Stihl BR 430 vs BR 450 is a hard choice when both products are from the same reputable manufacturer. Both are great leaf blowers with similar features.

Comparison Between Stihl BR 430 vs BR 450

However, their suitability to individuals depends on the circumstances. The article will provide you with the information you need to choose the best leaf blower for your needs. 

Features  Stihl BR 430

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Stihl BR 450

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Weight  22.3 lbs. 23.4 lbs.
Fuel Tank Size 57.5 oz. 57.5 oz.
Blowing Force  26 Newtons  28 Newtons 
Air Volume and Speed  219 mph 

500 cfm 

219 mph 

642 cfm 

Sound level  76 db(A) 77 db(A)

What Are the Differences Between Stihl BR 430 and BR 450?

The differences between Stihl BR 430 and BR 450 are their weight, blowing force, and sound level. They also have different air volumes. These small differences have a significant impact on where and when they are suitable for you, depending on your own needs, as well.

The differences between these two products focus on size due to them being manufactured by the same company. Being a product from the same company means sharing some common traits. Firstly, both BR 430 and BR 450 are backpack leaf blowers powered by gas. Furthermore, they have some similar features.

It is where the similarities end and differences start. The differences are mainly in product specs and features, which change the circumstances in which they are suitable. We’ve chosen five key features and compared them to see how these circumstances change their suitability.

– Handling and Weight 

Winner: Stihl BR 430

The first thing you will pay attention to when choosing a blower is the weight and the ease of handling. The winner in this category should be the lighter blower. BR 430 weighs 22.3 lbs, whereas BR 450 weighs 23.4 lbs., so the winner in this category is BR 430. 

Handling and Weight of Leaf Blower

A lighter backpack blower has several advantages. Firstly, with a lighter blower, you will have less weight on your shoulder, which shortens the possibility of weight fatigue. Furthermore, the weight also dictates the ease of handling. It means a lighter blower is easier to handle than a heavier one. 

So, if you want a lighter blower, you can not go wrong with the BR 430. Due to its weight, you will have an easier time using it in all sorts of jobs and angles. Furthermore, you will lessen your chances of having weight fatigue. 

– Fuel Tank Size

Winner: It’s a tie

As mentioned above, both are powered by fuel, specifically gas. In this category, we don’t have a clear winner as they are tied since both the BR 430 and BR 450 have a tank capacity of 57.5 oz.

The tank capacity is responsible for how long the blower will work because based on the size of the tank, it can hold a certain amount of fuel. 

– Blowing Force 

Winner: Stihl BR 450

The next essential aspect is the blowing force. Blowing force is the strength with which the leaf blower expels debris or dirt from one place to another. The blowing force of the BR 430 is 26 Newton, whereas that of the BR 450 is 28 Newtons. It means that in this battle, 450 comes out as a winner. 

A higher blowing speed of the leaf blower will allow you to complete your work in a shorter time frame. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend extra time in the same area, like you would if it had a weaker blow force. In the end, if you are looking for a model that has a stronger blowing force, the best choice is the BR 450

– Air Volume and Speed

Winner: Stihl BR 450

The next aspect is airspeed and air volume. In this battle, we need to pay attention to two numbers. BR 430 has 219 mph (airspeed) and 500 cfm (air volume), which goes against BR 450s’ 219 mph (airspeed) and 642 cfm (air volume). As we can see, both models have the same airspeed. 

Air Volume and Speed

It eases our job regarding deciding the winner in this category. As per usual, we are looking for a higher number which is BR 450s’ 642 cfm. Even if the numbers were different in terms of airspeed, this one would win.

A blower with higher airspeed is better if you are planning to use it for tighter spaces like gaps between deck boards. Higher air volume, however, is better when you need to move big piles. Usually, that’s what people consider essential hence pay attention to that number. 

In other words, when choosing a blower, you need to consider the air volume meter. It also means that BR 450 will help you move big piles of dust a bit better. 

– Sound Level

Winner: Stihl BR 430

And the final category that we separated is the sound level. Generally, blowers make lots of noise, and you will need to wear hearing protectors to protect yourself. It is why it’s essential to look for a blower with a lower noise level. BR 430 makes noises at a level of 76 db(A), which goes against BR 450s 77 db(A). 

Similar to weight, we are looking at a lower number, which means the winner is BR 430. As you can see, the difference is very small, only 1 point. However, this one point can change the circumstances in which you will use them. In other words, with BR430, you will have a relatively quieter blower. 

Stihl BR 430 Comprehensive Review

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  • Stihl Elastostart handle 
  • Built-in stop switch 
  • Multi-functional control system 


  • Has a weaker blowing force 

Stihl is one of the leading brands in the industry. The company’s intent is to create blowers that are eco-friendly and comfortable to use, and the BR 430 model does not disappoint. This module has some product features that are common in Stihl blowers. One example of such features is the multi-functional control handle. 

Thanks to this handle, the operator has easy access to all other controls. Furthermore, the operator controls the blower without taking their hand off the handle. Other common features include a pump primer and an anti-vibration system. Thanks to these features, the blower becomes easy to control and comfortable to use. 

BR 430 also has other features that are only typical to this model. One such example is the throttle trigger lock which has a built-in momentary stop-switch. It allows the user to turn off the engine by pressing a button or lever. After you turn off the engine, the throttle lock automatically returns to the “start” setting.

It means that your blower can start whenever you are ready to use it. The other feature is unique and can only be found in Stihl products. It’s the ElastoStar starting handle, which is a starting grip that reduces the needed effort when the user is pulling on the starter cord. 

Furthermore, this handle reduces the chances of the user feeling the forces (compressions) commonly felt during the engine start-up. 


It helps users to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. The only downside to BR 430 is that the blowing force is not strong. However, this can be minor based on your needs. So, in the end, by using BR 430, you will have a blower that’s light, easy to use, and comfortable. 

Stihl BR 450 Comprehensive Review

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  • Purge pump primer 
  • Anti-vibration system, 
  • Multi-functional control 


  • Heavier blower 

The BR 450 is another popular backpack blower from Stihl. Similar to other Stihl products, the main focus is the comfort of the operator and eco-friendly features. It has a powerful two-stroke engine with low emission. The blowing force is around 28 Newtons. 

In other words, you will have a powerful blower. The blower also has some of the features common in Stihl models. Those features include a purge pump primer, a multifunctional control handle, and an anti-vibration system. The primer and control handle helps the operator easily control and start the blower. 

Stihl BR 450 Comprehensive Review

The anti-vibration system creates a comfortable working experience for the operator. The system reduces the operator’s fatigue, which is beneficial for individuals’ health. Another user-friendly feature is the easily adjustable tube. This tube can be adjustable according to the operator’s height and needs. 

And the final interesting and user-friendly feature is the semi-automatic choke. This choke simplifies the starting procedure. In other words, this choke makes BR 450 easy to start.


This model only has one downside – it’s a little heavier. As stated, a heavy blower can result in weight fatigue. However, the weight can be a minor problem if you adjust it according to your comfort. So, with BR 450, you will have a powerful blower that can tend to your various needs. 


Overall, both the Stihl BR 430 and Stihl BR 450 are equally powerful blowers. Proof of that fact is that they tied in our mini-battle by each winning two categories and tieing on one. It also means that the best blower for you is the one that suits your needs. 

So, if you want a blower that is lighter and does not make lots of noise, we can not recommend the Stihl BR 430 enough. However, if you want a blower that has more blowing force, then the Stihl BR 450 is your best choice. 

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