Stihl br 800x is one of the most powerful gas backpack blower, you are at the right place. The Stihl BR 800x is an American-built commercial blower that has a 4.4 bhp engine, making it almost 20 times more powerful than the BR 700.The Stihl br 800x review

Overall, if you have a large property to clear out, this is all you need to finish your work in no time! For a detailed analysis of its features and specs, keep on reading.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros  Cons 
Powerful engine Straps are difficult to tight
Easy to use Excessive heating of the machine
Great for everyday use   

Product Highlights

The BR 800x has some notable features that make the product unique and powerful when compared to other such products, including the previously released models of this blower. The list of standout features of this blower that help the user finish cleaning up in no time includes:

  • Weighs 23.1 lbs
  • 4-stroke mixed lubrication technology
  • A blowing force of 41 newtons
  • Air volume at nozzle is 921 cfm
  • A maximum air velocity of 239 mph
  • Sound pressure rating 78 dB (A)
  • 4.4 bhp engine power
  • 67.6 oz fuel capacity
  • Displacement of 79.9 cc

Stihl BR 800X Review

Stihl BR 800X Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Powerful engine
Easy to use
Great for everyday use
Straps are difficult to tight
Excessive heating of the machine

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The power engine technology of the BR 800x will blow you away! The blowing force of 41 newtons is all you need to finish your task in one go, as this machine will help you remove dirt, wet or dry leaves, grass, and debris all at once. What more can you expect from one device?

The most prominent feature that makes this machine an ideal commercial blower is its low-weight and high-power engine. As compared to BR 700, it has a 20 percent more powerful engine that uses pre-mixed fuel. But make sure the gasoline has a minimum level of octane rating of 89 and a maximum of 10 percent ethanol content. 

The adjustable support harness that comes with it makes it very convenient to use. The S-shaped support allows you to set this power blower in a comfortable position before you start using it. This is what enhances your working experience, as the harness helps distribute the weight of the machine evenly without applying pressure at a single point. 

Many people might consider Stihl BR 800 price a little above the range, but it justifies the value for money. The durability of Stihl speaks for its top-notch products and the brand name is enough for people to buy it. The price of this product might be a little higher but customer satisfaction is what makes it stand out in the wide variety of blowers. 

The Stihl BR 800x parts include a nozzle, a blower tube, a throttle-trigger along with a handle. It also has a harness, an air filter cover, a backplate, a fuel tank with a manual fuel pump, and a spark plug boot. In short, it comes with everything you need to clean your garden.

The BR 800x also comes with a multi-function control handle. This makes it easy to use and operate as the user can control everything through a single handle. You got the full control over the machine and you do not even have to stumble between controls!

For convenient storage, it also has a hanging slot, making it perfect for sheds or houses with limited storage capacity. These user-friendly features make it more popular among people who are facing difficulty in the selection of a commercial blower.

Despite all of these powerful features, the BR 800x has a reduced engine emission technology. This zero or low-emission technology makes this blower an environment-friendly product. 

With all these unique and powerful features, the BR 800x blower is one of the most potent blowers available. If you want to cut the time you spend caring for a large property at home or job, you need this blower to help you!


– How Has The Product Evolved?

The previously released models of BR 800x include BR 700 and Stihl BR 600. The model BR 800 comes in two models: C and X. 

The key difference between both models is that the C model comes with an adjustable nozzle. Meanwhile, the X has a fixed nozzle with the length of your choice.

This makes model X somehow lighter in weight and more practical for daily use. In addition, model BR 800x might be the blower you want to buy when considering the weight of the commercial blower. 

Stihl BR 800 problems include excessive heating of the machine or slowing down of the engine. Some people might experience problems with the exhaust. If such issues appear, consult a professional immediately.

Product Feature Breakdown

This leaf blower is one of the best ones because of different reasons, and the key ones would be how it is environmentally friendly, and how it is made to fully help the gardener who is using it to be at full comfort hence it has an anti-vibration system.

– Environment-friendly

Most of the companies that produce backpack leaf blowers does not consider the environmental damage that is being done by using such machines. However, the blower is an environment-friendly product that cares for nature and produces no to very low emissions. The ‘caring for nature’ label on its products is a testament to this.

– Adjustable Harness

The adjustable harness of BR 800x was made considering the weight and the size of the blower. Such support helps the user divide the machine’s weight equally to the shoulders and back without causing difficulty in carrying it. 

– Multi-function Handle

While using the Stihl backpack blower, the user’s hand never has to go anywhere other than the handle as easy access to all the controls is present on it . Features like these enhance the experience and make it more comfortable. 

– Purge Primer

The purge pump primer feature enables the user to start the machine easily, as it helps to prime the carburetor with fuel. The purge primer is designed in a way that prevents flooding the fuel and priming the carburetor excessively.

However, there is still a chance of flooding if the choke is not removed after the engine fires, so you might need to keep an eye out for that.

– Throttle-Trigger 

The BR 800x comes with the feature of a lock devised on the throttle trigger lock. The trigger automatically it would returns to the start setting when the motor is turned off. This means that it helps you get ready to start the machine when you get back to work. 

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– Built-in Stop Switch

The Stihl handheld blower comes with a built-in momentary stop switch which enables the user to simply turn the blower off by pressing the button or the lever when the work is done. 

– Anti-vibration System

This feature of the BR 800x ensures a comfortable experience for the operator as the anti-vibrating system helps in fatigue reduction. In addition, as it comes with an anti-vibration system that helps you complete your task comfortably without being fatigued. This is a game changer for people who use it for everyday cleaning.



Is Stihl BR 800X leaf blower great for professional use?

Yes, the Stihl BR 800X leaf blower is excellent for professional use due to its powerful performance and high-quality design.

Does Stihl BR 800X leaf blower have an antivibration feature?

Absolutely, the Stihl BR 800X leaf blower is equipped with an antivibration feature, ensuring comfortable operation during use.

How do you start the Stihl BR 800X leaf blower?

To start the Stihl BR 800X leaf blower, simply prime the fuel, set the choke, pull the starter handle, and adjust the throttle for desired power.


The BR 800x is an ideal American-built commercial blower that will blow your mind. The high-end engine used in this blower is no joke.

As compared to all the previous models, the difference in power of both the machines is quite big. So if you are looking for a blower that will help you save time and energy, this model is all you want. 

This blower is equipped with unique features that make it distinguishable from other blowers present on the market. The leaf-blowing season is just around the corner so get your hands on this powerful machine to make it easy.

You can get the Stihl BR 800 for sale on both online and in stores. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this latest model of leaf blower and make your life easy!

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