Stihl BR 700 is a superb lawn blower necessary for flawless grass maintenance. This review would make it clear why this blower is a must-have for lawn maintenance, as we will look at the product features in detail, after swiftly viewing a convenient pros and cons table.

Backpack Blower Stihl BR 700

So read on to be convinced that the BR 700 is the best backpack professional blower you can invest in.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
Anti-vibratory design Lesser tank capacity 
Secure harness No cruise control

Product Highlights

This blower is seeing so many positive developments that it is almost difficult to know where to begin. Let us start with going through some main features of the BR 700:

  • 4-MIX gas-powered engine
  • 64.8 cc displacement
  • 197 mph max air velocity
  • 23.4 lbs weight 
  • 47.3 oz fuel capacity
  • 75 dB (A) noise rating
  • 912 cfm air volume at the nozzle
  • 35 N blowing force

– Stihl BR 700 Review

Stihl BR 700 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Anti-vibratory design
Secure harness
Lesser tank capacity
No cruise control

If you search deeply, about the best one you wish to buy, under the category of backpack leaf blowers, you can go beyond the Stihl series. But the BR 700 will be leaving you so satisfied, that you would not think of any other one to buy. 


To dive in, consider the anti-vibratory system that comes with the machine is appreciable. It is understood that one would think of blowers to be at least mildly uncomfortable due to the vibrations they produce. However, the fact that you can not feel the slightest of vibrations from the BR 700 is very surprising. 

Among all blowers, BR 700 is definitely up on the list with the blowers easiest to start up. The credit for the fool-proof starting mechanism goes to the throttle lockout for the choke.

The reason the latter makes it so specific is that this would ensure that you can not apply the choke unless the throttle is in the lowest position, making BR 700 hazard free and safe in case you leave it lying around.

Unlike older models of lawn blowers, BR 700 has a locking ring at the nozzle, enabling the user to lock and unlock the extension whenever he wants. This advantageous feature gives the user the added choice of increasing or decreasing the extension according to their comfort, which is a worry to some people, but now it’s solved! 

We all know the struggles of getting out of the whole toolbox just to make small adjustments to our machinery. But the BR 700 is way ahead of that problem: The pistol grip is easy to adjustable and convert, so you can shrug off any concerns about going to unnecessary lengths to customize the backpack blower.

There is no doubt that the BR 700 blower wins a straightforward test of fuel efficiency. The leaf blower could run for six minutes and 50 seconds in a standard six-ounce test, which is beyond impressive compared to other blowers.

Moreover, looking at the overall design of the BR 700, you will see how insanely convenient it is to carry the blower around, all thanks to the Stihl BR 700 accessories. The user’s back is protected with a thick soft layer and the adjustable support harness supports the machinery, so you do not have to worry about the straps tearing off after a while. 

In addition, the power system is sourced by gas, adding to the reliability of the blower, as the user no longer has any tension of replacing the battery after every few months. 

– How Has the Product Evolved?

The most common comparison of the Stihl BR 700 vs 800. The BR 800 offers about twenty percent more power than the BR 700, meaning that the newer version offers an improved cleanup. 

However, there is a major price difference, as the Stihl BR 700 best price is more affordable than that of the BR 800, which makes it the more attractive option for those looking for a blower that does the work properly. One great alternative, which is also newer, and it is 20 times more powerful is the Stihl BR 800X model.

The other comparison is that of the BR 700 vs the 700 X. With an air volume of 912 cfm, the BR 700 marginally surpasses the BR 700 X’s 901 cfm. As a result, the former removes more leaves each minute when compared to the latter, but the first one makes way more noise.

Also, the BR 700 has a maximum air velocity of 197 mph, which exceeds that of the Stihl BR 700 X’s 193 mph. This means that the BR 700 is the faster machine and does a better job at cleaning out debris like leaves and twigs. 

However, you will need to lift a little more weight since the BR 700 weighs 23.4 lbs, slightly more than the BR 700 X, which weighs 23 lbs, but the heightened performance of the Stihl BR 700 parts compensates for the slight increase in mass, nonetheless, it’s because it is a quality that of the leaf blower that is maintained. 

Product Features Breakdown

– Throttle Lock with Built-In Stop Switch

This incredible throttle trigger lock with a built-in momentary switch feature enables the user to simply push a button to stop the engine using the built-in stop switch.

Product Features of Backpack Blower

The throttle lock automatically switches back to the “start” position when the engine is turned off, which means that when you are prepared to resume work, your power tool will be set up and ready to go.

– Purge Primer

The operator primes the carburetor with fuel using the purge priming mechanism, making turning on the blower easier. The purge pump primer is made so that the user cannot flood the machine by repeatedly priming the carburetor. 

Note that if the choke is not turned off after the engine starts, flooding the engine is still a risk, so keep an eye out for that, and remember to always turn it off.

– Multi-function Handle

Stihl prioritizes its users’ comfort and satisfaction over everything and we see this incorporated in their BR 700 blower. This backpack blower is loved by professionals because of its convenient multi-function control handle which makes lawn maintenance very time-efficient. 

As the operator’s hand never has to leave the handle because all the controls are conveniently located on one supportive handle. The reason why this is effective is that the user won’t lose control and push a wrong button, in addition, it won’t be worrying because it is a multi-functional one.

– Anti-Vibration System

The Stihl anti-vibration technology makes lawn maintenance more comfortable and less tiring for the operator.

It dampens the vibrations produced by the blower and refrains them from entering the arms and hands of the operator, which ensures that the operator does not feel any excessive fatigue and tiredness after clearing up their lawn.

In addition, this system would save you from being tired, because it won’t numb your muscles, or get you to do a heavy load of work.

– Environmentally-friendly

Another reason for you to choose the BR 700 as your ultimate choice is its environment-friendly nature. The “Caring for Nature” seal from STIHL Inc. designates its powered products as being more earth-friendly, with zero or low exhaust emissions, meaning those that meet or exceed EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission limits. 

Which basically sums up that for those of you who are concerned about excessive emissions produced as a by-product, this blower is a great option to go for!


The BR 700 is one of the most powerful blowers on the market, with impeccable engine technology. It sets up a standard for all other high-power blowers out there and a good reason, it is a great investment because of different reasons! 

Since the BR 700 is so durable and suitable for long-run use, all those on a hunt for a blower but with a limited budget can find a used Stihl BR 700 for sale online. Other than that, you can also search Stihl BR700 Amazon for the best deals on the Stihl BR 700 price, so be sure to not miss out on the discounts from time to time! You can also check out the best gas leaf blowers list in case you want more ideas!

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