Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500 is a high-quality handheld leaf blower that takes the stress away from grueling and tedious yard care with its enormous blowing power. This blower is best suited for those with small to medium-sized yards and is perfect for quick cleanups around the house.

Comprehensive Review of Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500

Lightweight, durable, portable, and highly efficient are words commonly used to describe this device, so you can quickly say goodbye to backbreaking cleanups when you use the JB500. Let’s dive in!

Pros Cons
Lightweight design with quiet operation Requires both batteries to be plugged to use
Easy to assemble and dismantle for easy storage Noisy operation in turbo mode
Batteries charge fast Short battery life, especially in turbo mode
Easy to operate with one hand
Very powerful turbo mode

Sun Joe 24v x2 jb500 Highlights

The Sun Joe 24V blower is famous for having affordable prices for its products, so purchasing the JB500 won’t cost you an arm and a foot. Not only is the device lightweight and easy to operate, it also has a sleek and ergonomic design many users will love and is fitted with many exciting features that users will find handy for various kinds of household cleanups. 

Here are the features of the JB500 that make it one of the most talked-about handheld blowers in the market:

  • 140 Miles Per Hour air speed 
  • 560 Cubic Feet per Meter air volume
  • 2 x 24-volt 2.0 Ah ion batteries
  • Variable speed control, cruise control, and turbo mode
  • Up to 50 minutes runtime on a single charge
  • Weighs 7.7 lbs
  • Package includes Sun Joe 24V-X2-JB500 cordless brushless turbine jet blower
  • Comes with two 2.0-Ah Batteries
  • Has a Dual Charger
  • Two-year warranty

The Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500 Review

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Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Lightweight design with quiet operation
Easy to assemble and dismantle for easy storage
Batteries charge fast
Easy to operate with one hand
Very powerful turbo mode
Requires both batteries to be plugged to use
Noisy operation in turbo mode
Short battery life, especially in turbo mode

The Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500 is a cordless handheld blower that uses 2 × 24V, and it comes with two Ah batteries to power the device. Because of the hype, we need to find out if the Sun Joe leaf blower lives up to its name, so this review will provide everything you need to know about the device and its features, and how it is such a great investment to make.

The significant benefit of this is that users won’t have to continuously inhale toxic fumes usually produced by gas blowers and won’t have to endure the hassle of dragging a cord around while working.

Moreover, remember that as it has two batteries, both of them are also said to have 50 minutes of runtime after one charge, which is the enough time that they need to get most of the cleaning done if you have a small or medium-sized yard.

On another note, it also gives you the freedom to have a quick finish and cleaning around your house without having to stop and wait for the battery to charge constantly. In designing the JB500, Sun Joe went all out in order to make sure that they would grant the comfort of users because they understand that carrying a heavy blower around your yard or house during lengthy cleanups can bruise your arms and fingers and cause you to fatigue quickly.

This is why the Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500 comes in at an impressive weight of just 7.7 lbs, even with the two 24v batteries inserted. Its lightweight makes it perfect for users who prefer cleaning up the whole house or yard at a stretch, as it won’t cause you to fatigue easily or hurt your arms. 

Although the blower is well-balanced, you might find it a bit heavy if you are short or more petite. This is a great feature, because it will not cause you to stress over the exhaustion of cleaning up the place, because the light weight is a great characteristic that they have added.

Not many cordless handheld blowers can boast an air volume of 560 CFM, except they are gas-powered. But the JB500 can boast of this impressive airflow, which quickly puts it among the most powerful cordless handheld blowers available. 

On the other hand, another feature that you should remember is that it has an air speed of only 140 CFM, which is standard for this type of blower. This average airspeed makes this blower mainly suitable for people with small to medium-sized landscapes, and the machine will have a long lasting life, but for a bigger landscape, it will get tired. 

Nevertheless, this combined airflow lets you easily clean your decks, patios, driveways, and thin layers of snow. You can even use it to dry moisture off your vehicles after washing them.

Sometimes, you would require full power to blow wet leaves, heavy debris, or dirt stuck on the floor while clearing. Other times, you would need a little less power to attain precision while blowing dry or small leaves. 

To help you achieve more control over the airflow, Sun Joe has fitted their blower with a variable speed control setting that allows you to regulate the airspeed to suit your various cleaning needs.

It has another notable feature, which is to give you the comfort to lock in and maintain your preferred speed setting using the cruise control function. If you require maximum airflow to get rid of that stubborn debris, a turbo button is easily accessible to expel the highest CFM.

How Has the Sun Joe 24v x2 jb500 Evolved?

The Sun Joe 24v x2 jb500 has evolved by having half the weight as its old model the BVM190, used to. In addition, the new version is a brushless machine, which means that the lifespan is relevantly higher than that of the other versions used to be.

Sun Joe 24v X2 Jb500 Has Evolved by Having Half the Weight

Basically, it is safe to say that the JB500 blower is a clear-cut upgrade from its predecessor, the Sun Joe 24V-X2-BVM190 which is evident in its impressive 560 CFM, about one and a half times more than the BVM190 at 340CFM. It also comes with a turbo-speed setting and has a longer runtime on a single charge.


Features Breakdown

– 24V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries

This blower comes with two 24V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, which is standard for most cordless handheld blowers. The batteries also come with a dual charger. Although Sun Joe claims that these batteries can last up to 50 minutes after a single charge, they did not specify in what mode it lasts. 

Hence, the fully charged batteries only last about 10 to 20 minutes in turbo mode and 30 to 40 minutes at normal speed. The batteries have a small button you can push to see the three LED lights indicating the charge left, and you would ensure how much time do you have and organize your time frame accordingly.

Feature Breakdown of Sun Joe 24v x2 JB500

You might expect that with two batteries, you can use one and charge the other, then switch them when one is down. But the blower is equipped to use 48 volts, so you must use both batteries simultaneously to achieve the expected power output. 

Lastly, when it comes to the Sun Joe 24V battery charger, remember that it would save you time by charging both batteries in under an hour, so you can quickly get back to your cleaning. Besides, the batteries won’t charge if they are too hot or cold, so you must let them reach normal temperature before charging.

– Airflow Capacity

The Sun Joe battery blower has incredible power with an astonishing 560 CFM and 140 MPH. With such impressive airflow, you can get rid of those fume-producing gas-powered blowers. 

Its airflow puts it among the top-performing blowers, allowing you to quickly blow leaves, sand, and other debris from hard surfaces such as decks and patios. You can also use this blower to clean up large and wet leaves, but that might require you to switch to turbo mode depending on how heavy the leaves are, and it will run the machine in a smooth manner. 

– Speed Settings

The variable speed control setting allows you to change the speed of the blower depending on the type of materials you are trying to blow. So, you can easily toggle your speed from the lowest to the highest while cleaning. 

On the other hand, if you are cleaning tight corners or wet and heavy leaves or debris, you would need to use the highest speed setting at 140 MPH, which is where the turbo mode comes in. The turbo button allows you to blast leaves with maximum power for faster and easier cleanup. 

But a lower speed is suitable when blowing sand or debris on gravel, and especially when you have a smaller lawn, this is how it would do the job perfectly well. 

– Cruise Control

The blower also has a cruise control feature that you can use to maintain your preferred speed, so you don’t wear your arm out holding the speed control button down. The cruise control is a mode that you would place, and a single speed force would be given by the machine. 

Blower Also Has a Cruise Control Feature

The reason why most gardeners love this feature and would intend to invest in a blower that has it, is that it would help you to work at ease and to feel like your muscles are not cramped when you are done with the task.

Moreover, it would also help you when you are gripping the handle because remember that you are controlling this handle with one arm, and when your finger is placed on the speed range for a long period of time, your nerves will get tired

– Handling

Being a handheld blower, the lightweight and cordless function of the JB500 makes it easy to carry and maneuver over a reasonable period while blowing. You don’t have to worry about dragging or tripping over an extension cord while working with the JB500, in addition, the company has thought it through and made the machine light weight, as a result, the handle is soft and the weight is great. 

The turbo button is easy to locate on the handle and responds in seconds, so it is the speed control knob on the side. The JB500 is also easy to dismantle, assemble, and store.



If you are looking for a small but powerful blower for your home and yard care, you can’t go wrong with the Sun Joe 24V X2 JB500 and its unique features. And at such an affordable price, no other handheld blower will give you powerful airflow like this one. 

You also get enough value for your money because you can use the 24V batteries for other Sun Joe battery-powered equipment. Now that we have deeply submersed into ever single detail about this leaf blower, wouldn’t you say it does the job at its utmost potential? Isn’t it worth the investment? You should also check out the popular and powerful Sun Joe 24V JB LTE model.

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