Stihl SH 56 C E is the perfect addition to your yard care kit and will ensure that your yard stays pristine throughout the day!

Product Review of Stihl SH 56 C E

Today, we have brought to you an in-depth review of the SH 56 CE leaf blower that tells you why this is one of the best blowers in town.

Not only does it come with impressive features, but it is also an effective and durable option. Keep reading to know more about it.

Pros  Cons
Easy to maneuver  Not eco-friendly, creates fumes due to gas
Highly accessible  Needs regular refills 
Lightweight design

Stihl SH 56 CE Highlights

This Stihl vacuum shredder & blower SH 56 C-E comes with a variety of specs and features that ensure that this blower remains a star amongst all the others. Stihl prides itself on prioritizing the customers and this blower is a testament to its claims. The blower comes with the most efficient and up-to-date features and technology that won’t let you down when you are working, some of which include:

  • 11.5 lbs lightweight design
  • 13 N blowing force
  • 70 dB sound pressure rating 
  • Gas-powered
  • Stihl Easy2Start technology
  • Added shoulder strap
  • Multi-function handle
  • Purge pump primer 
  • 159 mph max air velocity 
  • 0.9 bhp engine power
  • 18.3 oz fuel capacity 
  • 27.2 cc displacement

– SH 56 CE Review

SH 56 CE Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Easy to maneuver Highly accessible
Highly accessible
Lightweight design
Not eco-friendly, creates fumes due to gas
Needs regular refills

When looking for a blower, most people gravitate towards the brands they hear about from the majority of people. Such brands have a good reputation that has bought them a fan base that trusts them enough to rely on them. 

Stihl USA is a well-known and thoroughly-loved brand that you will hear about a lot, due to its popularity because of the perfect manufacturing that it has. As the latter states, to elaborate further, its products are being sold all over the world with its customers returning to them every time. Their internationally loved products are made in the USA using the best quality materials, like heat-treated steel and hard metal plated circular saw blades. 

So, do not be worried because this brand will give the best quality products that come with a variety of features to make them most suitable for a wide range of users. And their products are loved by those who are well-versed with other brands as well!

The engine is the top most important feature to look at, as it tells you exactly how much power your blower has and hence the tasks it will be able to perform. Well, the SH 56 CE has you covered in this regard.

This gas-powered shredder vac engine has a blowing force of 13 N, a displacement of 27.2 ccs, and an air velocity of up to 159 mph. This makes it a powerful choice, especially for a handheld leaf blower, that gets your work done on time and with efficiency. You can even remove all the wet leaves and heavy debris from your yard to get a pristine yard at the end!

Review of Stihl SH 56 C E

With a fuel capacity of 18.3 ounces, you can easily work for about an hour before having to refuel the blower. Which means that, this makes it an even more feasible and convenient choice that will have your work finished on time without having to stop in the mid. 

The designers have positioned the tank in a manner that makes it easier for the user to fill the machine and since it also comes with a fuel filler cap, it makes sure that none of the fuel gets wasted during refilling. However, if you are filling a half-filled tank when the engine is on and hot, be careful because there is a chance that it might sprayed.

Even the most powerful of devices can be deemed low on the scale of purchasing if their comfort level does not reach the expectations and criteria of the users. This is why companies put extra thought into how to provide their users with the comfiest and easy-to-use devices. And to all of our relief, Stihl USA is one of these brands.

The company has included a strap into the blower’s design which is highly convenient once you start getting tired. Starting to get a sore limb? Well, you can now use the handy strap to get some of the weight off of your arms and hence have a nice and unburdened work experience.

The SH 56 C-E shredder vac comes with a multi-function control handle that gives the users easy access to all the controls from a single operating point. This makes it more convenient and easier to finish your tasks on time and without any hurdles as your hand does not have to leave the handle at all.

– How Has the SH 56 CE Blower Evolved?

The stihl sh 56 C E has evolved by being heavier in its weight than the previous model was. Moreover, it also has a powerful force which will get the job done. In addition, it is a littler heavier, because its fuel tank is bigger.

The specs of this effective blower are an upgrade to many of the company’s other gas leaf blowers. It is a lightweight and comfortable blower that is not just easy to operate but also comes with a power-packed engine that will give you the results you are looking for. The blower truly raises the bar for the quality of products and even brings good competition in the market. 

If we compare it to one of the company’s other blowers, the Stihl SH 86 C-E, you will see that while the 86 CE has a higher blowing force of 15 N compared to the 13 N of the 56 CE, it also weighs more, with a 12.3 pounds body. It has a 14.9 oz fuel capacity whereas the 56 CE can store more fuel with the 18.3 ounce of fuel tank.

To put it all together, even though the 86 CE has a little more power in comparison to the 56 CE, it is still heavier, and the run time will last for a lesser duration. Overall, this machine does better job at cleaning the leaves, because it can have more fuel, and it has a powerful force. 

SH 56 CE Features Breakdown

– Multi-function Handle

This awesome feature is loved by users all over the world because of the ultimate convenience it brings to the working experience, making this device the most accessible! The handle allows the user to entirely operate the device as all the functions can be accessed through one operating point making it easier for the user to control the blower.

Features Breakdown of Stihl SH 56 C E

It also allows you to swerve towards the spot you want to clean and dodge any obstacles that come in your path easily without having to reach for any other part of the blower. 

Looking through the change, and what it needed, Stihl has made it insanely easy for you to become a pro at making your yard clean by making sure that this device never becomes a hurdle. As a result, the person in control of getting the job done will be discouraged. 

– Warranty

There is no doubt that the warranty a company offers says a lot about how much they trust and recommend their products. Stihl makes sure that you know how much confidence they have in the quality of their products, as their devices are made from the best quality parts and their warranty is proof of this fact. This is how they build a proper companionship with their clients, because of the satisfaction with the functionality of their product.

Stihl gives its users a two-year warranty from the date of purchase which shows that they trust their products to perform well enough for their users who would not be needing a replacement anytime soon.

– Lightweight Design

A device that can be used by everyone in the household is a device that most people are on the hunt for. And it is understandable, as taking care of the yard is everyone’s responsibility! For this, the most important factor is the weight of the blower as that ensures that the device is workable for everyone. 

Lightweight Stihl SH 56 C E

You do not need to be worried about the weight of this blower! This 11.5 pounds device is a shock to the amazing feature list that it comes with, as you can rarely find such a practical blower that weighs so little. You can now easily maneuver this blower without having to worry about holding it, and this would lessen any anxiety that you can hold.

The reason why this is essential, is because it will definitely make the job more smooth for you, due to the fact that your muscles will no longer feel sore, and you won’t feel like it was such a hard task that you overcame. In other words, this will help you do the chore much faster and much happier. 

– Easy2Start Technology

The Stihl Easy2Start system makes the Stihl 56 CE blower even more effective. How incredible is it to no longer have to wait a long while to have your blower startup? Well, with the SH 56 CE you will find out just how helpful this is, since it is made to facilitate the job one would be discouraged to perform. 

The system makes the outdoor power tools effortless to start up, eliminating having to pull the starting cord. Here is how it works: a quick pull overcomes the compression in the engine to minimize the strength required to start. While this is a stunning feature that Stihl offers, it is available in only selected products and luckily the 56 CE is one of them!

– Purge Primer

Here is one feature you might not know about and a feature that will prove to be the most helpful to you. This feature lets the user prime the carburetor with fuel, making the device easier to start, turning this blower into a dream device: one that starts easily and gives users complete control.

Stihl USA has designed the primer in a certain manner that ensures that the operator cannot flood the machine. The flooding can be due to priming the carburetor more than required. Another factor to be aware of is that the engine could flood if you do not remove the choke after the engine fires. So keep an eye out for this feature to be precise. 


This review shows you why the Stihl SH 56 C-E 159 mph 412 cfm gas handheld blower/mulcher/vac is the perfect blower. It has all the features required to make it a fan favorite and a star choice for both domestic and professional users! 

To know more about the Stihl SH56C specs, or inquire about the Stihl SH56C price, you can search “SH 56 C-E Amazon” on your browser.

This blower is a great choice for all the individuals who are on the hunt for all the best specs available in the market with a side advantage of comfy use and a powerful engine!

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