Stihl BGE 61 VS BGE 71 is a battle between two popular electric blowers from a company that is well-known in the blower industry. Each Stihl blower can be a perfect fit for a consumer that needs it for a specific job or property type.

Better Choice Between Stihl Bge 61 vs Bge 71



You should decide what some of your specific needs are, which will sway you toward one of these remarkable blowers.

This comparison article will provide you with enough information about the two Stihl blowers so you can decide which one gives you the functions you need.

Feature  Stihl BGE 61

Stihl BGE 71

Weight  6.8 lbs.  6.8 lbs 
Blowing Force  9 Newton 9 Newton
Functions Only blower Blower/Vacuum and gutter cleaner
Noise Level  64 dB (A) 64 dB (A)
Air Speed  148 mph  148 mph 
Air Volume  285 cfm  285 cfm 

What Are the Differences Between Stihl Bge 61 and Bge 71?

The main difference between Stihl BGE 61 and BGE 71 (and the only significant one) is their capabilities. BGE 61 can only be used as a leaf blower, whereas BGE 71 can perform two other functions. BGE 71 is also a vacuum and gutter cleaner. 

It might seem like a small difference, but it can make a world of difference for the consumer. Firstly, it’s a way to cut down your budget for this device. This way, you will not spend time, energy, and money looking for a vacuum, as well. Furthermore, this is a key indicator of how to separate your needs. 

So, we identified the difference and how it can help the consumer determine which blower they need based on their individual needs. It’s also essential for the consumers to understand the similarities and effect they will have on their choices. Firstly, both are handheld leaf blowers which are easier to carry and maneuver. Furthermore, their power source is electricity.

Being from the same company means that it’s understandable that they have similarities. There are sometimes cases where two different models have the same key features. It’s also essential to note that there will be a feature that can help you separate the two. So, we separated five aspects and will determine if those aspects are different or the same and how they can help the consumer in their choice. 

– Weight 

Winner: It’s a tie

The first category that we’ve separated is the weight of the blower. As stated above, these blowers are powered by electricity, which means they don’t have a fuel tank. It means that these two blowers are lighter than those that require fuel. So, the question is, how light are they?

Both BGE 61 and BGE 71 have an equal weight of 6.8 lbs. So, both are moderately light blowers that will be easier to handle. Furthermore, both are handheld blowers, which means that the consumer will have a lower weight on their hands. Moreover, a lighter blower means it’s easier to handle it.

It means whichever product you choose, you will have a blower that’s easy to work with. Furthermore, the consumer will have fewer chances of getting tired quickly.

– Blowing Force 

Winner: It’s a tie 

The second category is blowing force. The blowing force is the power with which the device blows the leaves. The higher the blowing force, the better it can do its job without you spending too much time in one place. Similar to the previous category, both blowers have 9 Newtons of blowing force each.

Blowing Force Is the Power of a Blower




It is a pretty good force for blowers that are handheld. It means that either one can help the consumer to work effectively. With these blowers, you can complete your job moderately quickly. In the end, both Stihl products are a perfect choice for someone who wants to spend less time in one place due to lack of blowing power.

– Functions 

Winner: Stihl BGE 71

The third category that we separated is functions. Some of the blowers have the capability to convert into different devices, such as vacuums. BGE 71 is one of those blowers and can convert into a vacuum and it’s also good at gutter cleaning. However, BGE 61 does not have that capability –  it’s only a blower.

It means that BGE 71 has the upper hand in this category and wins. So with the help of BGE 71, you will have three cleaning devices in one. Furthermore, this is a way to save time. 

– Noise Level 

Winner: It’s a tie

With every blower, it’s essential to pay attention to the noise level. In general, blowers are very loud, and it’s recommended to find a blower with low sound pressure, even if the difference is very slight. BGE 61 has a sound level of 64 dB (A), which goes against BGE 71’s 64 dB (A).

Extra Noisy Stihl Bge Leaf Blower


As you can see, this is another similar feature. It means that both blowers can be used in various places. There is a general rule that a quieter blower is better suited for a tighter neighborhood. In this case, both blowers can be used either in a larger neighborhood or a tighter-packed one.

– Air Speed and Air Volume 

Winner: It’s a tie

And the final category that we separated is airspeed and air volume. These are one of the most essential aspects of the blower. Airspeed (measured by mph) is responsible for moving the leaves and other debris, especially the one’s tighter areas. Air volume (measured by cfm) is responsible for moving large piles of leaves. 

So, when looking for a blower, you will need to understand what you are looking for. If you are looking for a blower to clean tighter places, then you will need to find a blower with higher mph. However, if you want a blower to move bigger piles, then a blower with higher cfm is your answer. Both blowers have 148 mph air speed and 285 cfm air volume.

It means that both blowers have equal speed and will move the leaves with equal force. Furthermore, both blowers have a good air volume, which shows that they can move bigger piles better than cleaning tighter places. So, in the end, choosing either one of these blowers means having equally strong blowers.

Stihl BGE 61 Comprehensive Review


  • Has “caring for nature” seal 
  • Electric motor 
  • Multi-function handle


  • The cord might be limiting during work

Stihl is a company that doesn’t need any introductions. Stihl BGE 61 is a perfect model to have as an example of what the company values the most. This model is user and environmentally friendly. Similar to other models from the Stihl family, BGE 61 also has a “caring for nature” seal. 

Stihl Bge 61 Caring for Nature


These seals help to identify environmentally cautious elements, resulting in low or zero exhaust emission. The company defines these emissions as cleaner than EPA and or CARB standards. This way, you will have an environmentally-friendly product. Another standard feature that BGE 61 possesses is the multi-function handle

It is a control handle for multiple functions. Furthermore, this handle allows the user to control the blower with one hand. Even more impressive is the fact that it’s adjusted for both right-handed and left-handed people. The blower has a built-in cable strain relief.


The role of this feature is to prevent the cord from coming out. Speaking of the cord brings us to only the “downside” of this blower. This blower has a short cord, which can limit the area you can work in. It, however, isn’t as big of a deal if you know about it and find a way around it, such as getting a long extension cord. 

Stihl Bge 71 Comprehensive Review


  • Can convert into a vacuum 
  • Has a gutter-cleaning mode 
  • “Caring for Nature” seal 


  •  Cordiness can limit the space. 

BGE 71 is another perfect example of a Stihl product that has all the good qualities of the company. BGE 71 is also a handheld blower powered by electricity. The blower, similar to other Stihl products, is user-friendly. One indication of that is its multi-functioning handle. 

The handle has two functions that are important for any operator. Firstly, this handle controls many different functions. And secondly, the design of the handle is in a way that you can use this blower with only one hand. Moreover, the handle can be controlled by both right and left-handed people.

This way, the buyer will not be limited to one blower due to being right-handed or left-handed. Another essential aspect to mention is the blower’s Stihl electric motor, as this motor has two essential attributes. Firstly, this is one of the reasons that BGE 71 has that low sound pressure. Furthermore, it reduces vibration.

Another plus for the operator is that the motor is a maintenance-free brushless DC motor. It means that this motor doesn’t require any extra care from you. This way, the maintenance level of your blower is easy. Similar to other Stihl products, BGE 71 also has the famous “Caring for Nature” seal.


BGE 71 has one feature that is only attributed to this model, and that’s its converting ability. This product can be converted into both a vacuum and gutter cleaner. This way, the buyer will have both a vacuum and a gutter cleaner. So, it’s a three-in-one device.


Overall, Stihl BGE 71 won one of the five categories and tied with Stihl 61 in the other four. This means both are equally strong and user-friendly blowers that are suitable for all types of situations. Stihl BGE 61 is a fantastic choice for a consumer that wants a quieter and lighter blower. On the other hand, Stihl BGE 71 is a great pick for a consumer who is also looking for a vacuum. 

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