This Stihl BR 450 review testifies to the hype and necessity of a backpack blower. This blower is the perfect combination of a heavy-duty yet compact machine that allows the user to get their yard work done with powerful airflow while keeping their comfort as a priority.Stihl BR 450 Review

Keep reading to find out more about this blower and how this is the perfect choice for you.

The Main Highlights

Stihl BR 350 Key Criteria
Variety of features
Number of airflow settings
Lightweight design
Fewer vibrations
Multi-function handle makes it user-friendly
Gas-powered - not the best for the environment
Making the Stihl BR 450 fuel mixture is time-consuming

Stihl has always come around with the most innovative and new combination of features in their list that maintains quality, durability, strength, and most of all user comfort. Here are some of the features of the BR 450 that make it stand out from the rest:

  • Purge pump primer
  • Multi-function handle
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Gas-powered
  • 4 lbs lightweight body
  • 28 N blowing force
  • 77 dB(A) noise rating
  • 219 mph max air velocity
  • 642 cfm air volume at the nozzle
  • 9 bhp engine power
  • 3 cc engine displacement
  • 5 oz fuel tank

An In-Depth Stihl BR 450 Review

  • Weight: 9.3/10
  • Variety of features: 9.5/10
  • Airflow: 8.75/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 8.5/10:

There is no doubt that Stihl has some of the best blowers in town. The brand ensures that no matter which product you opt for, you get the best quality. And, the BR 450 leaf blower is what our team believes to be suitable for just about all sorts of users.

The first thing that many users look at in a blower is the weight since it is one of the major factors that affect the comfort and usability of the blower. The BR 450 has a weight of 23.4 lbs which is great for a backpack blower with as many features as this, earning it a 9.3 out of 10.

The next thing to view before investing in your blower is the number and variety of features that it offers. The BR 450 offers the most innovative and useful features, each of which sets it apart from the rest. These features include a combination that is not seen before, ensuring that the user gets the best operating experience while also giving the best results in the least time. For this, the BR 450 is given a 9.5 out of 10.Ergonomic Stihl Blower

The airflow of the blower is what has the basic hold over its efficiency. The higher the airflow is, the less amount of time you spend in your yard. This blower has an airspeed of up to 219 mph and an air volume of 642 cfm at the nozzle, for which it gets an 8.75 out of 10. This comes in especially handy when you have to maintain your yard even on the most scorching days.

Also, since this blower can remove leaves with an airspeed of up to 219 mph, you can choose the most suitable air settings for the amount of precision you require. This earns it an 8.5 out of 10 in the number of airflow settings.

– How Has the Stihl BR 450 Improved?

The Stihl BR450 has improved by being designed as a lighter model. Its blowing power has also increased, while simultaneously reducing its vibration. The ergonomic improvements such as a multi-functional handle makes it a high-demand blower, because Stihl has a reputation of putting their users before anything else.Stihl BR 450 Improved

If we compare this blower to the Stihl BR 430, we see that these blowers are mostly similar except the BR 430 is a little lighter with a 22.4 lbs weight and comes with ElastoStart.

However, it has a lower air volume of 500 cfm at the nozzle and also a lower blowing force of 26 N, when compared to the BR 450s 642 cfm and 28 N. This shows that while it does come with some additional features, it does not stand up to the BR 450 strength-wise.

When compared to the Stihl BR 350, we see that the BR 350 has a 17 N blowing force, a maximum air velocity of 201 mph, only 436 cfm air volume at the nozzle, and a 2.8 bhp engine power. This is all lower than the specs offered by the BR 450.

When we compare this blower to the Stihl BR 600, we notice that it has a higher blowing force of 32 N and a lower 71 dB (A) noise rating and is also lighter than the BR 450 with a 21.6 lbs body. The two of them also have some similar features that include an anti-vibration system and a purge pump primer along with a multi-function handle. But, the BR 450 does have a larger fuel tank of 57.5 oz while the BR 600 has a 43.7 oz one.

The Key Features of This Blower

– Purge Pump Primer

The purge pump primer lets the users prime the carburetor with fuel which makes this blower highly easy to start. And as we all know, a blower that is easy to start and does not take too much time is exactly what everyone is looking for.Stihl Purge Pump Primer

Also, Stihl USA has designed the primer in a confident manner that ensures that the operator cannot flood the machine. Such flooding in the blower can occur due to priming the carburetor more than necessary. A flooded carburetor could lead to the engine not working properly or not even starting.

So, this modern technology makes sure that such Stihl BR 450 problems are left behind, allowing you to put in less manual labor and effort at maintenance as possible.

– Anti-Vibration System

Our team has tried numerous blowers and the one thing we consider our pet peeve in blowers is that they vibrate way too much. This is because excessive vibration in the tool irritates the hands and causes pain and ache in your arms and hands. The Stihl anti-vibration system ensures minimal vibration in the blower resulting in any pain and aches staying far away from the user.

– Low Noise

To stay far from the label of being “the noisy neighbor,” you must switch to a device that has low noise levels, and this is where the BR 450 steps in. With its low 77 dB (A) noise level, you and all those around you remain as comfortable as possible at all times.

– Multi-Function Handle

Everyone loves an outdoor electrical machine that is convenient to use with the operation for which is the least troublesome. Stihl has added a multi-function control handle to ensure that their users are satisfied by not having any difficulty in understanding the operations of the blower.Stihl BR 450 Handle

All the controls are present on the handle which allows the users to have seamless work by not having to remove their hand from the blower at all, and even being able to do the job in one go. Additionally, without having to divert their attention to control elsewhere, the users of the BR 450 work with precision and without any distractions.

– 57.5 oz Fuel Tank

The 57.5 oz fuel tank allows the users to get two to three hours of cleaning without having to refuel, which is again a blessing because the undistracted operation allows for more efficient and precise cleaning. So you would not have to pause between some heavy cleaning just to refuel your blower.

– Ergonomic

Stihl is known for its ergonomics that promote ease of operation and always prioritizing user comfort, and this blower is no different. The padded backpack straps allow the user to balance the already lightweight blower on both their shoulders, eliminating any back pain. The soft landing of the straps ensure that the users’ shoulders have contact with a material that is gentle and not harsh.


Are you looking for the best blower in town both in terms of power and comfort? Well, the BR 450 is your answer! This review shows you exactly why this Stihl backpack leaf blower is the perfect choice for you. It comes with all the features needed to make it a star blower, including its ergonomic design and the Stihl BR 450 backplate.

To get your hands on it, search “Stihl BR 450 Amazon” on your browser. You can even check out its user manual to know more about it. Overall, this blower is a great choice for anyone who is in search of a comfy yet powerful tool!

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