Stihl BR 450 is a powerful yet lightweight leaf blower and is the perfect choice for many. With a powerful 2-stroke engine, this model boasts a 63 cc engine that provides plenty of power for heavy-duty applications.

The Review of Stihl BR 450 Leaf Blower

It also has several other valuable features that make it an excellent choice for homeowners, so read through this review to find out more!

Pros and Cons Tables

Pros Cons
Multi-function handle makes it easy to complete tasks with ease Requires some time to warm up
Able to function in below-freezing conditions A little noisy
Maximum air speed of 221 mph which quickly cleans the debris 

Product Highlights

The BR 450 backpack is a powerful and low-maintenance blower with a 2-stroke engine that is built for comfort . It is best for businesses that manage vast properties, challenge landscaping projects, and remove seasonal leaves because it is a piece of heavy-duty equipment.

The credit for its remarkable performance goes to its many notable features, which include:

  • 2-stroke engine with 2-MIX technology
  • The maximum air volume of 642 CFM
  • Vibration-reduction system
  • Adjustable harness
  • Low-emission engine 
  • 1.7-liter fuel tank

– Stihl BR 450 Review

Stihl BR 450 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Multi-function handle makes it easy to complete tasks with ease
Able to function in below-freezing conditions
Maximum air speed of 221 mph which quickly cleans the debris
Requires some time to warm up
A little noisy

When it comes to blowers, the BR 450 is in a class of its own. This powerful blower is designed for professionals who have to clear large areas in a short time and with efficiency.

The BR 450 offers superior performance and durability compared to other blowers. Stihl is known as the most comprehensive manufacturer of blower equipment worldwide, which is why this blower is one of the best ones for you, especially if you have a bigger property!

With a maximum air speed of 221 mph and a nozzle attachment that allows for better airflow control, the BR 450 can easily handle any job.

It also features a fuel-efficient engine that runs up to 20 percent longer than similar models – which means you can operate for a longer duration without having to stop and refuel, this is already been seen and covered.

The massive air movers of this blower quickly dispose of leaves and mower shrapnel, fortunate to the air velocity of more than 200 MPH as well as the high CFM ratings. Also, the robust BR 450 engine results in lower emissions with a blowing force of 28 newtons.

Further down from the powerhouse, the long blasting tube can be readily placeable without the need for special tools, making it perfect for accommodating various nooks and crannies or particular cleaning activities. This makes it possible to always blow with the best control and force.

It has user-friendly design elements, such as the redesigned telescopic tube and the handle that can be quickly adjusted without equipment to improve comfort and functionality.

A built-in semi-automatic choke, a streamlined starting technique, and increased comfort features like wider straps and back padding are all included with the BR 450 leaf backpack for added convenience for the user.

Being a two-stroke engine, the Stihl BR 450 fuel mixture consists of a combination of gas and oil, which provides all the power you require in a handy package. On the other hand, the engine allows you to use it for various tasks, such as seasonal leaf cleanup and managing large properties with many trees, which is even more accommodating.

The device has been designed with the operator in mind, as it has an adjustable tube that can adjust to various operator heights, depending upon the requirement. The handle could also be adjusted without equipment for optimal comfort to be supported.

Enhanced ergonomic design components are additional improvements that simplify the starting procedures and improve user comfort. Therefore, the BR 450 can handle your landscaping needs while managing a residential or commercial property.

However, noise might pop up as a part of Stihl BR 450 problems, as the noise rating of the blower is rated at 77 dB. In addition to this, you can even find many Stihl BR 450 accessories in the market, such straight round nozzle, a semi-automatic choke, and a multi-use handle, which add to your comfort.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

The BR series has produced some of the most popular blowers in recent years. Though the design and features are unchanged, each new model has some notable improvements. 

The first thing you would notice about the new BR 450 is its updated engine. The latest model features a more robust and fuel-efficient engine that provides power for the most challenging blowing applications. It also has an electronic ignition system for a quick and easy start, than the previous model, which is the BR 350.

Robust and Fuel Efficient Engine of Stihl Br 450

Another notable improvement is the addition of an anti-vibration system, which helps reduce operator fatigue by minimizing vibrations that transmit through the handlebars into the user’s body. Additionally, the new model features an improved airflow design that allows an increase in blowing power.

Finally, the latest BR 450 comes with various up-to-date accessories, making it even more versatile than the 350. These include a variety of nozzles and attachments that can be used for different purposes. Whether you are clearing leaves from your yard or blowing snow off your driveway, the BR 450 can handle it all!

The typical comparison of the Stihl BR 450 vs 600, which weighs 21.6 lbs and is within the typical range for gas-powered blowers. Its 4-Mix engine has a 64.8 cc displacement and burns a combination of gas and oil (50:1 ratio).

Product Features Breakdown

– An Efficient 2-MIX Engine

Stihl’s 2-stroke engine with 2-MIX technology is a primary part of this leaf blower, providing excellent engine performance, remarkable longevity, and the maximum volume of torque for high blowing force. These features are required to extend the durability and the quality of the leaf blower you must be investing in.

– Multi-Function Handle

Because of the multi-function control handle, all the controls of this blower are located on one convenient handle, making it easy to complete tasks.

Multi Function Handle is Simple and Comfortable

The multi-function handle is simple and comfortable, and it offers the possibility to control all functionalities of the blower single-handedly, so the user’s hand never leaves the handle.

– Anti-Vibration Technology

The powerful engine vibrations at the handle of this tool are muted to lessen their harshness on the user’s hands and arms over time because as you would spend more time, your muscles would eventually get tired.

This is done through the BR 450’s powerful anti-vibration system that dampens the vibrations from the machine’s engine to drastically decrease shaking at the handles. In other words, this detail is looked upon.

– ErgoStart

By allowing for a smooth, steady pull, the Stihl ErgoStart improves the convenience of starting the tool. An extra spring between the crankshaft and the start-up mechanism makes the starting process less taxing overall. Generally, the engine quickly starts with even a light tug on the cord.

– Adjustable Blowing Tube

The tool-free handle adjustment and the adjustable blower tube of this blower are ideal for quickly clearing vast amounts of leaves, debris, and lawn and hedge cutting, showing you the productiveness of the machine.

The blowing tube on this blower is flexible without the need for any additional equipment. It accommodates different cleaning tasks, making it possible to blow with optimum control and force.

– Ergonomic Design

This backpack blower continues Stihl’s tradition of ergonomic design elements, as only a single thumb can operate the Stihl backpack leaf blower at the handle. 

The device is created with the operator in mind and includes a quickly adjustable tube that can adjust to various operator heights and application requirements. The additional ergonomic design elements include a semi-automatic choke that simplifies the starting process and improves the user’s comfort.

– Easy to Use

The users no longer need to remove the tool from their backs to restart it fast and conveniently, thanks to the Stihl BR 450 electric start technology, which saves them additional effort and is the ideal option for quick getaways.

– Fuel Efficient

Among the notable features of this blower is the fuel efficiency generated due to the tool’s ease of switching off and restarting when not in use.

Blower Can Start in Subfreezing Weather

In addition, the blower can start in subfreezing weather, thanks to the Stihl BR 450 C-EF’s ErgoStart mechanism.

– Purge Prime

The user has the advantage of priming the carburetor with fuel using the purge priming mechanism, making the start easier. The purge pump primer is made, which means that the user cannot flood the machine by repeatedly priming the carburetor.

Nonetheless, If the choke is not turned off after the engine starts, flooding the engine is still possible, hence remember to keep an eye out for that!


The BR 450 has everything you need in a blower, from its powerful engine to its comfortable straps.

And best of all, it is relatively affordable compared to other blowers on the market.  Plus, it has many handy features that make it even easier to use, like an adjustable shoulder strap and a hip pad. 

We hope this review of the BR 450 made you choose the best blower for your needs! If you are on the search for one, try searching ‘Stihl BR 450 Amazon’ and you will see some great deals on Stihl BR 450 price and even the accessories that you would be adding to it. 

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