Stihl BGA 86, the upgrade to a fantastic device, produces a forceful blast of air when necessary and its variable speed trigger allows you to reduce airflow for more delicate work like light brushing.

Stihl BGA 86 Cordless Leaf Blowers

With its reasonable Stihl BGA 86 price for such a potent tool and the design, it features simple controls along with a handle that naturally directs the blower downward.

Keep reading this article to know about the in-depth features of the leaf blower in this Stihl BGA 86 review and see for ourselves whether it is worth investing in. 

Pros Cons
Variable speed control panel  Slightly heavy battery pack
Downward pointing nozzle  The nozzle length is complicated to adjust
High blowing power
Round and flat nozzle design

Stihl BGA 86 Highlights

With high control over its airspeed, this blower is extremely user-friendly and fun to use, not to mention the high-functioning control panel which is everyone’s favorite!  Some of its popular features, to determine, the Stihl BGA 86 hand-held lawn blower has to offer are:

  • Battery-operated hand-held design 
  • Blowing force: 15 newtons
  • Air velocity: up to 154 mph
  • Run time: 21 minutes maximum
  • Sound pressure rating: 58 dB
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Air volume at nozzle: 459 cfm
  • Up to three years warranty

– Stihl BGA 86 Review

Stihl BGA 86 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air Flow
Number of Air Flow Settings
Variable speed control panel
Downward pointing nozzle
High blowing power
Round and flat nozzle design
Slightly heavy battery pack
The nozzle length is complicated to adjust

The Stihl electric series are one of the most efficient one, in addition, the battery-operated handheld leaf blower that they produce have impressed us yet again with the much improved Stihl BGA 86.

It is a perfect tool for professionals and those who have a passion for lawn maintenance. In its iconic orange and white colors, Stihl has made a name for itself for its uncompromising quality in the market, and this addition is a spectacular one with all the features it includes.

It has yet again outdone itself with the BGA 86 blower by installing an incredible locking system. Through this, it is relatively safer around children or animals, so it marks a solid reach for thoughtfulness in this case.

Being portable, lightweight, and durable, this blower is easier to maneuver and more comfortable to use than a backpack blower. Along with the throttle’s “control lever,” which gives the operator more control over the machine, the secondary handle enhances comfort. 

You may also expect the benefit of the range of nozzles offered, including both the round and flared end tubes that are both included with the blower, and the rubber grip’s ability to reduce vibration.

The Stihl BGA 86 deserves high praise for its resistance to uncertain weather conditions. Its resistance to rain is a feature that makes it more durable and fit for long-term users and professionals, in case the chore was happening during an autumn rain, nothing will harm it. In addition, due to its slim design, it is easy to store and maintain, making it perfect for any type of user.

What makes the Stihl BGA 86 one of the best models ever designed is that it is made to provide the user with the utmost comfort. To elaborate further, the section of Stihl battery-powered blowers, nothing exceeds the Stihl BGA 86 in terms of both quality and functionality. 

Perhaps the only complaint regarding the Stihl BGA 86 is its slightly increased weight. Nonetheless, the weight of the device is exacerbated by the presence of a large battery, as it weighs 4.56 kg together with the battery.

Even though the blower is angled downward by the hand grip, there is still a substantial amount of weight to hold. However, with a bigger battery capacity, the device has a longer run time and charge storage, which the advantageous part of it coming from a bigger perspective. 

The Stihl company made sure that these new series are ready for long-term usage, with little effort to maintain the machine, so there won’t be any need for frequent appointments to the maintenance shop, and this is why the users of this tool actually love it.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

Stihl BGA 86 has evolved by having almost half way more power than the previous model, and this makes it run more effectively. On top of this, the Stihl BGA 86 is lighter in its weight, and it has a better nozzle that is adjustable to the leaf blower.

As technology improves, so do technological products. The most common comparison in the BGA series is Stihl BGA 85 vs BGA 86.

The Stihl Bga 86 is Lighter in Its Weight

The new BGA 86 model is 50 percent more powerful and 12.5 percent lighter than the previously released, which is the BGA 85 model, and even with this newer version, so much as changed, as per adding half of its power onto the new machine. 

This machine also produces fewer vibrations, making it more comfortable to use, has a longer battery life, and is quieter by only producing 91 decibels compared to the 100 decibels of the BGA 85.

Therefore, the BGA 86 is a reasonably improved version of Stihl’s BGA 85, the older version. The BGA 86 has an adjustable-length nozzle that offers you a unit length of between 1,000 mm and 1,150 mm, as opposed to the older model’s fixed-position nozzle.

Compared to the Stihl BGA 57, which has a CFM of 365, the Stihl BGA 86 has a CFM of 459, making it the better landscaping tool.

But when compared to the Stihl BGA 100, the BGA 86 falls on the heavier side as it weighs 6.2 lbs compared to the 5.5 lbs of the former, which is not a very load when the work is being done.


Stihl BGA 86 Feature Breakdown

– Locking System

To start the Stihl BGA 86, you must first slide the lock switch forward to pull down the safety trigger while holding the handle, this is made for the betterment of the functionality.

The blower cannot be activated by the trigger till that time, which means that the chances of accidentally turning the blower on while carrying it are close to zero to avoid all hazards. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the machine lying unattended with children or pets around, because the company has looked through this aspect.

– Noise Reduction

The electric aspect of the blower gives the user a smooth and quiet experience, which is much appreciated, especially compared to the noisy gas-powered machines.

Blower Gives the User a Smooth and Quiet Experience

Which means that now you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with your hobby. Plus, what a relief to be able to partake in lawn maintenance without it being an unnecessary hassle.

– AP Line of Batteries 

The BGA 86 belongs to Stihl’s professional range and uses the AP series of batteries. The AP300 6Ah battery is what the manufacturer advises for this particular model, which has a runtime of up to 21 minutes long.

Conveniently, the charge period is battery controlled, so there is no concern about outdated gas refills and tank maintenance. On the other hand, the battery, if needed, can be changed or recharged after a couple of months when it seems suitable, which means after the run time, it can still cooperate. 

Additionally, you can buy the device barebones if you already have batteries available, which costs significantly less.

– Lightweight Design

The Stihl BGA 86 is built with lightweight material and machinery to reduce the operator’s fatigue the best it can. Its weight of mere 6.2 lbs makes it easy to travel with and use for an extended duration.

All this is because we all know how full of fatigue it is to work with any machine for hours, which certainly takes away the charm of lawn maintenance, and it leaves you being tired of accomplishing the task.

However, with this leaf blower, the task will not feel it’s a very heavy chore because the tool is not extensively heavy on its own.

– Powerful Speed

When you turn on the Stihl BGA 86, you can feel a sudden burst of power against your palm.

In this blower, air flows at a moderate rate of 11.24 m/s, or 146.95 m³/hr, at its slowest speed which means the machine is working at its perfect speed and helping you get things done.

You should note that the device is strong from even a distance, as it is recorded to have a 21.7 m/s airspeed even from a distance of one meter, which is actually very fast.

– Rubber Hand Grip

Stihl BGA 86 is comfortable to hold for an extended period, thanks to the soft rubber texture on the hand grip, which makes it easy to hold and smooth to function with.

Rubber Grip Prevents the Vibrations

Also, the thick rubber grip prevents the vibrations from reaching the hands of the users, which makes it comfortable to use and is a great feature for those suffering from arthritis or sensitive joints. Now you can work for hours and not feel a speck of discomfort, because of this particular feature.

– Multi-function Handle

All of the blower’s controls with all speed level, air velocity, power, it can be adjusted with just one hand. Fortunately, the multi-function handle is the key that makes it easy and dependable for both right and left-handed people to use.



The Stihl BGA 86 comes with a user manual, which guides you on all the features that prove the machine to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use! This blower also gives the option to buy Stihl BGA 86 with battery or even without it.

If you already have batteries, you can purchase it as a stand-alone. Alternatively, Stihl also offers a Stihl BGA 86 best price bundle including the blower, battery, and charger. 

This Stihl BGA 86 is exciting because of the strong professional-grade engine, the diversity of nozzles, the safety measures, and all the customization options.

Hopefully, the in-depth analysis of the blower and comparison breakdown helps you decide whether the Stihl BGA 86 is the best option for you or not.

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