Stihl bg 50 review it is completely understandable to not know which blower is the best pick for you because of the numerous options that are available in the market. But today we have brought to you an in-depth review of the Stihl BG 50 blower, which will help narrow all your options and choices down to one.The Stihl BG 50 Leaf Blower Review

If you are looking for a blower, then there is nothing better for you than the BG 50 blower by Stihl USA, and if you are wondering why, then keep reading to find out more!

Pros And Cons Table

Pros Cons
Easy to maneuver Creates fumes as it is gas-powered
Easy to fill tank Small tank
Perfect for smaller yards as it can get into little nooks and crannies

Product Highlights

The BG 50 blower is sure to satisfy your lawn’s need, as it consists of various features that ensure the customer’s satisfaction by providing them with a clean and tidy lawn. At a comparatively affordable price, some of the most up-to-date features that make it stand out from the rest are:Stihl BG50 Highlights

  • Purge pump primer 
  • Gas-powered 0.9 bhp engine
  • Made in the USA
  • 14.5 oz fuel tank

– Stihl BG 50 Review

Stihl BG 50 U4 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Easy to maneuver
Easy to fill tank
Perfect for smaller yards as it can get into little nooks and crannies
Small tank
Creates fumes as it is gas-powered

The BG 50 is one of the best blowers available in the market today. It is an excellent choice for a variety of different customers but especially those who want to use this for domestic purposes. With its focus on comfortable use and customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that the expectations of both you and your yard will be well-met.

Stihl USA is a fan-favorite brand that provides customers with blowers that live up to its reputation. It has a strong and well-built image, as it is many people’s auto-buy company, by providing products that cater to the needs of various people.

With its focus on comfortable use and customer satisfaction, you can be reassured that it will satisfy you and your lawn more than your expectations. BG 50 is a reliable device that you can trust your lawn with because of its powerful engine and lightweight design.

Now you can easily clean up all the small corners and edges of your lawn and leave everyone shocked with the results and working of this gas blower.

The most important thing in a gas handheld blower is its capability to be handled easily . If a blower is hard to handle and work with, then it makes the process harder for you. But with a lightweight and easy-to-control access blower, you can work easily even in different weather conditions.

– How Has The Product Evolved?

The BG 50 is the smallest leaf blower that Stihl carries. In comparison to other previous products, the BG 50 is a total step-up and makes the predecessors, even those larger than it, balk in its shadows.

If we talk about Stihl BG 50 vs BG 56, the BG 50 is very easy and convenient to start up due to its purge pump primer. While the BG 56 has more fuel capacity, it is also relatively heavier, adding to the burden of the user.

Product Feature Breakdown

It is understandable when customers opt for the most well-known brands when they are looking for any technical device. It is best to know all you can about it and read as many reviews as possible. However, it is also very important to ensure that the features of your chosen brand’s blower match well with your needs and the task at hand.Stihl BG50 Features

– Upright Fuel Tank

The fuel tank in the BG 50 is upright, making the process of refueling a lot easier for users who don’t want to tilt the blower in an uncomfortable position just to get it working again. This is one of the many features that adds accessibility and ease of use to this blower. 

No one wants to be troubled by the ill-management of fuel and make it spill while holding the blower in a compromising position. This upright tank ensures that there is no spillage and that none of that expensive and hard-to-mix Stihl BG 50 gas mixture gets wasted.

For those who don’t like being bothered by refueling when they are in the middle of getting their work done, the fuel tank has a capacity of 14.5 oz which is a good amount of fuel that can last for around 30 to 40 minutes. 

– Muffler or Throttle Trigger

The engine has several amazing features. One of them is the throttle trigger that helps you control the speed of your blower and makes sure that even when you are in a hurry, no bumps or missteps ruin your hard work.

Additionally, another feature that will make you adore this blower is the muffler which reduces engine exhaust noises and diverts exhaust gases away from the operator. This means that you can have a peaceful lawn cleaning without any annoying sounds and fewer fumes being released into the atmosphere. Nonetheless, it also comes with a spark-arresting screen that is designed to reduce the risk of fire.

– Warranty

The warranty a company offers for its products says a lot about the product itself. A company giving a long time for warranty knows that their product is high quality and will last their customers a long time. Whereas one that gives a shorter warranty might look like they have no trust in their product.  

Stihl shows us how much they trust their own products by giving a two-year long domestic warranty. In case of any issues with Stihl BG 50 parts or Stiihl BG 50 attachments, you will have access to ongoing service and support from Stihl USA. 

– Purge Pump Primer

The star feature of this blower is the purge pump primer. The purge pump primer feature lets the user prime the Stihl BG 50 carburetor with fuel, making the device easier to start. 

It is designed in a way that ensures that the operator cannot flood the machine by priming the carburetor more times than required. Flooding the engine is still a possibility if you don’t remove the choke after the engine fires.

When it comes to starting the device the process is actually quite simple and is made faster and even easier with the help of the purge pump primer. 

Wondering about the Stihl BG 50 how to start process, then the first step is filling the fuel tank while remaining careful and then pressing the fuel pump bulb at least five times. Move the switch to position 1 and move the choke lever to position three. After this, you need to crank the machine by placing it on the floor and pulling the starter grip slowly. And there you go!

– Light Weight

This blower weighs around 7.9 pounds which is truly surprising for a device that can clean up your whole lawn. The lightweight design makes it very easy to maneuver and work with. You can turn it in whatever direction you desire and avoid any obstacles in your path. Take this blower out in windy or rainy weather and you will still get your work done with ease.

Some might be concerned that the lightweight and compact design would entail that the quality of the product is lacking. Worry not! Like all their products, Stihl made sure to create this handheld leaf blower with top-of-the-line foreign materials, like heat-treated steel and hard metal, that keep the customer in mind and prioritize the durability of the machine.

– Efficiency in its Job

The fuel-efficient engine present in this blower makes sure that the fuel lasts for a little longer than an hour, which means that you can have uninterrupted cleaning during that hour without having to worry about refueling. The engine has a 0.9 bhp and a displacement of 27.2 cc which makes it work faster and hence sucks in the leaves with efficiency. 

Additionally, it also comes with a manual fuel pump that helps provide additional fuel feed for a cold start. So if your engine isn’t warmed up properly, this will make sure that there are no complications when you start the blower. 


Is the Stihl BG 50 leaf blower gas or battery powered?

The Stihl BG 50 leaf blower is actually gas-powered, not battery-powered.

Why does my Stihl BG 50 leaf blower bog down when I give it gas?

A Stihl BG 50 leaf blower may bog down when given gas due to clogged air filters or a problem with the carburetor.

How do I start a flooded Stihl BG 50 leaf blower?

To start a flooded Stihl BG 50 leaf blower, remove the spark plug, dry it, pull the starter cord a few times to clear excess fuel, reinstall the spark plug, and try starting again.


The BG 50 gas-powered blower is an excellent choice for you to pick from, especially if you have just begun to work on your lawn. It is a durable machine that will last you years and is an intelligent investment for your garden.

This review will help you finalize your decision regarding the BG 50, as it is the perfect blower for every type of customer – and yes, that also includes you, as it will get your work done precisely and timely. If you have any further queries, you can always consult the Stihl BG 50 manual and it is sure to have the answer to all your questions!

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