Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 has probably been your blower choice since its release, even before purchasing it. However, is this blower the best for your gardening activities, and does it perfectly match your lawn work style?

Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 Blower Review

You need the details to match your taste right from its features to the reliability and durability that it offers. So, let’s dive into the detailed review of this leaf blower from Sun Joe and what it offers your garden.

Pros Cons
3-in-1 blow, mulch, and vacuum  A big heavy weight
High airflow capacity Pretty expensive 
Battery powered system for easy use
Replacement bag to aid convenient debris disposal

Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 Highlights

Snow Joe comes at garden owners with the Sun Joe battery blower to ease stress and provide an efficient gardening routine. This is why in short the product description is one that would a summary of the features this cordless leaf blower offers and the implementation of consumer priority.

Sun Joe Battery Blower Highlights

  • Battery power system, up to 50 minutes of rechargeable use
  • Blower replacement bag included
  • Wind speed maxing out at 190 MPH
  • Six different settings with wind speed adjustment dial
  • Airflow capacity peaks at 340 CFM
  • Eco sharp technology 
  • Battery compatibility with other of the same company’s products

Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 Review

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Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
3-in-1 blow, mulch, and vacuum
High airflow capacity
Battery powered system for easy use
Replacement bag to aid convenient debris disposal
A big heavy weight
Pretty expensive

The vacuum is here to solve your garden needs to dry up surfaces and blow out debris. It provides matching airflow and wind speed to complement its light design and convenient usage while moving about. The multiple features and accessories packaged with the product also make it reliable for you to match your gardening routines.

You get an airflow capacity that peaks at 340 CFM, giving you strong force against most fallen leaves and debris. It matches closely with the variable wind speed you get as it gives you an MPH max output of 190. Both help you enjoy easy operations as you clear out your garden and lawns without experiencing any inconvenience.

Its design doesn’t take the common handheld appearance as it takes that of a thick door handle. However, it is still pretty light and gives you less strain on your arms but take note of the replacement bag. The attached bag increases the blower’s weight as more leaves and debris are sucked into it. 

The overall functions this cordless blower gives make it one to consider when picking out garden tools. Its eco-sharp technology and adjustment dial for variable wind speed also make this blower rise up the ranks. It gets better as the product is battery-powered and makes less noise compared to similar products on the market.

How Has the Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 Evolved?

Sun Joe 24V X2 BVM190 has evolved from its former version by having an additional mode for the air setting, as the current one has six, where the former had five. On the other hand, the BVM 190 battery can be charged an hour less, than the BVM143. 

Blower Vacuum Offers Better Airflow

All products are made to be better than their previous models, and this cordless blower vacuum isn’t left out. The longer runtime and low noise add to its benefits, and customer reviews have proven the batteries’ reliability. Lastly, the blower vacuum mulcher, offers better wind speeds and airflow. 


Features Breakdown

– Battery Charger

The product power system is battery based and gives you a rechargeable runtime of up to 50 minutes during use and this is the aim of thee company who makes Sun Joe leaf blowers and what they worked upon for a prolonged time. You also enjoy continuous use as you recharge and reuse it without worrying about keeping it plugged in.

It matches with a volt ion battery charger, which gets your blower battery back to 100 percent in minutes while charging, which is a very effective way of using it, if you consider this fact.

It gets better as the battery is compatible with other products from Sun Joe, making it more versatile and reliable, because it will always be smooth in the usage. As a result of the latter, you can depend on this blower to get your work done quickly and more reliably than you imagine.

– No Fade Power With Eco-sharp Technology

Another feature that makes this blower worthwhile is the eco-sharp technology that it implements to give you better performance during use. The technology gives a no-fade power supply that guarantees you the best performance over its total runtime for your gardening. 

You will always enjoy a maximum performance with this component combination that this blower uses without any burning of fuels attached. The technology makes it so that the batteries don’t lose strength which means more efficiency and reliable service during use. It’s a technology that guarantees quality and convenient use to help you mix your passion with a great product.

– Cordless 3-In-1 Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Cordless feature in blowers is pretty common, and it is included in this battery-powered leaf blower vacuum. It spikes the standards as this blower triples up as a vacuum and a mulcher giving you more than you imagined. 

You can blow out leaves and debris, suck them in with the vacuum feature and shred them with the mulcher feature. So you get to do three tasks simultaneously without switching tools to complete each. 

It gets better as the blower stores the mulched leaves in the attached replacement bag, making it easy to dispose of. And if you wish not to dispose it, you can always use the mulch in your garden to trap the moisture of some of your plants that would ask for this feature. 

– Packaging

You have a filled package when you purchase this blower, as it comes with several accessories to aid your gardening routine. The packaging comes with a vacuum mulcher kit that matches well with a replacement included in the package. 

You also get two packs of 4.0 Ah batteries in addition to a battery charger that matches simultaneous dual charging when low. It takes a slightly different approach, unlike the Sun Joe 24V-X2-BVM143 48-volt ion+ con charger that its previous model uses. 

Which would show you that the company would also grant you two to three different tubes made for different tasks, making your routine pretty easy to complete. Moreover, it means that you do not need to worry about the right maintenance, because the spare is one that come with it. 

– Airflow and Wind Speed Matching Compatibility

It matches airflow and winds peed to give you the best blower and vacuum combination, creating a smooth gardening routine. When you control this speed, it is what would give you the freedom to adjust the speed at your own liberty, in addition to all the tasks you would wish to manage. 

The mulcher feature also depends on the airflow to suck up leaves and shred them with its massive airflow capacity. You get an easier workaround experience as they make the work seamless throughout your blower runtime. 

You can also choose to use just one of the features or two without any hassle due to product technicalities. Enjoy getting your garden tasks done conveniently in the shortest time possible without setbacks from low airflow and wind speed.

– Wind Speed Adjustment Dials

The blower gets better as it offers variable adjustment speeds for you to decide from during your gardening operations. It also implements customer satisfaction and easy usability as the dial is located close to the blower handle. You can easily access the dial and change the speed you currently use with the blower without switching to another tool. 

Wind Speed Adjustment Option of The Blower

In short, the wind speed adjustment option this blower offers goes up to six, depending on your preference. As a result, with you having the liberation to do so, you can maximize your use of this blower and explore all you can do during your time in the garden.

– Blower Pricing

Different tags hold different values when it comes to pricing depending on your choice of the product being new or a used one. Brand-new products are more expensive than used ones since they include all accessories and products. 

You might find prices for the new product are $107 to $320, depending on the accessories included in the packaging. You will see it for cheaper if you purchase a used product, but it might not come with all complete accessories. You also lose out on the warranty since most used products would already be past their period.



That’s a wrap on the detailed review we bring you on the sun joe 24v blower that makes gardening easy. The guide above should have helped you make your purchase decision if you followed the information in all the sections. One great powerful and popular alternative is the Sun Joe 24V x2 JB500 model.

Ensure you keep in mind the priority of getting this blower to know which to go for, between used and new. Noting that will help you save costs, but you can also go for brand new products if you want the product’s full benefits. We also suggest checking out the Sun Joe 24V JB LTE model.

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