Stihl BGA 100 is essential for you if you are about to redo your yard care kit. Every home requires tools that are necessary for keeping it new and so does the yard.

Essential Tool Stihl BGA 100 Review

No matter how gorgeous your home is, if your yard looks dull and rough, the overall look will also dissipate. What you need to do is to invest in good-quality yard tools.

Well, today we are here to help you with that and have brought you an in-depth review of the Stihl BGA 100 backpack battery-powered blower that will clear up all of your doubts.

Pros Cons
Easy to maneuver Vibrations can be annoying
Battery powered – no tank maintenance required Battery replacement can be expensive
Environment-friendly technology 

Stihl BGA 100 Highlights 

Stihl BGA 100 is a powerful and comfortable blower that is good for the environment and your yard considering all it has to offer. It carries the reputation of Stihl blowers well by being one of the best in the market. Here is what the BGA 100 has to offer:

Stihl BGA 100 Leaf Blower Highlights

  • Multi-function soft grip handle
  • Reduced-emission technology
  • Retaining latch
  • Electric motor
  • Control lever
  • Lightweight body of 5.5 lbs
  • 56 dB sound rating 
  • 168 mph max air velocity 
  • 494 cfm airflow
  • Lithium-ion powered battery
  • High-performance with cable connecting system
  • Two-year warranty

– Stihl BGA 100 Review

Stihl BGA 100 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Easy to maneuver
Battery powered - no tank maintenance required
Environment-friendly technology
Vibrations can be annoying
Battery replacement can be expensive

BGA 100 is a blower that will amaze you with its power, as it is meant for both domestic and professional purposes at the same time.

Note that no matter what use you want from it, you will end up being completely satisfied with the results as it can do in-depth cleaning for long durations, and this is one of its key features.

It is not unusual to see customers reaching for the most popular brand name. Making sure that your blower deserves the amount you are paying for is important, in addition to its functionality.

You need not worry anymore, since Stihl USA is a well-known brand in the yard-tool market that puts forward the best of the best for its customers over and over again. 

This brand is one of those that deliver on both ends by being trustworthy as well as having a diverse range of features for all its appliances.

Not only is it a fan-favorite, but it also provides customers with products of the highest quality that satisfy their needs, as the product is worth investing it. Similarly, the BGA 100 has its primary focus on comfortable use and customer satisfaction. 

On another note, the most prominent feature of this blower is its Stihl BGA 100 battery. The lithium-ion-powered battery gives this blower the power to run and clean up your yard perfectly well. This means that you can get all your work done without harming the environment or putting any of your plants at risk by dangerous fumes.

When you put this handheld blower on boost mode, it performs the at its peak. The lithium-ion battery blower provides better power and blow than many other battery-operated options that are found in the market and stands to be superior to other expensive models.

The performance is so great that it could even be considered superior to many gas-powered models. On the other hand, the blower’s battery makes it a great reason for users to purchase it, many also consider getting a replacement battery more expensive than getting a new tool.

Nonetheless, one of the prominent traits of a handheld blower is that it should be lightweight to save you from being too tired.

As a result, the manufacturers put a lot of thought into how they can add as many features as necessary without having to make a heavier model that could become a pain for the user. The manufacturers and designers for the BGA 100 passed at this swiftly.

On another note, this 5.5 pounds lightweight blower is easy to carry around, simply you can lift it and carry it without having to worry about tiring yourself or hurting your muscles. Not only that, but it is also easy to maneuver and hence helps you be more thorough with your work.

Another unique feature of this blower is the retaining latch that prevents the unit from an unintentional start when the battery is inserted, so you would not be wasting any power.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

Stihl BGA 100 has evolved by being more lightweight than its previous version, it will get the job done with less of a load. Furthermore, this version has more energy and will clean the pile of leaves with a stronger force than the previous model.

The Stihl BGA 100 is a product that any user would lean towards, as not only does it provide comfort, but also efficient time-saving clean-up and adequate power, making it a star choice for just about anyone who is looking to accomplish the perfect lawn care. Even in comparison to the other blowers of the company, the BGA 100 is a huge improvement.

Take the Stihl BGA 86 for example, it has a weight of 6.2 pounds which is heavier than the BGA 100, as the 100 is about 5.5 pounds, which is why it is a difference, to ease your muscles when you are getting the job done with this version of the product from the company.

Stihl Bga 100 Backpack Battery Powered Blower

The older version has a blowing force of 15 N compared to the 17 N of the BGA 100, which makes it more forceful and stronger when the work is being done, as the two N make a difference.

With an increased blowing force, the BGA 100 uses more strength on the leaves, not just saving time but also vacuuming a larger ratio of leaves in comparison to the BGA 86.

At this stage it is simple to see that the max air velocity for the BGA 86 is 146 mph and the air volume is 459 cfm, whereas the BGA 100 has a 168 mph air velocity and an air volume of 494 cfm.

With an increased amount of air capacity in the blower and with a higher speed of flow, the BGA 100 performs more powerfully and takes less time, and this is what was looked upon when manufacturing.

When we talk about Stihl BGA 100 vs 200, we can see where the BGA 100 is better and where it is lacking. The BGA 100 is again lightweight compared to the 7.1 pounds of the Stihl BGA 200, but then it also does not have 21 N blowing force or any quiet performance technology.

Stihl BGA 100 Breakdown

– Multi-function Control Handle 

This awesome feature is loved by users as it makes this device the most accessible because the function of it is superb and this is one of the qualities that one must look into when investing.

Handle of the Blower is Soft and Comfortable to Use

The control handle allows the user to operate the blower with ease and makes it convenient to turn the backpack blower in whatever direction you desire. It allows you to swerve towards the spot you want to clean and dodge any obstacles that come in your path.

With all the access and comfort it offers, you soon become a pro at using this device, no matter what your profession is. Moreover, the handle is also soft and designed in a way that improves user comfort. So you now have a comfy and rested hand even after hours of working.

– Warranty

There is no doubt that the warranty a company offers says a lot about how much they trust and recommend their products.

Stihl gives its users a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, which shows that they trust their products to perform well enough for their users who would not be needing a replacement anytime soon. Overall, this aspect builds confidence in the user upon the company and it’s products.

– No-emission Battery-powered

A blower that is strong and gets the work done in time is important, but so is all the effort you put into promoting a green planet. No one from us wants to harm the environment just to get our yards clean, and now this feature has changed.

Well, you do not need to worry about this with the Stihl BGA 100, as its lithium-ion charged battery ensures that you are saving the planet by reducing your carbon print.


This review helps you see that the BGA 100 leaf blower is a strong machine targeted for a wide range of users—and that includes you, too!

Now you can clean your yard, driveway, fences, and garden with ease and comfort and without any guilt of harming the environment by using this perfectly set blower.

To look for the best Stihl BGA 100 price, you can search for “Stihl BGA 100 Amazon” or “Stihl BGA 100 Home Depot” on your browser, and you will end up with many options of Stihl BGA 100 for sale.

Do not hesitate to go for it, as comfort, convenience, ease, and clean earth are the top features that make this blower stand out from the rest!

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