Stihl BR 500 is the leaf blower for you, if you are in the process of making the perfect yard care tool kit to make your house go from ordinary to the most attractive one in the neighborhood, then you must consider investing in tools and devices.

The Review of Perfect Tool Stihl BR 500

Today, we have brought you an in-depth review of the BR 500 backpack blower that will take away any doubts you might have about this device. Read on as we tell you all how this blower is suitable for you and your home.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros  Cons
Reduced emissions Smaller tank 
Easy to carry because of the backpack feature Low blowing force 
Low noise so you can use it in noise-sensitive areas

Product Highlights

The BR 500 is a backpack leaf blower that includes a variety of specs and features to make sure that the customer remains comfortable and satisfied with this device.

The Stihl traits itself on prioritizing the customers and this blower is a testament to that by being the first choice of many people due to its up-to-date features, some of which include:

  • Throttle trigger lock with built-in momentary stop switch
  • Stihl BR 500 max rpm: 7500
  • Purge priming
  • Reduced emission engine technology
  • Multi-function control handle
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Low-noise sound damper
  • Adjustable support harness
  • Two-year warranty

– Stihl BR 500 Review 

Stihl BR 500 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Reduced emissions
Easy to carry because of the backpack feature
Low noise so you can use it in noise-sensitive areas
Smaller tank
Low blowing force

Stihl USA is a well-known and thoroughly-loved brand that has products being sold all over the world. Their internationally loved products are made in the USA with the most top quality materials, like heat-treated steel and hard metal plated circular saw blades. 

Just like with most backpack blowers, the most spectacular trait of this blower that attracts many users is the feature that allows it to be put on as a backpack, and this would provide comfort to the user.

The adjustable harness attached to the blower helps you balance its weight equally on both shoulders, without tiring yourself too much during your work. It is also important to know that, the backpack padding and backplate give your back the comfort and support required to work long hours efficiently.

Significantly, the engine is one of the most important parts of a blower, as it decides how fast your machine will work and with how much power. Well, the BR 500 has you covered in this regard, and this aspect is a great feature that it holds.

The gas-powered engine has a blowing force of 22 N, a displacement of 64.8 ccs, and an air velocity of up to 207 mph. This makes it a powerful choice that gets your work done on time and with efficiency. You can even remove all the wet leaves and heavy debris from your property. 

With a fuel capacity of 47.3 oz, you can easily work for about an hour or more before having to refuel the machine. So, this makes it even more feasible and convenient to get done with your work.

The tank itself is positioned in a manner that makes it easier for the user to fill and since it also comes with a fuel filler cap, it makes sure that none of the fuel gets wasted during refilling.

Without comfortable use, even the most extraordinarily powerful devices can be useless to the user.

Overall, note that this backpack blower is optimized in many ways to satisfy the customer. In addition to its anti-vibration technology, it helps reduce fatigue and the damper keeps your ears and brain at peace, keeping you focus fully on the task at hand.

For more information about the Stihl BR 500 parts, you can check out the Stihl BR 500 manual available on the company’s website.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

This product is something that any professional working in a noise-sensitive area would turn towards, as it does not just ensure that there is not too much noise creation, but it also provides comfort, efficient time-saving clean-up, and adequate power.

It is a total step up in the blower industry and is one of the most beloved and well-known blowers that Stihl USA carries. 

BR 500 Backpack Leaf Blower

In comparison to the Stihl BR 450, it latter is a little lighter with a 22.3 pounds body. On the other hand, the BR 500 also has a lower blowing force and a smaller fuel tank than the BR 450, but with the advantage of reduced emissions and a low noise damper.

When we make the comparison of BR 500 with the Stihl BR 600, the weight and fuel capacity are similar. However, the BR 650 has a higher blowing force of 32 N, while it does lack the low noise factor that might attract you to the BR 500 blower instead. 

The Stihl BR 800 is another blower from the same company that, when compared to the BR 500, has a higher blowing force and fuel capacity. But the only thing is that it lacks ear-friendly technology and is also a little heavier.

Product Feature Breakdown 

– Purge Priming

The purge pump primer is a feature that many people might not be well-informed about. However, it completely impresses with its convenience, as it lets the user prime the carburetor with fuel, making this blower easy to start. 

It also guarantees that the operator does not flood the machine. However, one thing you should be wary of is that the engine can still flood if you do not remove the choke after the engine fire. So keep an eye out for that!

– Low Noise And Vibration 

The noise suppression muffler is a great way to make your blower the least noisy as it reduces the amount of noise produced and controls the back pressure of the engine, resulting in better performance and endurance.

Blower Reduces the Amount of Noise Produced

In addition, the anti-vibration system minimizes the vibrations in the blower, ensuring that the device provides the most pleasant working experience to the user. Without feeling tired and numb in the muscles.

– Warranty

Stihl USA gives a two-year domestic warranty for commercial use. However, if you are using the product at home, this warranty is eligible for an extension. The two-year warranty is somehow a promise between the company and the user that within those two years, the product will be at its peak performance.

– Easy to Control

This blower is easy to control not only because it can be worn as a backpack, but the multi-function handle makes it more accessible and more feasible to reach all nooks and crannies while dodging any obstacles in the way. 

Stihl BR 500 is Easy to Control

However, the most control is brought to this device by the throttle lock, which has a built-in momentary stop switch that holds your throttle in place with friction so that you can relax your grip and take a break. This is a very keen notion or consideration that they have placed, which would be saving you stress from the handling machine carefully.

– HD-2 Air Filter

This blower comes with a top-of-the-line HD-2 air filter that helps make the cleaning of your yard even more efficient and quick.

The latter is one to consider, as it has a large surface area, runs for a longer time in between cleanings and performs excellently even when you are working in dusty and dry areas.

Another added quality of this filter is that it is washable, which means that you can clean it any time you feel it is not operating well. In comparison to regular air filters, the HD-2 air filter is better because it provides better protection for the engine too.


This review helps you see how the BR 500 is a blower that is the most suited for you. If you are on the search finding a deal on the Stihl BR 500 price, search “Stihl BR 500 for sale” on your browser, and you will end up with a plethora of options!

You can also add on it different accessories, such as blower tubes of your choice, to get the maximum benefit out of your leaf blower. Basically, you should not hesitate to go for it, as comfort, convenience, and ease are the top features that make this blower stand out from the rest!

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