Stihl BGA 200 is a blower that is gaining popularity with every passing day, as it gives your garden a professional look.

Product Review of Stihl BGA 200

The easy starting, lightweight construction, and anti-vibration technology offer more comfort and less fatigue.

This Stihl BGA 200 review demonstrates why it is the best lawn blower you can invest in. After weighing the pros and cons, we talk in-depth about the product, explain it is superior to earlier models, and come to a conclusion that shows you that this leaf blower is the best option out there.

Pros Cons
Quiet operation Expensive setup 
Lightweight and ergonomic design Relatively heavier than other blowers 
Interchangeable lithium battery 

Stihl BGA 200 Highlights

With this new range of Stihl leaf blowers, cleaning up your yard is sure to be a breeze. This updated model includes a two-stroke engine that is great for clearing up large amounts of debris. Let us examine some of its key features:

  • Power source from battery 
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs
  • Blowing force: 21 N
  • Sound pressure rating: 59 dB(A)
  • Max air velocity: 188 mph
  • Air volume at nozzle: 553 CFM
  • Run time (w/ AR 3000 L): up to 500 mins
  • Average air velocity: 70 m/sec (157 mph)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Two years 

– BGA 200 Review

BGA 200 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air flow
Number of airflow settings
Quiet operation
Lightweight and ergonomic design
Interchangeable lithium battery
Expensive setup
Relatively heavier than other blowers

Being one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, including lawn mowers and blowers, Stihl is an expert. They continuously meet the requirements of both professionals and homeowners, offering options ranging from robust backpack blowers to battery-powered ones. 

In order to give you a better idea of what to anticipate from the top of the cordless range, we are going to take a closer look at the Stihl BGA 200 battery-powered leaf blower.

This cordless blower from Stihl has the capacity to handle practically any blowing task. Professional landscapers and large homeowners benefit significantly from the BGA 200’s ability to be used both indoors and outside because it may be used anytime, anywhere. 

Additionally, this Stihl blower operates quietly, making it the ideal option if you need to work early in the morning, late at night, or in an area where noise complaints can be a problem. The noise-less BGA 200 will not cause a hassle while used and now, you can work in your garden anytime without disturbing your and your neighbor’s peace. 

The ergonomic shape, which was created with comfort in mind, is both small and incredibly light at only 7.1 pounds. This makes it not only easy to maneuver but also quite portable and hence translates to longer, less tiring use of the new blower, which is what makes it easy to be used.

Review of Stihl BGA 200

You may also unwind by using the cruise control feature, which lets you breathe out without pulling the trigger. When you finish the task at hand, you can conveniently place the blower in the hanging slot to store it securely. This makes the blower an effortless tool to use. With no unnecessary complications, it is as easy as anything.   

While gas blowers have been in the market for longer, gardeners are aware that battery powered equipment is more trusted for smooth lawn maintenance.

Hence, the BGA 200 handheld lawn blower is the best option in the battery-operated category. The fact that this leaf blower is a Stihl product, it means that it would require little to no maintenance is another fantastic feature.

It is even better for the environment because there are no emissions due to it being a battery-operated machine. Stihl understands the negative impact of gas emissions and is moving towards battery-operated lawn equipment.

Alongside being environmentally friendly, the battery operation makes the tool lighter and much easier to use. You just replace the battery with ease instead of the bothersome gas or fuel change which can be an inconvenience between smooth lawn work.

If kept in decent conditions, the slim design makes it simple to store and does not require much upkeep. A two-year commercial warranty—equivalent to a five-year consumer warranty—is included with the hand-held blower.

While not included with the blower, Stihl also sells a shoulder strap that adds to the convenience of the BGA 200. This demonstrates the company’s value of client comfort and happiness. Just how comforting does that sound for you?

Alongside the comfortable usage of the BGA 200 which does not allow your wrists to fatigue, you can use the blower with relaxation.

Plus, it has two types of nozzles one of which is round, and the other is flared, these both are responsible to allow the blower to reach into any corner and nook for thorough cleaning of debris. 

Since all the controls are located on the multipurpose handle, you can operate the BGA 200 battery blower with one hand.

Whether you are left- or right-handed is irrelevant. To further prevent your grip from slipping, the handle is composed of soft-touch rubber, which also aids in the reduction of unnecessary vibrations.

On another nore, remember that a retaining latch has been included with safety in mind, relieving you of the worry that you might accidentally turn on the motor. What an ease to mind!

The separate Stihl BGA 200 parts are available on Amazon or Home Depot in case one wants to repair the blower. The blower also comes with a thorough user manual which makes it easier to understand and operate it immediately. 

– How Has the Stihl BGA 200 Evolved?

Stihl bga 200 has evolved by being having a battery belt added to it, in addition, it has a stronger blowing force compared to its previous version. On the other hand, is also comes with two nozzles to make the work easier than its previous version. 

The BGA 200 does not use a battery that is physically mounted on the device, which is one of the ways it differs from other blower designs, such as the Stihl BGA 86.

It is attached to either a battery belt or to Stihl’s backpack battery. Despite being a different approach, it results in a blower that is lighter in your hand and weighs only 7.1 pounds.

Stihl BGA 200 Evolved

The most powerful blower in the Stihl lithium-ion battery line, the BGA 200 handheld blower provides nearly 25 percent more force than the BGA 100 which stands at 17 N. Moreover, the BGA 200 offers a max air velocity of 188 mph while the BGA 100 has a max of only 168 mph. 

Additionally, with the recommended AR 3000 battery, the BGA 200 can run up to 500 minutes while the BGA 100 only runs a maximum of 395 minutes. It is true that the Stihl BGA 100 is lighter in weight than BGA 200, as the former weighs 5.5 lbs while the latter weighs 7.1 lbs. 

However, the added weight is accounted for in improved speed, power, and runtime. Therefore, there is no doubt in the fact that the Sihl BGA 200 is much improved and more advanced than its predecessor BGA 100.

Also, the newer versions of the BGA 200 are also out, including the famous Stihl BGA 300 as well. 

BGA 200 Feature Breakdown 

– Electric Brushless Motor

Stihl electric motors are small, lightweight, and low maintenance, with little vibration and low noise levels. With the squeeze of a trigger, they ignite instantaneously and are compact and strong. 

Features Breakdown of BGA 200

Moreover, they don’t need gasoline or fuel mixing, are cordless, and are simple to use. A 36 V lithium-ion battery from the Stihl pro cordless system supplies the energy required to operate the BGA 200, which is the key component to its powerful energy suppliance. 

– Multi-function Handle

All of the blower’s controls can be adjusted with just one hand thanks to the multi-function handle, making it easy and dependable for both right- and left-handed people to use. 

Additionally, the operator can simply change the engine speed thanks to the handle’s control lever. All the controls are within the reach of your fingers when holding the blower, making it easy to switch up the settings even while using the blower. 

The reason why this is great is that as a user, your mind will not be preoccupied through the functionality system of the blower. Simply, you will be able to make it function in the ideal way, and mentally, you won’t be tired. 

– Retaining Latch 

A retention latch is present on every Stihl battery-powered product to stop accidental starts when the battery is installed. Which means that you should not worry about being overly cautious when using this cordless lawn blower in the presence of children or pets, as this will save you anxiety from any incident to take place. 

– Hand-held

Although backpack blowers are excellent, this handheld model is considerably more lightweight and portable. Due to its lightweight and tiny size, the device is suitable for people who suffer from back or spine conditions. Also, the blower’s ability to access smaller spaces with impressive efficiency is made possible by its size.

– Reduced-emission Engine Technology

The “Caring for Nature” seal from Stihl Inc. designates its products as being more earth-friendly, with zero or low exhaust emissions. In addition, it will reduce the usage of anything that is harming the enviornment, and run smoother.

Emission Reduced Engine

This shows that Sihl is mindful of the pollution contribution and minimizes it the best it can. Which shows that, if you are a person who actually cares for the environment, you should definitely consider this Stihl blower. 

– Powerful Engine 

There are only a few cordless handheld blowers that exceed the force of 20 N and the BGA 200 is one of them. The heavy air force clears away any unwanted material, from stray leaves to gravel debris, leaving your yard clean and leaf-free. 

The reason why this aspect is one to take into consideration, is that the one who is using this tool, will not feel tired because of the weak-running machine, on the contrary, the powerful machine is one that will encourage you to do the work, because you will be ticking the task off your list in no time.


The BGA 200 is highly interesting because of the strong professional-grade engine, the diversity of nozzles, the safety measures, and all the customization options.

The safeguards and attention Stihl has taken to shield its customers from fatigue and chronic joint issues may be the most astounding feature.

It is safe to say that this leaf blower is among the greatest ones currently available on the market, as it is simple to operate and comes with a comprehensive manual, making it both dependable and enjoyable. So wait are you waiting for?

Look for the Stihl BGA 200 for sale near you and get your hands on the one with the best Stihl BGA 200 price.

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