This Stihl BR 200 review delves deep into all of its features, capabilities, and performance. This blower is designed to provide power and superior performance in a convenient and comfortable backpack design that is easy on the user.Stihl BR 200 Review

The BR 200 aims to provide potential buyers with a reliable companion to handle various types of outdoor tasks. In this review, we shall uncover if it holds to that claim and whether it is worth the price.

An Extensive List of All the Common Features

Stihl BR 200 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Airflow settings
Quiet performance with a 70 dB (A) noise rating
Lightweight design (12.6 lbs)
Anti-vibratory system for comfortable operation
Adjustable support harness for additional comfort
Produces gas and carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment
Does not have a mulcher

Based on our observations, the BR 200 showcases a great range of versatile and useful features that make it stand out from other blowers. In addition to the following features, this leaf blower offers its user a unique backpack design that helps alleviate user fatigue and makes carrying it much easier.

  • Powerful 1.07 bhp 27. 2 ccs two-stroke engine
  • Easy-to-start system for quick and efficient starting
  • A lightweight design of only 12. 6 lbs
  • Anti-vibratory system
  • Backpack design for comfort
  • Fuel tank capacity of 35.5 fluid ounces
  • Blowing force of 12 N
  • A sound pressure rating of 70 dB (A)
  • Maximum air speed of 150 mph
  • Maximum air volume at nozzle of 400 cfm
  • Gas-type power source
  • Easy to access multi-function control handle
  • Adjustable harness support
  • Padded backing
  • A useful user manual that illustrates measures for safe operating
  • Limited warranty

The Ultimate Stihl BR 200 Review

  • Number of functions: 8/10
  • Weight: 9.5/10
  • Airflow: 9/10
  • Airflow settings: 9.5/10

To quickly summarize our feelings on the BR 200, we give it a score based on its performance in four critical categories. After trying out this product, we can safely say that it ranks pretty high in all four categories: it gets an 8.5/10 for the number of functions, a 9.5/10 for weight, a 9/10 for airflow and another 9.5/10 for the number of airflow settings.

When it comes to convenience and overall performance, the BR 200 outperforms. First, let us talk about its professional-grade two-stroke engine with a horsepower of 1.07 bhp and displacement of 27.2 ccs.

The engine delivers impressive power that creates 12 N of blowing force which is sufficient for residential to light commercial use. It also has a unique mechanism that works to provide superior power while also reducing fuel consumption, making it highly efficient.

It has an easy-to-start mechanism that provides for an almost instant start-up of the blower. This is quite unheard of for typical gas-type blowers which require you to tiresomely pull and tug on cords to rev up the engine and get it going.

Drawing from our experience, we have noticed that, in general, gas-type leaf blowers, such as the BR 200, offer more power and force than their electric counterparts. Additionally, they also offer a longer runtime, as opposed to battery-operated or corded blowers where the battery time runs out fairly quickly. However, with gas type, you are good to go with one fueling for quite a long time, with no breaks or inconsistency in the blower’s performance.Control Handle of Stihl BR 200

However, some Stihl BR 200 problems still exist. Based on our first hand experience, and according to Stihl BR 200 review consumer reports, the power, although great for lighter commercial tasks, is not sufficient enough for major professional use, so that is something worth considering if you were looking to purchase it for such a purpose.

As this is a gas-powered backpack blower, there are a few safety protocols on how to safely operate this blower. Hence, we recommend watching a YouTube review of it by searching for ‘Stihl BR 200 review YouTube’. Additionally, make sure to read through the manual to be sure of how to run this blower.

A common concern of several users is the Stihl BR 200 price. By searching up ‘Stihl BR 200 Amazon‘ you easily find a listing on the product from which you can gauge the pricing. However, it is worth noting that you can find an even better price by searching for ‘Stihl BR 200 for sale near me’.

– How Has the Stihl BR 200 Evolved?

The BR 200 backpack leaf blower has notably evolved, incorporating different new features and upgrading the already pre-existing ones from the past models. A few ways in which the product has evolved include the design, ergonomics, and the noise levels.Stihl BR 200 Evolution

From the design and ergonomics aspect, this blower has significantly improved with the brand-new addition of the adjustable support harness which can be altered to fit the individual requirements of the user. Therefore, with the BR 200, you achieve ultimate comfort as you set it to your build.

Secondly, we have an improvement in the noise performance. The older versions all have noise ratings that go far above 80 dB (A), but the BR 200 has a noise rating of a mere 70 dB (A), which is a much more comfortable and peaceful level to work with.

Let us compare some of the Stihl BR200 specs with the Stihl BR 350. First, the BR 350 is a whole 10 lbs heavier, weighing 22 lbs, whereas the BR 200 is approximately 12 lbs. This means the BR 200 is much easier to move about and also easier on the user’s body.

Second, the BR 350 has a 75 dB (A) noise rating, while the BR 200 is slightly quieter at 70 dB (A). However, the BR 350 offers a bit more blowing force, 17 N to be precise, so it all comes down to what you are looking for.

A Further Examination of the Main Features

– Multi-Function Control Handle

The BR 200 features an easy-to-access control pad that has all the buttons and controls in one space. This makes it easy to handle and use the device, making it a far more user-friendly experience, as you do not have to be confused about where each control is.

– Anti-Vibratory System

This blower is equipped with the advanced technology of the Stihl anti-vibration system that actively works to reduce user fatigue and provides a more comfortable operation. Unlike other blowers that do not have vibration-absorbing systems, the BR 200 is easier on the bones and joints and does not pose the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome due to prolonged use of the blower.

– Adjustable Support Harness

The Stihl backpack blowers, including the BR 200, are all lined with adjustable support harnesses that distribute weight evenly across the shoulders and back. This further reduces user fatigue and provides a painless operation even after an entire day of yard work.Support Harness of Stihl Br 200

– Powerful Two-Stroke 27.2 CC Engine

The engine that works inside the BR 200 blower is a high-functioning one that offers a blowing force of 12 N. This generates an air speed of 150 mph and an air volume of 400 cfm, providing enough strength to take on a great variety of demanding tasks.

It lets you quickly work through larger areas that would otherwise take forever to clean up. It also reduces any extra effort on your part by effectively clearing away large spaces of land in a matter of moments. Additionally, this powerful engine is also fit for industrial and professional degrees of workload.

– Quiet Performance

A common con with gas-type blowers is that they produce too much noise, but on the contrary, the BR 200 barely produces 70 dB (A). This is considered to be a safe level of noise that does not harm your eardrums and does not cause a disturbance in the neighborhood.


When we tried this backpack leaf blower, we learned that it definitely holds up to its reputation and even goes beyond it a little. So as we reach the end of our review, we would like to say that this is a great blower for residents and professionals alike who are searching for something a bit more substantial and durable than the average everyday blower.

Overall, the BR 200 deserves its reputable image for its power, comfort, and durability. All of its features make it a great long-lasting blower that will serve you for many years to come. With its exceptional performance and thoughtful design, it proves to be a worthwhile investment and we highly recommend it.

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