Stihl BGA 56 is another testament that Stihl never stops innovating and coming up with new products. With this Stihl blower, they have perfected the balance between lightweight and long-lasting batteries.

Best Option for Leaf Blower Stihl BGA 56

Let us proceed with the article which explains the advantages and drawbacks of this blower in great detail.

We will look at the specifications and discuss why they are advantageous and whether you should choose this leaf blower over other options. 

Pros Cons
Lightweight A little pricey
Adjustable tube Only one power option
Good battery life
Cordless blower

Stihl BGA 56 Highlights

Much lighter than all other industrial lawn blowers, Stihl did not compromise on the force quality when it came to the Stihl BGA 56. This quiet device is so innovative to use that it has charmed all the users in a short time.

  • Max air velocity: 54 m/sec (121 mph)
  • Sound pressure level: 63 dB
  • Air volume at nozzle: 600m³/h (353 cfm)
  • 9 N blowing force
  • Weight: 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)
  • Runtime: Up to 20 minutes
  • Engine power: 0.9 bhp
  • Displacement: 27.22 cc
  • Warranty of up to three years

– Stihl BGA 56 Review

Stihl BGA 56 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Air Flow Settings
Adjustable tube
Good battery life
Cordless blower
A little pricey
Only one power option

The one-handed, cordless Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower is by far one of the most potent blower than it appears to be. Even though it appears to be light and little, but you would be surprised by the power it produces once you start using it. 

The blower can be used by anyone who is in need or in charge of accomplishing the task without scraping against the ground, and this is due to the plastic nozzle’s adjustable length. 

Note that once the Stihl BGA 56 battery is charged and slipped into the rear, the device is ready to rock because the only controls on the entire thing are a trigger-like button on the handle. This feature is not always used on all leaf blowers, hence, it is what makes this version very unique and advanced.

To further elaborate, the Stihl BGA 56 is among the best models ever created since it offers the user the utmost comfort with its lightweight portability.

Because the charge duration is conveniently managed by the battery, which means that there is no need to worry about gas filling or tank maintenance, or any of these aspects to trouble you.

However, if and when it’s necessary, you may change the battery or recharge it after a few months when you feel it’s time to do so.

With the BGA 56, Stihl has once again surpassed itself by adding an amazing throttle lock system to its leaf blower. To start the blower while holding the handle, what you should do is first slide the lock switch forward and pull the safety trigger. As a result, there is virtually little risk that you unintentionally start the blower while carrying it.

On another note, this blower is famous for having a quality rubber grip, and this underrated feature is crucial if you spend most of your time using the machine. Fatigue and cramps due to unnecessary vibrations are common after using gardening machinery. 

Hence, Stihl, being ever so thoughtful and dedicated to the detail, designed all its latest handheld blowers with a rubberized soft touch to decrease the vibrations and make the blower comfortable to use.

The Stihl BGA 56 is the best battery-powered cordless leaf blower available in terms of both quality and usability at the same time.

What’s more is that this lightweight compact equipment is faster, more reliable, and more comfortable to operate than a backpack blower since it is lighter and more sturdy, which means you won’t feel the fatigue after you’ve cleaned your yard.

Along with the Stihl BGA 56 lockout lever, which allows the user additional control over the machine, the secondary handle promotes comfort. The placement of the secondary handle allows the weight to be distributed more evenly, resulting in lesser strain on a particular muscle or joint while maximizing maneuverability. 

Note that most users particularly compliment the selection of nozzles given, including the round and flared end tubes that are both provided.

Straightaway, with the variety of nozzles, you can sweep up a wide area of debris, and thanks to the flared slim end tube, you can adjust the blower to tighter parts of your garden or lawn to work more comfortably around it. 

The mystery of when the blower will shut down puts one on an edge, in order to solve this problem, the Stihl company came up with a super convenient solution and applied it to this leaf blower. To prevent accidentally running out of battery mid-job, the battery contains a button that, when pressed, displays the amount left, so that the user will be aware.

The only downside is that there is only one power setting, which makes it a touch too powerful for sensitive applications like working on gravel and even for flowerbeds. However, it is a great tool for heavy-duty blowing and would not fail you with heavier debris or a big pile of leaves. 

For the reasons discussed above, the machinery is best for long-term usage at an affordable Stihl BGA 56 best price. It requires little maintenance, which certainly saves you from frequent visits to the maintenance shops.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

The Stihl BGA 56 has evolved in its battery power through the way that the machine would run in a more effective way, and longer in duration. In addition to this, the wight of the machine has become lighter as well, which means the task would be done easier. 

Stihl BGA 56 vs 57 is a common comparison, as the Stihl BGA 57 is a somewhat improved version of the BGA 56, with a better battery and power capacity. After close inspection, it seems that the two models differ in storage capacity and weight. 

Stihl Bga 56 Has Evolved in Its Battery Power

While BGA 56 is 9.3 lbs, Stihl BGA 57 is only 5.1 lbs, which means the latter is easier to carry without any strain on the user’s back or shoulders. 

Also, the BGA 56 wins in the blowing force category which is 13 newtons compared to the BGA 57 which has a blowing force of only 9 newtons. Hence, if you are looking for a blower high in power, the Stihl BGA 56 is definitely for you. However, if you want one lighter in weight and with high battery storage, it is suggested to opt for the Stihl BGA 57. 

Stihl BGA 56 Feature Breakdown

– Easy to Start Technology

This cutting-edge starting technology intends to make Stihl products start quickly. The Easy to Start system eliminates the need for a forceful pull of the starting cord, making it nearly effortless to start the outdoor power tool.

Easy to Start System Eliminates the Starting Cord

This means that the blower, itself, is a comprehensive one to the elderly who do not wish to use any overly complex machinery, or with tough technology. 

– Purge Pump Primer

The purge pump primer is put together so that the user cannot flood the machine by repeatedly priming the carburetor, because of incidents, the company brought this into light. However, if the choke is not turned off after the engine starts, flooding the engine is still a possibility, so you might need to look out for that.

This is among the most useful Stihl BGA 56 parts since you can take out the primer for cleaning without any need for additional tools to add or special accessories needed. Hence, it is a joy for those who do not want to tire themselves with the extra effort of taking the primer out the hard traditional way.

– Power Punch Speed

Lastly, this machine has proper seeding, and with a maximum air velocity of 159 mph, the Stihl BGA 56 packs an unforgettable punch of power. Starting it up, you can tell how high-performance the machine is and the work that it will give you. 

Stihl Bga 56 Clears up Debris up To a Considerable Distance

The professionals cannot get enough of the power expected, on the other hand, the enthusiasts would definitely claim that the Stihl BGA 56 clears up debris up to a considerable distance, basically it does, if you own a medium sized yard that needs the proper cleaning to be done.


Can I use car oil for my Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower?

No, car oil is not suitable for the Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower. It requires specific two-stroke engine oil for optimal performance.

How often do I change the oil in my Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower?

Oil should be changed every 25 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first, for the Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower.

How do I cold start Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower?

To cold start the Stihl BGA 56 leaf blower, prime the fuel bulb, set the choke, and pull the starter cord briskly until the engine fires up.


Professional lawn maintainers understand how crucial it is to have the proper tools, and there is no denying that the Stihl BGA 56 blower has everything a blower has to offer while also including extra functions that other brands may not have. When combined with the thorough Stihl BGA 56 manual, the blower is simple to use and enjoyable. 

The Stihl BGA 56 cordless leaf blower is available to purchase with or without a battery and battery charger. If you already own Stihl power packs that are compatible, lucky you because the individual unit is far less expensive.

But even if you do not, do not shy away from purchasing by searching ‘Stihl BGA 56 Amazon,’ as the quality and durability of the product are worth the Stihl BGA 56 price.  

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