Sun Joe 24V JB LTE turbine jet blower is an excellent option for yard clean-up, and in this article, we’ll touch on its advantages over other blower options and some of its drawbacks.

Sun Joe 24V JB LTE Turbine Jet Blower

It’s also important to know how this blower functions, and the impact of some of its essential features on its usage, to determine whether or not it is the most suitable option for your specific yard needs.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the 24V-JB-LTE blower in order to make a decision below.

Pros Cons
Cordless Short battery life
It is lightweight and easily portable Not suitable for large-scale clean-up
It is easy to use
Brushless motor

Sun Joe 24V JB LTE Highlights

This innovative turbine cordless jet blower is suitable for homeowners with small yards looking for a little extra help with gathering debris like leaves, dust, and even snow. The yard tool is handy in yards or homes where power comes at a premium, and its general features make it suitable for easy and convenient yard clean-up.

  • Adjustable speed settings
  • 100MPH wind speed
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Battery-powered with an exclusive Lithium-ion system
  • Two-year warranty
  • Durable

Sun Joe 24V JB LTE Review

Sun Joe 24V JB LTE Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
It is lightweight and easily portable
It is easy to use
Brushless motor
Short battery life
Not suitable for large-scale clean-up

The Sun Joe leaf blower, produced by a parent brand known as Snow Joe, is a handheld tool you can use in yards for blowing and vacuuming unwanted lightweight materials. Unlike several other blowers, some of which are gas-powered, this machine has two primary functions, and although it does its task well, it will only help to blow and vacuum debris like leaves and small sticks.

So, you will need to get other yard tools with the machine if you opt for it. As it is a handheld tool, its weight is very important and is one of the things that determine how it is going to be convenient and suitable for prolonged use, and how it will function according to your grip.

Now, this machine is pretty lightweight, as it weighs only about 6.3 pounds, which is considerably light and makes it very easy to use. 

Additionally, for a handheld blower, it has a high Airflow capacity of 385 cubic feet per minute or CFM, this would ensure you that the machine is one that runs pretty smooth and well when it is covering the necessary area.

As a result, you can expect any debris it comes in contact with to be blown away, literally, because this force is not a weak one that the company has through it through and invested upon this aspect. Moreover, the given machine has a high airflow which would also make it run much faster for users to clear yards filled with leaves.

Another noteworthy mention is the machine’s airflow settings, which means that it comes with five-speed settings that allow users to switch between high-intensity and low-intensity cleanings. With the given, it is simple to analyze how you can have the device blow as much air as possible to clear a considerable amount of debris, or blow on its lowest setting, to get leaves out of corners or for use in small spaces. 

Unlike many other leaf-blowing tools, the 24V JB LTE blower does not come with a collection bag. On the other hand, you should also be specific how it is very efficient so that you can overlook that minor inconvenience.

But in general, as an investment, it is simple to put together that if you invest in this blower, you can keep your yard, lawn, garage, porch, and walkway looking pristine and free of leaves and dirt at all times without stress. 

How Has the Sun Joe 24V JB LTE Evolved?

The Sun Joe 24V JB LTE has evolved by being more powerful in the force which is 385 CFM, more than what the Sun Joe 24V-X2-BVM190 produces, which was 340 CFM, and this added up force creates an impact on the machine.

Sun Joe 24 v JB Lte Has Evolved by Being More Powerful

This blower is very different from previous models because it has new and improved features that the other models from the same manufacturer lack. For starters, it has more power, which is excellent for completing tasks quickly. Also, this model is sleek, with a plastic casing, which makes it extremely lightweight.


Features Breakdown

– 100 MPH Wind Speed

For blowers, wind speed is very important, as it indicates the power of the machine. This particular leaf-blowing machine does not disappoint in this aspect as it has a wind speed of 100MPH, which is relatively faster than what most other handheld blowers produce and is one of its most notable features. 

On the other hand, this leaf flower is also one that has an airflow of 385 CFM. Which means that blowing tool’s high speed and high airflow combination will enable you to clear out spaces that need clean-up in very little time in an efficient way.

– Adjustable Speed Settings

Whether you want to clear small spaces or large yards, this blower’s multiple-speed settings will give you some control when operating it. It has five-speed settings that users can switch between easily, with the controls at the top of the handle, where they are easily accessible. 

These controls will help you manage the airspeed; you can use low-speed settings for simple clean-ups and high-speed settings for more intense and extensive yard work. It is also great for different uses, such as when you are blowing away dust particles, and you wouldn’t want to cause a huge mess in the air, you can always adjust the lower air setting. 

– Lightweight

This is one of the 24 JB LTE blowers’ best features. For a handheld blower, it is considerably more lightweight than most, weighing a little over six pounds, and what would be specific is how its light weight enables users to maneuver it easily and carry it for extended periods during yard work. 

Lightweight Feature of Sun Joe Blower

The lightweight plastic covering of the machine contributes to its overall weight, making it suitable for use by almost any operator, including young and older people. Whenever you are done with work, it wouldn’t feel much of a heavy load that you covered for the period of time that you had given to accomplish the task, because the weight plays a vital role in this.

– Cordless and Rechargeable

The fact that the machine is cordless gives it more reach. Users don’t have to worry about whether or not the cord is long enough to get to where the device is needed. Also, you won’t have to worry about extension cords, which makes moving around large yards, or fitting into small locations easy without the worry of being connected to an outlet. 

In addition, remember that the Sun Joe 24V 2.0 amp battery with charger is enough to power this efficient yard tool. All you need to do is plug it in to charge after each use, so you can have enough power to operate it the next time you need it, and then, after every use, you can always check for the battery and regarding that manage your operations. 

– Battery Powered With an Exclusive Lithium-ion System

This efficient and durable leaf-blowing machine is totally battery-powered, unlike several other blowers. It comes with a 24V lithium-ion battery which powers the machine once it’s fully charged with the Sun Joe 24VBAT-LTE charger. 

Battery Powered With an Exclusive Lithium-ion System

The battery is both compact and effective when it comes to the charge, as it will do the job quickly and provide more than enough power to meet all your leaf-clearing requirements. Although the manufacturer says you will get a total run-time of 50 minutes on a fully charged battery, many users have said it only gives about 20 to 25 minutes run-time on a single charge. 

In general, this is sufficient to clean up small spaces or a small lawn. However, if you have a larger property, you might need to get an extra battery pack to get the job done on a single charge. 

– Comes With a two-year Warranty

The blowing machine has a two-year warranty which enables buyers to send the product back to the manufacturer if there is a factory defect or the product fails during regular use. While this is great for many users, it is different from a return policy. 

This warranty is a bind between the end user and the confidence of the supplier that they have in accordance to the functionality of their machine. In addition, in this case, they are ensuring you that within those two years, the blower should work perfectly well. 

– Durable

The 24V JB LTE blower will last for several years if you protect it from harsh weather conditions. It’ll serve and perform exceptionally with minor repairs or servicing throughout its lifespan as long as you maintain it properly, and if it has any factory defects, as mentioned above, you can easily get it replaced. Also, it is advisable to keep the machine away from children as small parts can cause a choking hazard.



To sum it all up, the 24V JB LTE leaf blower is strong and effective in blowing and removing leaves and trash from yards, walkways, and other outdoor spaces. It is perfect for yard work, with its strong airflow, multiple-speed function, and cordless design.

You will have no trouble setting this beauty up. Even with little experience, you can set it up using the manual as a guide. As an alternative, we suggest checking out our detailed review of the Sun Joe 24v x2 JB500 model.

Overall, this machine is an excellent purchase for anyone looking to ease the burden of yard maintenance. It will undoubtedly be a tool that you can use for many years to come, provided you maintain and take proper care of it.

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