Stihl BGE 61 brings an end to your search for the best tools to create such a dream yard that everyone wishes to have for their home.

Worthy Leaf Blower Stihl BGE 61

Today, we have brought to you an in-depth review of this Stihl leaf blower to show you how this is the perfect choice for many users.

Impressive features, effective usage, and a powerful engine are just a few specs on the long list of why you should put this item at the top of your list!

Pros  Cons
Lightweight 6.9 lbs body Creates vibrations
Easy to maneuver Cable may limit the area you can cover
Convenient to use because of the multi-function control handle

Stihl BGE 61 Highlights

This BGE 61 handheld leaf blower comes with a variety of specs and features that ensure that it stands out amongst all the others. Stihl has always prided itself to be the brand that puts its users and their comfort above all else.

This blower is a testament to these claims as it comes with some of the most efficient and up-to-date features, some of which include:

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  • Electric power source
  • 6.8 lbs lightweight body
  • 9 N blowing force
  • 64 dB sound pressure rating 
  • 120 V Stihl electric motor
  • Built-in cable strain relief
  • Multi-function control hcandle
  • Reduced emission technology
  • 148 mph max air velocity
  • 285 cfm air volume at nozzle
  • 9.2 A motor output

Stihl BGE 61 Review

Stihl BGE 61 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air flow
Number of airflow settings
Lightweight 6.9 lbs body
Easy to maneuver
Convenient to use because of the multi-function control handle
Creates vibrations
Cable may limit the area you can cover

When looking for any electrical device, all users look for the best brands that are trusted by many users and have a good reputation. That is not a bad choice, as the more reviews a device has, the more chances there are that you will select a device that is best suited for you.

Stihl USA is a reputable and well-loved brand that you will hear about a lot in the yard care and lawn care community. Which would basically send the message that it has products being sold all over the world with thousands of people returning to them every time. 

You do not have to be concerned about their quality as you have many people telling you how Stihl is a brand that never compromises on the quality of its products and always comes up with a variety of new and up-to-date features.

No matter what product you are getting, the most important factor that you search for is the power of the blower. A powerful blower means a cleaner yard in a shorter time. Isn’t that what we all are hoping for? If so, then you should know that the 1200 V electric motor on the BGE 61 will not let you down.

It is a strong and competent motor that gets your work done in no time and with the added benefit of no guilt about the environment, it might just be exactly what you are searching for. 

The threat of being sprayed on by the fumes from the tank while refilling a gas-powered blower is always something that holds people back when working.

No more being scared of the fumes for you, your plants, and the planet, as with the reduced emission technology and the electric motor, you will always remain safe from getting burnt or any lurching guilt.

Putting customers first is what every company claims to be doing but Stihl shows this with every new product. Reaching the topmost level of comfort for customers is their goal, and they do it flawlessly, because remember that it’s a company that has invested in making the utmost of their manufacturing products.

The multi-function control handle is one example of it, which comes with a soft grip that enables you to do your work in peace without getting your hands hurt. It also gives the users easy access to all controls from a single operating point.

This makes it more convenient and feasible for the user, so they can finish their task within time by easily reaching for the operation without having to reach around and leave the handle.

One of the worst things about outdoor devices is the amount of voice they create that can drive the operators crazy once working for long hours. The 64 dB sound pressure rating does not eliminate all sound but does minimize it the best to give you a comfortable working experience. 

– How Has the Stihl BGE 61 Evolved?

The Stihl BGE 61 has evolved by having a new look at what a perfect electric handheld blower should be like with the various features and the best quality. In addition, it also has a better cleaning speed than that of its previous version.

This blower truly raises the bar for the quality of products and even brings good competition in the market for all the other brands.

Perfect Electric Handheld Blower

When we compare the blower to some of the brand’s other blowers, we recognize how it has improved and where it falls short. When compared to the Stihl BGE 60 price, we see that the weight, sound pressure rating, and blowing force of the blowers remain the same, being 9.8 lbs, 64 dB, and 9 Newton, respectively.

However, the difference is in the air volume and air velocity, which, for BGE 60, are 362 cfm and 139 mph respectively.

The same metrics are 285 cfm and 148 mph for BGE 61 respectively. This means that while there the air supply will be more for BGE 60, the speed of cleaning is better for BGE 61.


Talking about Stihl BGE 61 vs BGE 71, we see that again both the blowers have the same weight, sound pressure rating, and blowing force, being 9.8 lbs, 64 dB, and 9 N, respectively. The main difference between the two is, except for the Stihl BGE 71 price, that the BGE 71 can be converted into a vacuum with an additional vacuum kit.

BGE 61 Features Breakdown

– Multi-function Control Handle 

This is one of the many awesome features that is loved by users all over the world because of the convenience and ease it brings to the working experience. It makes this device so easy to use, as you no longer need to reach around for different buttons and cables.

The control handle brings the ultimate flexibility into use by allowing the user to operate all the functions through one access point. So now all features can be accessed through one operating point, making it easier for the user to control the blower.

Not only does it allow you to swerve towards the spot you want to clean, get all the spots that require attention, and dodge any obstacles that may come in your path while working easily without having to reach for any other part of the blower, but it also makes it insanely easy for you to become a pro at cleaning your yard.

– Warranty

No matter what the brand is and how trusted it is, the warranty it offers for its products says a lot about how much it trusts and recommends its products. 

Stihl makes sure that all its customers know how much confidence it has in the quality of its products by giving a great deal on the warranty that proves that its quality and feature range is unmatched. 

Stihl gives its users a two-year warranty from the date of purchase which shows that it trusts its products to perform well enough for its users who would not be needing a replacement anytime soon or probably never. This is what the company wishes to build with their clients, the strong trust in getting the money’s worth.

– Lightweight Design

One of the best things about handheld blowers is that you do not need to be really strong and hit the gym twice a week to operate them.

A device that can be used by everyone in the household is a device that most people are on the hunt for. And it is understandable for domestic users, as taking care of the yard is everyone’s responsibility!

The weight of the device is an important factor in this case. You do not need to be worried about the weight of this blower, as this 6.9 pounds device is one of the best you will find and is a star among all the lightweight blowers out there. 

You can rarely find such a practical blower that weighs so little. This blower is easily maneuverable and does not require too much effort to work making sure that you and your limbs stay unharmed. In addition, the chore won’t look much of an exhausting task for you, as well as the next time as well, you will be encouraged to blow the leaves away from your yard. 

– Built-in Cable for Relief From Strain 

The built-in relief cable is another great spec. The cable is a very important part of an electric blower as it controls the places and areas the blower can cover.

Built in Cable for Relief From Strain

Unlike gas-powered blowers, the cables can limit the area to cover, and their breakage could cease all work.


The long built-in strain cable in the BGE 61 helps prevent the power cord from becoming accidentally disconnected, thus ensuring that your yard work stays uninterrupted at all times. When this is granted to you, you will be feeling safer, and much more relaxed, because it will lack complications, even exhaustion and worry.


This Stihl BGE 61 review shows you why the blower is the perfect choice for you. It has various features that make it famous and a favorite amongst fans and is a great choice for both domestic and professional users!

Basically, this would signify that if you are still on the fence about it, we recommend you give it a shot and we guarantee you would not be disappointed!

To know more about the specs of this amazing leaf blower, or even to look for the best Stihl BGE 61 price, you can search “Stihl BGE 61 Amazon” on your browser, and you will be lead to the most amazing one.

Undoubtedly, this blower is a great choice for all those who are looking for a practical and effective device that has all the best specs available in the market with the side advantage of being comfortable and environmentally safe!

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