Strawberry plants with pink flowers are ones that have gained major popularity over the years amongst many gardeners.

Strawberry Plants with Pink Flowers

Planting strawberries have always been any gardener’s goal, but planting ones with unique and different flowers have also become a significant trend.

Today, we’re breaking down the top five strawberry varieties with pink blossoms. Keep reading to learn more about pink berry varieties, keep reading. 

List of Strawberry Plant Types That Have Pink Blooms

1. Tristan Strawberry 

Tristan is a little ever bearing plant that yields vivid pink berry blossoms and bright red, tasty berries. From early summer until frost, expect good yields from these plants, which are ideal for pots and small gardens. 

Delicious Tristan Strawberry Varieties

– Characteristics 

Large clusters of tiny, brightly colored berries that are an inch long, an inch wide, and have a highly sweet flavor. Its hot pink blooms look quite lovely in any garden. These strawberries would produce a few runners, making him ideal for container gardening. 

They have small, rectangular, bright red, sugary sweet, and aromatic berries follow its eye-catching blossoms. Furthermore, this plant also generates controlled runners, which makes it a great option for a raised bed or container garden.

In addition, the long, delectable fruits produced have a glossy, dark red exterior. Because of their strong exterior and firm flesh, berries retain well. Also, you should remember that while strawberries with red flowers have been the go-to for decades, Tristan berries have changed the dynamic. 

– Growth Requirements

These pink flower bearing strawberry plants do enjoy the full sun because of its unique characteristics of the giving fruit and the flower. The ideal soil pH for this plant should range from a six to a seven with rich and well-drained sandy loam. 

What you must do is to water your Tristan plant regularly is key to success with this plant because it can dry up easily. Beginners are welcome to grow this plant because of how low maintenance and easy it is. USDA zones four to eight are ideal for growing it. Lastly, note that these plants will produce sugary sweet berries that range from medium to size. 

2. Gasana Berry Plant 

Stunning strawberry variety Fragaria ananassa ‘Gasana’ combines gorgeous pink blossomed flowers with delectably juicy and sweet fruit, making it both attractive and appetizing. This strawberry will fit in both the vegetable plot and your favorite herbaceous perennials thanks to its double flowers in a vivid shade of pink.

Abundant Gasana Berry Plants

Compared to their single-flowered relatives, ornamental berry planters maintain their blossoms longer. As a result of the dark green foliage’s orderly mounds and reduced number of runners, they can focus all of their energy on creating outstanding crops of delectable fruits. Ideal for the front of bright borders, patio pots, or window boxes

– Characteristics 

All season long, Gasana berry planters produce a profusion of brilliant pink blossoms. Conical in shape, dark red, juicy, and sweet fruit follows. This type grows well in both pots and beds because it develops restricted runners. 

Remove any runners that are formed starting in the early summer since they will reduce the plants’ vigor. Spread straw around each plant to deter slugs and snails from eating the budding fruit. 

– Growth Requirements

Throughout the growing season, strawberries need to be constantly watered and weeded between rows, as they would have a proper health and prosperity. It is also necessary to feed strawberry blooms every two weeks when growing them in baskets and other containers.

A net placed over the plants will also stop birds from damaging the crops. After harvesting, the netting and straw can be taken off to improve airflow around the plant’s crown. In the spring, cover berry planters with well-rotted manure, because this is the type of organic matter that they need in order to grow.

3. Toscana Berry Plant 

Compact and with brilliant pink blossoms, Toscana strawberry bushes are attractive. The rich crimson, juicy, and delectable berries. For optimal enjoyment, you can move this pink strawberry plant back and forth between pots and the ground with ease.

Lush Toscana Berry Plants

– Characteristics

Popular heirloom cultivar Toscana is recognized for its vivid pink blooms, delectable berries, and controlled runners. To keep around the house, patio, balcony, and garden, it makes a beautiful edible decorative, moreover it will give the house vibrancy as well as little berries.

These are the strawberries that can also be grown as an easy-to-maintain patch in the yard that will yield tonnes of brilliant red berries, which means that if you are a beginner gardener, it will be easy for you to maintain a proper yield to them. Which means that what you must do is, grow your own to enjoy the lovely blossoms and delectable fruit of Toscana all year long. 

– Growth Requirements

Toscana will thrive in direct sunlight, and this plant is one that would thrive when they are placed in nutrient-rich, draining soil. Ensure that the plants get an inch of water every week. 

Plants in containers should receive special attention because they dry out much more quickly. Add organic material to pots and beds in the spring and fall. After the plant has stopped bearing fruit for the season, remove any old foliage by pruning them away. 

Use them to border taller plants in garden beds as decorative shrubs. Blueberry, raspberry, rosemary, lavender, thyme, spinach, and coneflower are excellent Toscana companion plants.

4. Summer Breeze Strawberry 

In addition to being an attractive ornamental, Summer Breeze are the type of strawberries that would produce mouthwatering fruit all season long. Use these little fruit as borders or in containers like window boxes and hanging baskets for its compact beauty. 

Fragrant Summer Breeze Strawberries

If measures are taken to protect against harsh conditions, these variety can adapt to both hot and cold climates. Winter protection in chilly climes, afternoon shade in hot climates, and protection should be granted to these plants from the wind, because it would damage them just as in winter the frost would.

– Characteristics 

Unique, pink flowering strawberries are on display in Summer Breeze. The ideal small ornamental, producing good fruit all summer long and being adaptable to the environment. Because they are compact, plants can be used in small places or to decorate porches, patios, and sidewalks. 

– Growth Requirements

Summer Breeze grows best in full sunlight, which means that the sun should be bright and directly upon it. On the other hand, you should remember that it is the type of plant that prefers organically dense, well-drained soil. 

Every spring and fall, add compost to plants in containers or beds. To see a successful growth, make sure you would spread mulch in the spring to retain moisture and keep the roots cool. Do this again in the winter to cover plants with mulch to act as insulation. 

5. Berries Galore Rose 

The Berries Galore Rose cultivar is small and remarkably resistant to cold. The many blossoms are a rich rose-pink color, which is why it is a great choice to add. 

Bountiful Berries Galore Rose Bushes

– Characteristics

The tasty, medium-sized, rectangular fruit is a rich, deep red color. Generous runner production will make it simple to spread these plants, which you’re certain to adore, further. When you place it in your garden or even on your patio, you will cultivate your own strawberry fruit whenever they are ready, but before they start to give you a prosperous growth, these berries will first blossom up some beautiful pink flowers that would have a lighter shade of pink. 

– Growth Requirements

Mulch berry plants well when putting them in the ground to prevent weed growth and retain moisture. Water as necessary during the growing season to keep the soil equally moist, watching for the first indication of wilt. Berry planters that are wilting clearly need water. To ensure a plentiful harvest, fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer.


And there you have it! A long list of strawberry plants that blossom beautiful pink blossoms. Here, you can find several varieties with appropriate descriptions that state what makes each option unique.

But before planting, remember these points:

  • Toscana Berries will be the ideal plant for placing all around your home. Balconies, sideways, lawns, and more!
  • Tristan Berries will thrive under direct, full light. So make sure you have access to this to produce healthy-looking plants.
  • Gasana Berries are the most long-lasting when it comes to blooms. If you want flowers for longer, grow this.

Now that you have all you need, which of the strawberry plants from above will you grow?

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