rid of Spider Mites on Majesty Palms?

Solutions to getting rid of spider mites on Majesty palms are varied. You can use biological “warfare,” essential oils, and, if all else fails, seek professional help. If you have a hands-on experience with spider mites for the first time or even the hundredth time, do not panic! 

They can be managed, and even removed, easily with the right kind of techniques. Here is what you can do about warding off the spider mites from your indoor and outdoor majesty palm plants or palm trees:

– Controlling the Mites Biologically

Keep the mite population in check with natural predators like Lacewings, Thrips, Lady Beetles, and predatory mites. These predators can consume hundreds of mites per day, and to ensure that these predators stay a while, avoid using insecticides or pesticides for a few days. Mulch your gardens and water your plants regularly.

– Using Essential Oils

Strangely enough, there are chances that your mites will thrive with insecticides. Try using essential oils like Chamomile, Rosemary, Coriander, etc. They effectively remove both spider mite eggs and spider mite adults. 

You do not have to go out looking for a spray containing these oils; they can be made easily at home. You require a spray bottle, water, and these essential oils to get through this. Add water to the spray bottle with a few drops of the chosen oil and apply it directly to the majesty palm’s leaves. 

Solutions To Getting Rid of Spider Mites on Majesty Palms

Sprays containing neem oil are also a good way of suffocating and interfering with egg production. Getting rid of eggs will lead to getting rid of mites eventually. Make sure to spray the undersides of the leaves as well. Leave no room for return! 

– Bring Dish Soap and Rubbing Alcohol Into Action

It is mixing three tablespoons in one gallon of water to add to a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with the soap solution and spray it on the infested leaves weekly. Be sure to clean the leaves after with water. For rubbing alcohol, soak cotton in the liquid and wipe the infested leaves. Let it sit there for a few hours, then clean it thoroughly with water. 

Always remember to apply the chosen solution on the undersides of the leaves. Repeat the process two or three times a day for optimal results. 

– Regular Watering 

Since spider mite is not a huge fan of water, watering your plants with a garden hose will ensure that no mites are left behind. If your plant is manageable, spray it into your bathtub using the sprayer attachment. But there are more permanent solutions. Rinsing the mites off does not mean that they cannot return.

– Increasing Humidity Levels

Spider mites prefer drought conditions, so it is time to raise the humidity levels. The extra humidity will cause the environment to be toxic to spider mites. If you have an indoor palm, try investing in a good humidifier.

The plant will be safe from spider mite attacks as long as the humidity is there. Whether you use a humidifier or just the old-school way of boiling water yourself, humidity can save the day!

– Spraying Chemical Pesticides

Malathion, cyfluthrin, and bifenthrin are common chemical pesticides that can eliminate spider mites. Using such pesticides should be the last option when no other remedy works. They can be toxic to pets and humans, indicating that they must be used cautiously. Always read what the label directions have to say before applying them.

Spider mites quickly develop a tolerance for such pesticides, so you should switch between the chemicals if you think the application is necessary.

– Using Diatomaceous Earth

It is made from aquatic organisms’ fossils. It is an organic pesticide toxic to arachnids and other insects and is commonly found in dust or pressurized liquids.

Most of its products are registered and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Get hold of its food-grade version and sprinkle it on your infested plant and soil. It will dehydrate the mites and eventually cause death. 

– Bringing in Horticultural Oil

Pesticides, in general, should be avoided as they kill beneficial insects. But there is a version that targets only spider mites and lets the rest of the insects be. This version is only effective on adult spider mites and should be applied all over the leaf.

Horticultural oil or insecticidal soap work best on indoor plants where the environment is much more under control than outdoors. 

– Asking for Professional Help

It is very common for DIYs to work only sometimes, and you may need to know what level of infestation you are dealing with. Licensed professionals have access to effective pesticides that the public normally does not. Such a solution should be the last resort when all the other options fail to give the required results, or the plant’s health is at high risk. 


– Is There a Permanent Way to Get Rid of Spider Mites?

Yes, there are ways to get rid of spider mites permanently! Say goodbye to spider mites by wiping your infesting plant’s leaves with an alcohol solution – one cup of rubbing alcohol, and four cups of water. You can also spray this solution. 

Make sure that no spot is left behind. This includes spots like the leaf’s undersides and stems, because that is where the mites hide the most. 

majesty palm get rid of spider mites

– Will My Plant’s Leaves Be Able To Recover After Spider Mite Infestation?

Yes, your plant’s leaves will be able to recover after a spider mite infestation. Whether your plant’s leaves will recover depends upon how much it has been infested and how early you caught it. If only a few leaves suffered there is a chance that they will recover. 

However, if the leaves have undergone considerable damage, you must pay close attention to them. To help your plant’s leaves recover, you can make adjustments like ensuring that the plant is getting enough sunlight throughout the day and keeping the soil consistently moist, neither too soggy nor too dried out. 

– Can Spider Mites Be the Reason Why My Plant’s Leaves Are Turning Brown?

Yes, spider mites could be the reason your plant’s leaves are turning brown or yellow. Spider mites have suckers in their mouths that make holes in the leaves and consume the plant cells. In doing this, they remove the cell’s contents, including chlorophyll, responsible for the leaf’s green color. 


Understanding why spider mites are on majesty palm is simple now that you have read our article and even learned how to get rid of them!

Let us sum up the key points we mentioned, so you are fully prepared to help out your majesty palm:

  • Water your plant regularly, the mites hate and cannot tolerate water.
  • Rubbing a solution of alcohol and water on both sides of the leaves will ensure that the mites are removed for good.
  • Calling in professional help should only be an option once things have gotten completely out of your control. This is because they bring in pesticides that can deteriorate your plant’s health in other ways.

After reading all our advice, you are better positioned to outwit any spider mite infestation that comes your way!


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