Sun Joe AJ801E is a dethatcher that brings every blade of grass to life through its magical abilities. With its powerful tines and customizable depths, it is sure to make yard work a breeze for you.Sun Joe AJ801E

Particularly helpful on worn-out lawns, the AJ801E restores their vibrancy and greenness. So to know more about it, keep reading!

The Top-Notch Specifications of This Tool

Sun Joe AJ801E Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Path Width
Depth Adjustability
No need for gas, oil, or tune-ups
Airboost technology for perfect thatch pickup
Instant start
Corded - limited mobility
Needs extension cord

The AJ801E is a 13-inch scarifier/dethatcher with a robust 12-amp motor that provides efficient scarifying and dethatching performance. Its deck height adjustment enables for variable depth settings, assuring accurate grass care.

  • Adjustable depth varies from -0.4 to 0.4 inches
  • Five-position adjustable depth
  • Alloy steel material
  • Spring steel tines
  • Detachable thatch collection bag
  • Corded electric
  • Air Boost technology
  • 13-inch cutting width
  • 12 amp motor
  • ETL certified
  • Push-button instant start
  • 27 lbs weight
  • 24 inches depth; 20 inches width; 12.5 inches height

A Detailed Sun Joe AJ801E Review

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  • Easy to Start: 9/10
  • Path Width: 8/10
  • Depth Adjustability: 9/10
  • Power: 8.5/10

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep a lawn healthy and lush, and a scarifier or dethatcher is an essential tool for this. For homeowners looking to revive their lawns, the AJ801E 13-inch electric scarifier/dethatcher with a collection bag is a popular option.

It is rated at an 8/10 for path width, 9/10 for depth adjustability, 9/10 for being easy to start, and 8.5 /10 for power due to its effective performance. With a sturdy design and durable casing, the AJ801E maintains its longevity.

Its 13-inch wide deck has a large surface area, which cuts down on the time and labor needed for dethatching. Even in garages or sheds with limited space, storing it is simple, thanks to its compact size.


The scarifier is efficiently powered by an electric motor, which eliminates the need for manual effort or fuel. A creative addition is the collecting bag, which enables users to conveniently collect the debris throughout the dethatching process. Its 12-amp motor provides enough strength to effortlessly remove thatch, moss, and other debris.

Among the Sun Joe dethatcher parts are the strong spring steel tines that effectively plow into the soil, removing dead grass and encouraging healthy growth. Its current users note significant improvements in the general health and beauty of their lawns, which is an impressive result. Also, the five adjustable depth controls allow users to have a variety of options.Sun Joe AJ801E Depth Adjustability

The AJ801E is made with the user’s experience in mind. Its lightweight design and strategically positioned ergonomic handles reduce user fatigue after extended use. The scarifier’s electric start eliminates the inconvenience of pull cords, allowing for a rapid and reliable start.

A game-changer in this tool is the presence of a big 8gallon collection bag that drastically cuts down on the trips needed to empty the rubbish. Emptying the bag is a mess-free process, thanks to its large opening, which also saves time and effort.

Also, the AJ801E requires very little maintenance. Due to the durable design and lawn mower motor, the scarifier does not require frequent oil changes or spark plug replacements. The only maintenance required to keep the machine in good condition is routine cleaning of the tines and collection bag, as well as checking the power line for any damage.

The AJ801E dethatcher and scarifier come in handy to maintain healthy lawns. For homeowners looking to enhance the overall appearance of their lawn, its effective performance, user-friendly design, and environmentally responsible operation make it an appealing option.

Overall, it is a great investment for small to medium-sized lawns because of its amazing performance, customizable dethatching depth, and ease of mobility. However, people who have large lawns might need to go over their lawn in several passes because of the limited width. But, it is still an excellent and useful product that improves any yard care kit.

– How Has the Sun Joe AJ801E Evolved?

The AJ801E electric lawn dethatcher has evolved with significant innovation since its first release, with improvements in technology and design, enhancing its functionality and user experience. The earlier versions have been less effective at dethatching lawns with dense thatch or harder grass since they had a weaker motor.Sun Joe AJ801E Evolution

The motor has since been changed by the manufacturer to a 12-amp version, which is more powerful. The scarifier’s performance has also been greatly enhanced by the increase in power, enabling it to perform more difficult tasks with ease.

The previous models had tines that were prone to breaking or bending under stress. So, in the AJ801E, the tine design has been improved to include more resilient spring steel tines in response to user feedback and ongoing research.

The AJ801E’s evolution also includes the inclusion of adjustable dethatching depth settings, which is a significant advancement. It allows users to tailor the scarifier function to their particular lawn’s demands by adjusting the depth settings.

The user-centric design has also improved in several ways. The includes the ergonomic handle placements to lessen user fatigue during extended use and the addition of a convenient handle for easier storage.

Comparing the Sun Joe AJ801E 12-amp 13-inch electric dethatcher and scarifier with the Sun Joe AJ805E 15-inch 13-amp electric dethatcher and scarifier reveals that the former has a width of 13 inches while the latter has a width of 15 inches. With a smaller width, the AJ801E is more cost-effective than the AJ805E, appealing to those looking for a dependable dethatcher at an affordable price.

Overall, the AJ801E dethatcher has undergone great development. It has improved in terms of motor performance, tine design, customizable depth control settings, user-friendly features, and versatility, making it a more effective tool for maintaining a healthy lawn.


The Distinctive Features of This Tool

– Instant Start

In contrast to conventional gas-powered dethatchers, which require pull cords and manual effort to start, the AJ801E has an instant start feature that allows users to easily start the scarifier with only one button press. By removing the frustration of having to start gas engines, this feature provides the user with many advantages.

Additionally, the quick start guarantees a trouble-free operation, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the dethatching process.Starting Sun Joe Mower

– Powerful Motor

The strong 12-amp motor of the Sun Joe electric dethatcher and scarifier is a remarkable feature that offers consumers numerous advantages. It effectively removes even the toughest thatch and moss, thanks to this enhanced motor, offering a complete and efficient dethatching process.

With the powerful motor’s quick and easy handling of the process, users no longer have to worry about subpar performance or the trouble of manual dethatching.

– Air Boost Technology

The groundbreaking inclusion of Air Boost technology distinguishes the AJ801E from other conventional scarifiers. This invention uses an integrated aerator to improve the dethatching procedure even more.Sun Joe Air Boost Technology

This special function makes dethatching more thorough and effective, improving soil aeration and grass nutrient uptake in the process, and creating a healthier and more vibrant lawn. It also saves users time and effort while dethatching, making the AJ801E an important tool for creating a picture-perfect yard.

– Spring Steel Tines

The AJ801E is furnished with sturdy spring steel tines that effectively pierce the soil and clear the surface of the lawn of thatch, moss, and debris. These high-quality tines guarantee efficient dethatching, stimulating better grass growth and improving the overall appearance of the lawn.

They also make the scarifier useful and time-saving equipment for maintaining lawns, which allows users to get the best results with the least amount of effort.

– Depth-Adjustability

The dethatcher’s depth-adjustability feature enables customers to tailor the dethatching depth to the particular requirements of their lawn. To encourage healthy grass growth, the best depth for removing thatch, moss, and debris can be chosen using five customizable settings.

This allows users more control over the dethatching procedure, which ensures proper lawn care while preventing needless stress on the grass, resulting in a beautiful and regenerated lawn.



For any lawn enthusiast, the AJ801E is a fantastic companion. It easily transforms boring lawns into colorful beauties because of its customizable key features and user-friendly design.

Using this magical tool opens up a world of lush beauty and allows for lawn breathe capability. So follow the manual’s lead and see how it can make your yard come to life!

It is the best option for anyone who is searching for a flexible and strong Sun Joe dethatcher near me, as its quality construction and performance make it worth the investment. With it, you put your best commercial cleanup step forward! For medium-sized maintenance providers and big property owners, this AJ801E is a perfect choice!

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