Stihl BR 450 C EF is frequently used by those who are into professional lawn maintenance as the brand has given its customers several reasons to adore it.

Details Review of Stihl BR 450 C EF

This is a one-of-its-kind gadget, as it has an onboard battery that gets charged while the device is operating.

Let us go over some pros and cons of this blower and then its key specifications and analyze them to conclude if this blower is actually worth investing in. 

Pros Cons
Anti-vibration technology Less powerful than others 
Self-adjusting to temperature  Can feel heavy to those with spine issues
ElectroStart technology 

Stihl BR 450 C EF Highlights

  • Power source: Gas
  • Weight: 25.3 pounds
  • Blowing force: 28 N
  • Sound pressure rating: 102 dB (A)
  • Air volume at nozzle: 642 CFM
  • Engine power: 3.9 bhp
  • Fuel capacity: 57.5 ounces
  • Engine displacement: 63.3 ccs

– Stihl BR 450 C EF Review 

Stihl BR 450 C EF Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air flow
Number of airflow settings
Anti-vibration technology
Self-adjusting to temperature
ElectroStart technology
Less powerful than others
Can feel heavy to those with spine issues

Although having a perfect lawn is desirable, your comfort should not be sacrificed for it. Since we are being honest, there are options besides the Stihl line of backpack leaf blowers, but you will be so pleased with the BR 450 C-EF that you would not even consider using anything else.

To add to your comfort, the powerful engine vibrations at the handles of this power tool are muted to lessen their harshness on the hands and arms of the user over time. To do this, the BR 450 C EF incorporates a powerful anti-vibration system that dampens vibrations from the machine’s engine to drastically reduce shaking at the handles. 

The machine’s anti-vibratory technology is a really welcome addition. It makes sense that owing to the certain vibrations you would experience, using a blower would make you feel at least slightly uncomfortable. 

Hence, it is somewhat amazing that you can’t feel even the tiniest vibrations coming from the BR 450 C-EF. All its users are always left astounded by how effective the anti-vibratory mechanism is after testing the blowers.

Thanks to the ElectroStart technology, the Stihl BR 450 C-EF backpack blower can be restarted without being removed from the user’s back, saving time and effort. This high-performance blower can easily be restarted via the multi-function control handle. 

Apart from saving time and effort, it also helps in fuel saving as the tool can be easily switched off and restarted when not in use. To elaborate further, this feature, to be specific, makes it quite simple for the guard and the functioning, as it gets the job done.

The BR 450 C-EF also features a pull electric start with Stihl ErgoStart for starting at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, the blower can start in subfreezing temperatures thanks to the ErgoStart mechanism. To suit a range of users and applications, the blower tube length and handle position can be quickly adjusted without tools, adding to the convenience.

Stihl’s two-stroke engine with two-MIX technology is used in this blower, which provides great engine performance, remarkable engine life, and the maximum volume of torque for high blowing force.

Despite its horsepower, the engine operates with low emissions, which would show how it already satisfies the criteria of the EU Stage II emissions standard.

This blower from Stihl, which is renowned for its comfortable design elements, is no exception to the extraordinary line of Stihl blowers since the user never needs to remove their hand from the handle, as they can control the blower with just one thumb at the handle, saving you from anxiety.

The lengthy blasting tube further down from the powerhouse can be readily adjusted without the use of tools.

It is the perfect answer for accommodating various body types or a particular cleaning activity which makes it possible to always blow with the best control and force. If necessary, it is also possible to alter the handle position without using any tools.

The ErgoStart mechanism makes starting the BR 450 blower more comfortable. This is accomplished by facilitating a smooth, consistent pull to start the engine and making it more useful. 

An additional spring that is placed between the crankshaft and the start-up mechanism during the start-up phase makes the process less taxing overall. The engine may be easily started with even a light tug on the starter rope.

Not to be overlooked is the Electrostart technology, which enables users to quickly and easily restart the leaf blower at the touch of a button without having to remove it from their backs. This gets rid of needless hassle and is the best option for quick breaks. Thankfully, the Stihl BR 450 C-EF battery can also be recharged while the blower is in user.

You should consider the BR 450 C EF as your top option for this reason: it is environmentally friendly. With zero or low exhaust emissions, Stihl Inc.’s powered goods are marked with the “Caring for Nature” seal, indicating that they are environmentally friendly as well.

According to Stihl Inc., low exhaust emissions are those that meet or surpass EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission requirements.

On the other hand, the BR 450 C EF problem that we come across is the fact that it is not as powerful or speedy as its advanced models. Stihl recognizes the need to have variety in blowers. To be specific, some tasks require low but precise air pressure to clear up lighter debris. 

Plus, those with a small lawn do not require an unnecessarily large and overly-powerful machine. Hence, the BR 450 C EF is perfect for small-scale cleanings, such as casual clearing before the arrival of some friends.

– How Has the Stihl BR 450 C EF Evolved?

The stihl br 450 C EF has evolved by having more weight than its previous version. On the other hand, this backpack leaf blower features more support and power when it comes to its workability. In addition, it can also have more fuel added for the funcionality. 

Let us see how the BR 450 C EF has changed since it’s Stihl’s previous model, BR 450. Although the weight has increased a little to about 25.3 pounds compared to the 23.3 pounds of BR 450, the BR 450 C EF has better power and sustainability. 

Both models sport the new 63.3 cc engine which makes them very similar. However, the first professional Stihl blower with an integrated fast electric start is the BR 450 C-EF, which is made to assist professionals to save time and money while working. This does make the newer model more convenient than the BR 450, adding to the Stihl BR 450 problems. 

If you wish for a slightly lighter blower, although the difference is not very noticeable, you should check out the Stihl BR 450 price. But there is no doubt that the comfort that the BR 450 C EF provides, can not be matched by the BR 450. 

Stihl BR 450 C EF Features Breakdown

– Stihl 2-MIX Engine

For great cutting performance and pulling power, the two-stroke engine with two-MIX technology offers exceptional engine performance, outstanding runtime, and a superb volume torque curve. Despite its strength, the engine emits little pollutants, which means it already satisfies Stage II of the EU emissions criteria.

– Anti-vibration System 

Power tool handles that vibrate violently can have long-term repercussions on the blood vessels in the hands and arms. Because of this, Stihl has created an efficient anti-vibration technology that dampens engine oscillations, greatly reducing vibrations at the handles and offering maximum comfort to its users.

When a leaf blower that can be carried like a backpack has vibration reduction, it shows that the machine can function in a smooth way without aiming to disturb or cause any fatigue of the user. Moreover, it is a feature that the company has thought to add, to help the user perform better.

– Adjustable Blowing Tube 

The blowing tube on this blower is simply adjustable without the use of any tools to accommodate different body types or cleaning tasks. This makes it possible to always blow away the debris at any place with the best control and force.

– Stihl ErgoStart Technology

By allowing for a smooth, steady pull, the Stihl ErgoStart improves the convenience of starting the tool. An additional spring that is placed between the crankshaft and the start-up mechanism during the start-up phase makes the process less taxing overall. 

The engine easily starts with even a light tug on the starter cord, when this happens, it will help you to make sure that you do not have to spend most of your energy on it. Instead, it will help you focus on the matter to be done.

– ElectoStart Technology

Users no longer need to remove the tool from their backs in order to restart it quickly and conveniently thanks to the Electrostart technology of this blower.

This saves them additional bother and is the ideal option for quick getaways. While the tool is being used, the lithium-ion battery is being recharged, adding to the user’s comfort and convenience.

– Throttle Trigger Lock with Built-In Momentary Stop Switch

This incredible feature enables the user to simply push the button or lever to stop the engine using the built-in stop switch. The throttle lock automatically switches back to the “start” position when the engine is turned off.

To put it all in simpler terms, this will help when you are prepared to resume work, your power tool will be set up and ready to go. It will not be a hectic task, where one would be frustrated into doing so.


One of the most user-friendly blowers on the market, the BR 450 C EF has excellent engine technology. For good reason, it establishes a standard for all other powerful blowers!

This blower shows how Stihl puts the comfort and delight of its customers above anything else. When searching for a professional lawn blower, the BR 450 C EF is undoubtedly an interesting option because of its powerful blower engine. 

A good lawn blower needs to be high-performing in all aspects: weight, design, engine quality, speed, power, and more. This is how this leaf blower has showed its significance.

To know more about the BR 450 C-EF price or to find Stihl BR 450 C-EF for sale, you can search for it over the internet or at your local hardware stores. We hope this Stihl BR 450 C-EF review was helpful in making you decide if it is the optimum blower for you!

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